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I’m working on the body of Mabel’s little cardigan and just started reading a book I received from a friend for Christmas, Gilead. Have any of you read it?

Did you have a nice Christmas? I hope so!


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  1. The color of that yarn is gorgeous. Did you dye it yourself?

  2. I loved Gilead but my sister hated it and we usually like the same books! I also love Home and Housekeeping, but just can’t get intested in Lila. I have tried 3 times since I received it as a gift last February.

  3. Could you explain how to buy from your shop. I was able to put things in my cart but could not purchase. I love your yarn and was so disappointed. Please help!

  4. MR has written just 4 fiction books-if you like Gilead, read all 4! My encounter with her writting has been a milestone in my life (and I do read a lot).

  5. If you like Gilead, you MUST read Housekeeping!

  6. One of my absolute favourite authors ever. I love Gilead but my favourite book (maybe of all time) is Lila by MR as well. Happy reading.

  7. Love Gilead! Read Home when you finish. Such lovely writing.

  8. Marilynme Robinson is a favorite writer of mine. I think her best work is Home. Let us know what you think of Gilead.

  9. I adored “Gilead” – reflective, slow and beautiful but in a house full of busy children and a baby, don’t be hard on yourself if this one is hard to get into. There are times and seasons for a book.

    Mabel’s cardigan is looking great.

  10. I very much love Gilead! Enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I just received Gilead for Christmas, myself, along with her two companion books, and I’m eager to find a minute to begin reading. A merry continuing Christmas to you and your lively, lovely family!

  12. I read Housekeeping in college and became a lifelong fan of Marilynne Robinson. Can’t wait to read about your experience with this book!

  13. I read Gilead last year and really enjoyed it. Her other books are on my to-be-read list for this year. What a pretty design on that cardigan!

  14. I have not read that book yet, I can’t wait to see what you think of it!! Looks like you are super close to a finished knit.

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