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Last year Beatrix asked for an orange sweater.  I got so far as buying the yarn.  Seeing me dyeing orange yarn last month with tickseed sunflowers, she asked me if I would dye some for her sweater.  I reminded her that I bought her orange yarn last year.  I pulled it out and showed her.  It’s a pretty heathered orange, kind of muted and woodsy.  She gave it a “blech.”  I realized that if I am going to take the time to knit this orange sweater, then I might as well dye yarn in the color she really wants.  So we went flower picking and dyed some yarn for her sweater.  Of course, then she rejected my pattern suggestions.  What she wants is a repeat of this sweater.  I hate repeats!  Boring!!!  But Beatrix wins.  I cast on this orange Sunday Sweater a few days ago, and she wants it finished by the end of the month.  Demanding?  Yes.  I’m not sure I can make that deadline.  I am very distracted by Mabel and several other knitting projects, but I’m going to try.

I am between books…leaning towards a Wilkie Collins next.


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  1. Great color and knitting sweaters in the round top down is always a win!

  2. Beatrix certainly knows what she wants, I like that! It’s a lovely colour.
    I’ve recently be taught how to crochet, only small, easy projects but I’m enjoying it. Perhaps I’ll join in next week…?

  3. I have loved the Sunday Sweater since first I saw it. I wish someone would offer to knit me one. And orange would be awesome! Double winner there

  4. Well I don’t know what the other yarn choice looks like, but I’m with Beatrix. That orange is perfect!

  5. I recently read The Woman in White and enjoyed it very much. I also enjoyed the fact that it’s a free Kindle book!

  6. Love the colour!!! xx

  7. That orange is such a gorgeous colour!
    You are so clever, I’m in awe!

  8. Becky Barry says:

    Oh the color is stunning as is the pattern! You are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Your Sunday sweater is a favorite here! Just right

  10. I usually hate repeats too unless they are hats or something else small, but that is quite a pretty sweater pattern.

  11. I can see why she wants a repeat of that sweater.

  12. I can’t believe Beatrix was that small only four years ago…but anyway, I digress: love the sweater pattern and color! 🙂

    By the way, Wilkie Collins is awesome, but some of his books are more fast-paced than others. I personally really enjoyed one of his most famous ones, The Woman in White.

  13. Ginny, I have admired this sweater pattern for so long! Any chance you would write it up in grown-up sizes?

  14. if there is any pattern that is worth repeating- this is one of them! My girls LOOOOVE this sweater, and ask for it every year (nope) but I have knit it a number of times and it always turns out lovely.

    The orange looks great

  15. Be sure to put in a pic so we can see what it looks like when done. The orange color is beautiful and the pattern looks nice.

  16. I think her color choice is awesome. Very fallish.

  17. Man that sweater is going to be lush!

  18. Oh, Ginny. I’ve been searching and searching for a good sweater pattern to make for my 4-year old and this is it. Such a perfect pattern for little girls (and big ones too ;).)

    I can see why your daughter wants a repeat of the same. 🙂 That orange is very lovely!

  19. Beautiful! Good luck with your goal!!! I am sure if you do not make it she will still have plenty of time to enjoy her sweater!!!

  20. The orange you dyed is awesome!

  21. I love orange but it does have to be just the right shade:) That is going to be a beautiful sweater, even if it is boring;)

  22. Gwendolyn says:

    Oh my, I’m with Beatrix. I was looking at some of your old knitting photo’s and I spotted the orange sweater and thought, wow, that sure is a show stopper. Lovely pattern and color of yarn.

    I noticed the undyed yarn was in your shop for a while and I was hoping someone would purchase it. I purchased some from your previous shop update and I’m using it to make a lovely Milo for a soon to be born baby girl. It is so squishy and soft. Perfect for my needs. I think it would be great for your Hackberry hat pattern as well. I got a yarn swift from your recommendations and now I’m “caking” up skeins of yarn like a pro. I’m putting them in gallon sized bags and then putting patterns with different ones to kind of make up my own kits. Ginny, thank you for sharing your love of family and knitting and crafts with us, even though you are super busy yourself. I don’t want to take away anything from all the other blogs, but your blog is at the top of my list…I always open up yours first every day. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

    • Thank you, Gwen! You know, I forgot to put the undyed yarn up until the shop was almost sold out, so I’m afraid most folks didn’t see it. I’ll list it again next month! I’m so glad you got a swift! I like your plan for making “kits.” That way you don’t forget what you bought the yarn for!

  23. Melanie King says:

    The color is beautiful! I recognized the pattern immediately as just about every little girl in my family and close friends have had one and still request them too, though they are all sizing out of even the next two bigger sizes I ever figure out.

  24. you can do it! lovely sweater color, which is my kind of color 🙂

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