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I’m just about halfway through The Winthrop Woman now.  I am not sure that I am enjoying it more than I did Katherine, but maybe?  It’s been awhile since I read that one.  I’m trying to knit furiously on my Emiliana shawl because I am anxious to start knitting with my purple yarn.  I still have a ways to go.

Larkspur is is creating Christmas gifts for her dolls.  More specifically, I think she is making a store full of Christmas gifts for her dolls.  She is such a planner.  Christmas gifts are not on my radar yet, and probably won’t be until late November at the earliest.


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  1. She’s so sweet. I need to take a leaf out of her book. About Katherine (Ms Seyton’s) I just can’t go past it. I might try. Thanks for the inspiration. Katie

  2. I remember when she made homemade crayons for one of the boys birthday. She’s a lovely thoughtful one, that Larkspur.

  3. I looked up the shawl pattern on Raverly and have favourited it. I absolutely love it and look forward to seeing yours! You knit such lovely items! This shawl has made it to the list (of many things) I would like to knit. I think that is so sweet of Larkspur to make gifts for her dolls. I wish I had thought of that when I was little!

  4. Dana in Michigan says:

    Christmas gifts! Don’t hate me – but I’m FINISHED with not only my shopping, but my wrapping too! *grin*

  5. That shawl is going to be gorgeous in white and purple, but I can definitely understand wanting to move on from just knitting white!! Just found your blog today and will start following, and maybe join in on your knitalong next week:)

  6. Christmas gift making….Love that girl!!

  7. Hi Ginny! That looks like a fun shawl. Oh, Larkspur! She’s such a little woman.
    I read Katherine at your suggestion and loved it! Thank you!

  8. First, let me say I love that photo! It just is very artistic…
    And…I love that shawl – are there short rows involved?

    Linda in VA

  9. What a beautiful shawl! Oh Christmas… I always think I’m going to try harder earlier but never do!!

  10. Beautiful shawl, Ginny! My daughter looked up the pattern and I gasped with delight…secretly hoping she’ll make this for me one day since I’m not much of a knitter. Are you reading this Violet?

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