For Her

Redoing that dresser was a big job!  It was pretty yucky on the inside, so I ended up painting the inside as well as the outside, and then I lined the drawers as well.  I should have taken photos while it was still sitting in the yard, because now that it’s tucked into a dark corner it’s hard to photograph.  The drawers are full of baby things now, one more thing checked off my list.  I also repainted my desk, in the same Basil green milk paint by General Finishes.  My strategy before having babies is to have my bedroom looking nice (it used to be to have the entire house looking good, but that isn’t quite as feasible anymore).  I’ll be spending a lot of time in my bedroom in the early weeks, so it’s nice to have it looking good.  I bought a new quilt for our bed (long overdue) and I am really happy with the gray-green paint on my desk and the new dresser.

I finished knitting the Sproutlette dress and it is really sweet.  My little girls love it.  Larkspur and Beatrix are so, so excited to have a baby sister.  They enjoy looking at her little clothes more than I do, and they are counting down the days until they get to meet her.  I can’t believe how fast these days are passing!


  1. Shell ~ says:

    ~ Larkspur’s smile says it all !!! … with a happy Beatrix, so darling. Little dress is the cutest ever, beautifully knit.
    Your green baby bureau is such a dreamy color. Its similar to the background green of my Nana’s roses wallpaper, such a comforting color, that I remember from long ago. Roses are so vintage and ever classic. Your daughters’s names are loVely, … I’m wondering what you will name your little sweet pea ?
    Shell ~

  2. Ok….after looking at it again, maybe they are leaves….but up at the neckline they looks like little sweet hearts. Whatever they are, it’s beautiful!

  3. You can just see the excitement on their faces! Love the little hearts on the dress…..beautiful Ginny. I really like the color of the dresser & your new quilt. Blessings to you…..I think of you daily.

  4. That may just be the cutest knit baby dress I’ve ever seen! Well done.

  5. I love how you have fixed up your little ‘nest’. And
    what a sweet little dress! I am just as excited as your
    girls and can’t wait!!!

  6. How lovely! Such an exciting time.

  7. How exciting to get a new sister. 😀

  8. A note to say my yarn arrived and the feel is wonderful and the color fantastic. Thank you.

  9. Oh Ginny, the dress is absolutely gorgeous, as is that dresser!! I have just come from another blog where they redid their shed/workroom/teen hang-out in the very same colour you did your dresser, and I just loved it! I better get with the trending colour and find something to paint!
    All the best as you prepare for your newest sweetheart to arrive!
    A hug from Canada!

  10. its absolutely gorgeous Ginny!! you must be getting so excited for your little arrival!!

  11. What a pretty little dress! I wish I could knit half as well as you – I’m so bad at following patterns. And to have your eye for colour would be great, too – everything looks so sweet & perfect.

  12. I agree, that quilt is so pretty!!
    I wish I could knit like you do, I can knit and that is about it….lol
    I can’t wait for this new baby to arrive…..your dresser is beautiful. My walls are that color in
    my bedroom.

  13. It’s so exciting! The big sisters are so beautiful.

  14. Christine Cage says:

    Wishing you all the best with the birth of your newest little girl! You astound me with your busy family life and all your domestic endeavors. God Bless!

  15. Lovely pictures and cute excited sisters! We’re getting the wee pink things ready over here, too. ❤️

  16. Christine Cage says:

    Wishing you all the best with the birth of your newest little girl! You astound me with your family and all your endeavors. God Bless!

  17. Waiting is the most exciting part, but the reward for the girls will be phenomenal! My little sister was born when I was 13 and it was like having my own little live baby doll!

  18. I wasn’t reading carefully so I thought you said you redid the dress and it sort of made sense (knitting can sometimes be yucky on the inside) until I got to the paint part. Start again; read carefully. My youngest girl is 18 and I didn’t learn to knit until she was too old for cuteness. I’m knitting for nieces’ babies instead. Prayers that you have an safe and uneventful delivery.

  19. Melissa N says:

    The dresser came out lovely. You have a good eye for paint colors. The dress is so sweet. My oldest daughter was sixteen before she finally got a baby sister, and her anticipation while waiting was the same as your girls. I hope you rest well these final weeks in your tidy and pretty space.

  20. Thinking about you and excited for you. You will have so many helpers. 🙂

    The dress is darling, I’m thinking of one for my 12 month old for her birthday.

    May Peace be with you (and your back and your pelvic floor 😉 ) during these last few weeks.

  21. Oh, such sweetness. Your dresser and quilt look so soft and beautiful. And that little knit dress…what a sweet little rosebud she will be in that!

  22. Oh girly things are so pretty! I don’t have any girls to make things pretty for….unless you count the 3,000 lady bugs I just ordered on Amazon 🙂 Soon I’ll be surrounded with lots of girls at the farm.

  23. The dress is darling! How excited you must be about your sweet little girl!

    Although I have had the pattern for awhile, I just knit your Simple Newborn Hat for the first time for my church’s charity for babies in need. It is such a darling (and easy) pattern-I love it! Thank you!

    Best wishes for an easy birth process and for you and your baby girl to be healthy and happy!

  24. very lovely!!! good to realize what is and is not feasible! praying for you today!

  25. Loving the dress, dresser and quilt … so beautiful

  26. Love those colors together! Also, if we’re ever blessed with a baby girl, I’m hitting you up for your hand me downs 😉

  27. Sherlyn says:

    I would love to know where your beautiful rose quilt is from!

  28. I love the dress and the dresser!

  29. What a darling dress!
    How exciting to prep for a baby, and I love the idea of making a beautiful space for yourself to enjoy.

  30. I knitted the same dress for a friend and I love how cute it is. I also have the same quilt for my youngest daughters room. I love the color of the dresser. It looks like you are about ready for your new little one.

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