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~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading and I love sharing my projects and current reads here. I would love for you to join me every Wednesday to share a single photo of what you are knitting (or crocheting) and reading too! Share your photo on your blog, on Instagram (#yarnalong), or on Flickr. Leave a link below to share your photo with the rest of us!~

Yarn Along-1820
I’m nearly finished reading The Snake Pit, the second in Sigrid Undset’s Master of Hestviken series.  And, I’m more than halfway through the foot on my first wildflower sock.  I am pretty sure that I’ll have enough yarn leftover when I am finished with this pair to knit a pair of wildflower baby socks as well.


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  1. Ginny, thanks for the info about where you got your dye plants. I will check them out. We just moved about four miles from where we were and I want to put in a bunch of new plants. All our daffodils got frozen in the last snow we had, so spring seems a bit a way. Who knows, maybe it will be 90 degrees next week. I did transplant my hollyhocks and raspberries last fall so we will see how it goes. Did you ever get to the osteopath? Hope things are ok.

  2. Ooh that yarn is something special!

  3. I just found your blog because of the Fountains of Carrots podcast discussion (which was awesome, btw!). I love the sock-that is beautiful, and the colors are fantastic! This is a really cool link-up, and perhaps will be motivation for me to get working on some knitting and crocheting projects that I’ve been wanting to do 🙂

  4. How are you enjoying The Snake Pit Ginny? I am also reading through this trilogy, but it is no Kristin:)

    • I like it, I actually really like it. But, it’s never going to feel the same as Kristin. I think a big part of that is the fact that the main character through this series is a man.

  5. Leslie F says:

    Your knits are so beautiful – they always make me long to be a knitter but I learned to crochet as a little girl and for some reason, knitting is just a mystery to me – I can snag yarn so easily with a hook but yarn on knitting needles is slippery!
    I caught the sock bug last year, but crochet sock patterns are scarce. I found two patterns I really like (Father’s Day Crochet Sock and Cozy Crochet Socks on the Lion Brand site). If anyone has other good crochet sock patterns, please share!

  6. Gwendolyn says:

    Love those socks. I had to buy some yarn for myself. Hope you are feeling better and the kids are able to help you out. I got to experience a little taste of what it would be like to stay at home with kids. My daughter was visiting in Minnesota and left her 2 oldest for me to do school duty. I was able to paint a wooden bunk bed with Annie’s chalk paint and stencil the girls initials on the side and put baby quilts on the beds for their dolls. After I dropped the 4 yr. old off to preschool I went to the 5 yr. old’s classroom to read “Phoebe’s Sweater”. They were very attentive and enjoyed looking at the yarn and supplies I will use when I make Phoebe Mouse. The teacher wants me to come back when I’ve completed the doll. I thought the 5 yr. old was going to pick “Henry’s Hat” so I had the hat and sweater all ready to show the class. Leave it to kids to change things for you. I’m anxious to see how your dyeing plants thrive and then see the end product.

  7. rebekah says:

    Have you read anything by Michael O’brien? ISLAND OF THE WORLD is possibly the best book I have read in many, many years (and I read a lot of good books!). Don’t be intimidated by the size… it is so wonderful, about a Catholic boy in Croatia during the second world war, and his journey back to the faith, through all he endures.
    I don’t know why I had never heard of O’brien! I loved ISLAND so much that I went on to read several others of his. And I’m passing them on to all my friends!

  8. I love your lichen and lace sock yarn. Must check them out!
    pretty pretty socks

  9. I’m trying really really hard not to buy more yarn. But that skein is quite tempting. Lovely knitting!!

  10. LOVE that yarn, Ginny! Will have to show my eldest this as she’s taken to sock knitting now.

  11. Pretty yarn! It’s making into a wonderful looking sock. 🙂

  12. Such a lovely looking sock!

  13. That yarn is gorgeous!! Wow – I love how that is working up.

  14. It makes me smile to know you are loving sock knitting. Wanting to knit socks is the reason I learned to knit.

  15. ❤️That yarn!

  16. So glad to hear and see that you are knitting socks! I was bitten by that bug last year and couldn’t be happier. I hope you are generally well, all things (baby! Life!) considered.

  17. Your yarn reminds me of colors you would find in your garden. Great for this time of year.

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