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I made it through the Sproutlette bodice for the second time, and now I am knitting the skirt.  It looks really, really tiny.  I wonder if it will actually fit my baby?  If not mine, someone’s, I’m sure.  We are all speculating about this baby now, and what she will look like.  Yesterday at my prenatal appointment her heart was sounding a little funny and I was sent straight to the perinatologist for an ultrasound.  Thankfully, she and her heart look just fine.  Near the end, the ultrasound technician switched over to 3D for a few seconds.  This was my first time seeing one of my babies on a 3D ultrasound and I can’t decide if her image looks more cute or creepy.  I think she looks a little like Larkspur did as a new baby.  We’ll see!

At one of your recommendations, I started reading The Thorny Grace of It: And Other Essays for Imperfect Catholics a few days ago. The essays are short and easy to read and I am enjoying them.


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  1. Ooh, that’s a sweet little dress! I agree, I’m never sure if the 3d pics are cool or creepy, but it certainly is amazing technology that produces them. I hope and pray her heart continues to function properly with no more scares for mama.

  2. Megan Wahl says:

    precious! We will add your baby to our family prayers.

  3. Baby is beautiful, Ginny!

  4. I love the little dress so far. And remember, all newborn clothes look tiny! At least, to me, anyway. I think I somehow forget how little they are. Even my bigger babies (8 1/2 lbs vs. 7lbs) wore tiny clothes for a short time. Your little girl is so loved already!

  5. the little sproutlet is sooooo addorable!

  6. What a sweet wee face and I vote for cute, not creepy at all.
    I was thinking of you this morning, how about an April baby shower?
    I want to have time for everything to arrive before the baby comes.
    Let me know. Much love.

  7. This past pregnancy was my first time with the 3D, too. Made me cry to see his little face, sucking on his bottom lip like there was no tomorrow. How exciting for you, Ginny! I knit my Harmon some sweaters that I just knew looked too big (all my previous babies were 8#) & then he ended up barely 6# so he was swimming in all his clothes. I guess you never know what to expect. Your little lady will be so pretty in her dress…or someone will. 🙂

  8. Liza Kirschner says:

    I was with my daughter and her when she had a 3-D ultrasound – She had quadruplets so seeing four little faces was awe-inspiring – A combination of eerie and beautiful and such an amazing reminder that God knits us together in the womb – I’m happy that your new little one has a healthy heart! <

  9. Hi Ginny! Oh, that tiny dress is going to be so perfect for your little girlie girl.
    Your book looks very interesting. Thank you for the suggestion!

  10. So glad all is well with wee one. So glad you could get right in to perinatal specialists! Love the knit too

  11. Glad her little heart is ok. I’m sure that was a scary few hours until you got the thumbs up. I had those ultrasounds with my last 2 boys (I have gestational diabetes when I’m pregnant). They are amazing!!!! I love looking back at them and seeing little features that I see now. The dress looks adorable.

  12. Oh, Ginny…how amazing to see your little babe so clearly! Technology is such a trip! Wishing you and your family much love during these wonderful days of dreaming and imagining and coming together for this new sweet soul.
    xo Jules

  13. glad baby is OK! God bless you and her!!! that knit looks lovely! glad you found a book that is wonderful and encouraging! I love books with clear readable chunks that we can actually get through reading!

  14. The top you are knitting looks beautiful! I am what they call a tight hooker (bad crochet joke) so I have to be careful or all my baby clothes turn out fitting dolls instead!

  15. Glad all is well with you and baby,love the colour and the detail so cute

  16. Oh that little sweater is just so sweet! I love the color and pattern. It’s so you, Ginny! You have great taste!

  17. Awe, so sweet. Wonderful that the technology is available today to be able to see a glimpse of baby and to check a tiny heart. Happy everything is OK!

  18. So glad all is well with your baby girl!

  19. I love this pattern! I’ve done one as a gift and I’m sure I’ll do more. I also thought it was coming out small, but it’s so hard to tell just from looking at a baby garment!

  20. Glad all is well with baby girl. I love that shade of pink you have there, so pretty

  21. It does look tiny, but lovely knitting. I always think your yarn looks so good. I’m on an acrylic phase again as I finish a little hexagon blanket, slowly slowly!

  22. I think she is cute 🙂 Let’s definitely go with that. Glad all is well, take care of yourself and rest when you can!! Psst, I cast on with that yummy yarn I bought from you…..it is pure heaven!!

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