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It’s starting to get chilly so I am finally feeling anxious to finish my barn sweater!  I have reached the pockets along the bottom of the body, so I am making some progress.

Jonny and I have been staying up a little too late watching The Crimson Field so I haven’t been reading much, just the first couple chapters of No Life for a Lady, which I do believe I will enjoy.  I love stories of pioneers, probably my favorite genre of fiction.


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  1. I’m in love with this yellow! Won’t it be a nice color to have in the middle of winter? Thanks for the PBS series idea. We’ve been looking for something new to watch in the evenings now that the days are getting shorter.

  2. I love pioneer books too and a few years ago I went on a kick when that’s all I read for awhile. 🙂

  3. Looks like a book I would pick up – I’m a big fan of Westerns. You a Louis L’Amour fan?

  4. Hi Ginny! Oh, your knitting is pretty. A barn sweater. Is that the name of the pattern?
    I love pioneer stories, too. My mom has a big collection of them and mailed them to me once and I gobbled them up, one after the other.

  5. I love the colour of that sweater. I’m knitting some mittens in a similar shade. This year’s yellow is so much better than last year’s grey! Can’t wait to see it on.

  6. jennyann1126 says:

    Crimson field was great and so was Poldark. I’ve been watching Indian Summers and Home Fires this week. They are on our PBS Roku channel. Home Fires is about a lady’s group during WWII and it is awesome so far.

  7. I just looked up the barn sweater in Ravelry. Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see your finished project.

  8. I’ve never heard of The Crimson Field so will be checking it out.
    It’ cooler here, not sweater weather yet, but soon, oh so soon.

  9. I just know your sweater is going to look super! I really like the color of yarn that you chose.

    I have made a two-strand ball of yarn with Paton’s Classic Wool in Natural Mix and Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool in Nature’s Brown and am knittng a scarf with 10mm bamboo needles. Unfortunately, I seem to be a perfectionist beginner and have frogged it at least 15 times so far because of purling or knitting at the wrong time. It is what it is but I am learning to get my tension loose as I was always a tight crocheter. I like the bamboo needles because they are not as slippery as metal ones and I have not dropped any stitches with them and, they are “warm” too.

  10. ooh we love The Crimson Field. Have you seen Poldark? It is on just before Crimson Field (PBS)…or maybe just after.

  11. the sweater is going to be beautiful!!!

  12. We loved The Crimson Field! It was so good. I hope there’s another season. We just started watching Home Fires, you would probably like that one too. It’s just airing now on our PBS, it started Sunday night.

  13. I like the sound of both your read and your knit. I love anything with pockets.

    I adore The Crimson Field, I watched it when it was on TV, I must see if there is another series…

  14. I will have check that book out! I also love pioneer stories and The Crimson Field is so good!

  15. It is getting cold here too! I read No Life for a Lady, great book!

  16. I really enjoyed watching ANZAC Girls, I’ll have to check out Crimson Fields. And I love pioneer books too – after I read Little Britches I gushed about it to anybody who would listen, so No Life for a Lady sounds perfect.

  17. I cannot wait until that sweater is done, it’s going to be super cozy and oh so wonderful!!! hurry up!

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