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I finished reading Rebecca last week, and while I was very sucked into the story, I do have to agree with a comment one of you left last week, that it’s dark and depressing.  It didn’t actually depress me, but it certainly isn’t a happy book.  I guess that’s why it’s considered a Gothic novel?  It’s suspensful and creepy and people love it, but it is kind of a downer.  I don’t know that I’ll read anything else by Daphne Du Marier.  Who am I kidding?  I probably will.

I checked out Never Cry Wolf from the library for Seth, when searching for another Farley Mowat book for my younger kids.  When I got home, Seth informed me that he already owns this book and read it ages ago.  Oops!  Now I’m reading it for something quite different from my most recent reads.

I finished my baby knits and just have to sew buttons on the little Mary Jane’s.  I also started another shawl, because I have to always be knitting multiple shawls I guess.  I’ll share pictures and details on that later this week.  I’ve worked a few rows on my Barn Sweater as well.  As we approach fall I feel myself being pulled in lots of different knitting directions.  There are so many things I want to knit!  I am hoping that once we settle into a homeschooling rhythm I’ll have more time for knitting.  That may or may not be wishful thinking.


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  1. I was also going to recommend Jamaica Inn. There is something about older books I’m starting to love. They can be edgy, but still keep a PG-13 rating. Jamaica Inn is set much Earlier than Rebecca, so sadly, no Downtown Abbey vibe, but still a page turner.

  2. have you asked your local librarian for tips? they should be able to do searches based on ‘books like [this author] OR [this type of book] etc!

    I know the feeling of wanting to do many projects! well, one thing at a time. You surely have a lot of lovely newly dyed yarn to knit with! 🙂

  3. Never Cry Wolf! I read the book ages ago (1980s?), and saw the movie. About seven or eight years ago I got the movie from the library in order for my kids to view it. That was their first introduction to documentary-type movies. . . and a huge impact, apparently, on my youngest daughter–who sometime a year or two after seeing that movie decided she wanted to be a wildlife biologist. Fast forward to this year: she graduated high school still determined to pursue that career path; this past weekend we dropped her off at college where she will major in Wildlife Ecology & Management with an intention to focus on wolves. Who knew a mom sharing a movie most people long forgot (or never heard of) would turn out this way?

  4. I do the exact same thing in the fall. All of a sudden everyone *must* have hats–whether they need them or no!

  5. That’s funny about that book. I remembered it from when you blogged that you’d gotten it. I added it to my to-read list but haven’t managed yet.

  6. I have yet to read Rebecca, though it is on my current “to Read” list. The fall weather is bringing out a whole host of yarny ideas that I’m dying to try. Hopefully the weather will play its part so that I can make those ideas a reality.

  7. I’m not such a huge fan of Rebecca but I love, love, love Jamaica Inn. It’s dark in places but it has a lot more light too and a wonderful heroine. My uncle recommended it to me when I was 16 and I didn’t read it then, not until after he died, and I’ve always been sorry that I didn’t read it earlier so I could thank him, as he was absolutely right about how much I would love it. And I still do now, in my thirties!

  8. I’m also casting on everything, and making lists of what I need to do before it gets cold. It’s still hot here, but something is changing in the air, and calling me to get busy.

  9. i love the colorway of the yarn you are using for the barn sweater. i have been in a bit of a knitting funk. i currently have 4 projects going, but only the simplest are getting done. ahhh well, i guess maybe when it isn’t 110 outside i will feel more inspired to knit.

  10. I’ve never heard for Farley Mowat. I have a kid that would love a book in that vein. (One of the best parts of Yarn Along, in my opinion, is finding authors like this!)

    I’m with Karen- I liked Rebecca when I was younger and when I re-read it a year or so ago I was very ‘meh’. Not really a big fan of the Gothic novel. I guess because it has so many similarities to post-modernist lit, I’d almost rather read a better formed story (A lot of Victorian Gothic was very cheesy and cliche) in the form of say, Hunger Games, than subject myself to simpering and fainting and mad old men. But then on the other hand, I *do* love Jane Eyre. It’s a toss-up I guess!

  11. I read Rebecca recently. I can’t say I enjoyed it but it was a book that I was happy to pick up and read, I wanted to finish it, I was interested in what happened and the characters, but yes, not a happy read at all. Likewise the book I’m currently reading is about people losing everything and living in fear of their lives!
    This is my first Yarn Along and I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else is knitting and reading.

  12. I love how the approach of fall brings on a casting on frenzy. Truly I’m in my element. I loved Rebecca as a teen full of angst but as an adult re read it just was blah for me. I think you need to bring more emotions to the book. Funnily enough I finished my plague book and it was pretty good considering there was a lot of death…I bought some dark brown wool in sportweight for me for a sweater but I’m waiting for slightly cooler temps to cast on something.

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