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~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading and I love sharing my projects and current reads here. I would love for you to join me every Wednesday to share a single photo of what you are knitting (or crocheting) and reading too! Share your photo on your blog, on Instagram (#yarnalong), or on Flickr. Leave a link below to share your photo with the rest of us! ~

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There sure is a lot of yellow in my life right now.  Yesterday I found a lonely skein of Quince Lark in my stash (Carrie’s Yellow colorway) and cast on for a baby bonnet (for a friend!)

I finished reading Therese, Faustina, and Bernadette and recommend it if you are interested in an easy-to-read introduction to those particular saints.  I chose it myself because I want to learn more about Saint Bernadette.

A friend recently posted a photo of Rebecca on Facebook, and so many people commented that they love that book that I requested it from the library.  I asked my friend Eve about it (I run nearly everything I read by her!) and she highly recommended it as well saying that she read it multiple times in high school.  Seth saw the cover and asked, “What does ‘Romantic suspense’ mean?  Like who’s going to marry who? Sounds boring.”  Eve says it’s really spooky.  I haven’t read any spooky classics since the The Woman in White, so I am excited.  I’m just a couple chapters in so I can’t say much yet.


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  1. By any chance is that a photo of salted lemons from Amanda at Habit of Being that you are using for a bookmark…? I have her lemon prints and love them! Also I LOVE Rebecca! Hope you enjoy it!

  2. Have you ever heard of Sarah Mackenzie? I keep thinking as I read her book and blog that you would really enjoy her work! Her book is called Teaching from Rest (http://www.amazon.com/Teaching-Rest-Homeschoolers-Guide-Unshakable/dp/1600512879/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1439580577&sr=1-1&keywords=teaching+from+rest), and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is completely changing the way I look at homeschooling, in a fabulous way. I think you would enjoy her perspective, especially since it seems like you guys have a lot in common 🙂 Take care!

  3. Oh, spooky? Now I’m totally interested, I have no idea what Rebecca is about but now I’ll look closer. I love your color for the bonnet.

  4. Love Rebecca, and du Maurier is one of my all-time favourite authors! We named our youngest Daphne 🙂

  5. That baby bonnet is going to be adorable in that pretty yellow. What a cute pattern!

  6. Thanks so much for hosting the party:-)

  7. Oh I love Rebecca, and have read it several times! There is quite a good television adaptation too, with Charles Dance and Emilia Fox. I hope you enjoy it!

  8. LOVE Rebecca. I’ve read and reread it so many times, I can’t even count. It’s on my list to read yet again before the year is out. Absolutely a favorite! Looking forward to what you have to say.

  9. “Rebecca” is one of my favorite books, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t warn you that the beginning is dreadfully boring. I had to push myself past the first 70 pages or so. After that, though, it picks up markedly and is a fabulous book.

  10. I read Rebecca for the first time earlier this year, having watched the Hitchcock classic many times. It was amazing! Probably my favorite book I’ve read so far this year. It was pretty depressing and creepy, but so atmospheric and well written. And now I find the film a little disappointing! (The endings are different, too.)

  11. If you enjoy Rebecca, I am sure that you will like My Cousin Rachel. All good.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful rest of the week.
    p.s. Seth’s comment is hilarious!

  12. I actually have MY original copy from the Jurassic era … it is one of my favorite books and our teen girl’s book club at St. John’s Home School is going to read it this year! I can’t wait for my girls to read my copy! My aunt bought it for me with a box of books on sad Christmas. I think it was the escape factor! It worked! I’ve kept it to this day. Enjoy every second of it…

  13. Rebecca was our summer reading assignment just before my freshmen year in highschool. Then we started the year reading a novel for comparison. I won’t say what because I wouldn’t want to give anything away. 🙁 It was an excellent way to start the year, I thought.

  14. I’ve never read the book (for shame!) but I have seen the Alfred Hitchcock film that was based off of it (loved it!). Maybe that will help Seth to appreciate the “romantic suspense”. 😉

  15. I’m a big fan of Rebecca. Creepy and delightful. 🙂 (Delightfully creepy?)

  16. What did you think of WALKING WITH PURPOSE?

  17. ooooh so here i am, a newbie…encouraged to join by leanne at arrow acres farm. she is my awesome teacher. i am so happy to be here, i have lot’s to look at. many thanks for hosting!!!!

  18. One of my favourite books. Savour every minute of it!

  19. I just finished this “Autumn’s Petticoat” shawl in between reading Anne Tyler’s “A Spool of Blue Thread”. Here is a link to my shawlhttp://www.ravelry.com/projects/kisdesigns/autumns-petticoat-2

  20. I love knitting for babies! Every stitch is knit while praying for this new life – soon to enter the world. Please show us once it is finished!

  21. I’ve read Rebecca twice, once in high school and loved it and then again as an adult and found it a bit dated. Can’t wait to see what you think about it!! It’s a classic 🙂

  22. Rebecca is one of my favorites. Happy Reading!

  23. I’m normally a sci-fi, fantasy and crime reader, but Rebecca is one of the few books of its type that I’ve not only finished, but absolutely devoured. It’s a great story, enjoy!

  24. I read Rebecca back in high school when my best friend recommended it. Time for a reread!

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