Shawl + Strawberries

+ little boys + flowers

All good things.

I finished up my Gotland shawl, got it blocked, and will now tuck it away until I figure out who needs it (Beatrix says that she does, but I’m not sure.)  It turned out a little smaller than I expected, but is still very pretty.  The pattern is called the Lonely Tree Shawl and it was a very quick, fun knit.  The Gotland yarn was great to work with, unlike any other yarn I’ve used.  It has a luster that is just lovely, and a really nice drape.

It’s strawberry time at our house and I’ve been making these yummy strawberry shortbread bars.  I started with this recipe, subbed butter for shortening, and omitted all the sugar, subbing maybe 1/4 cup of maple syrup, maybe not even that much.  I have made them with a couple of different gluten free mixes rather than regular flour and then added the oats just as called for.  For the filling I use strawberry chia jam, which is surprisingly very good.  The recipe is from The Grain-Free Family Table.  Lightly mash 10 oz fresh strawberries with 1 Tablespoon honey.  Let sit for about ten minutes then add 2 1/2 Tablespoons chia seed + 1 Tablespoon lemon juice.  Chill for at least 30 minutes.  Use this jam instead of the applesauce called for in the recipe for the bars.

My kids were skeptical about whether or not these would be edible considering that I only used a little maple syrup rather than the cup of sugar the bars call for, but then I couldn’t keep them out of them.  I really like them too!


  1. I tried to make the shawl, but the pattern is hard to follow. First off, it tells you to cast on 8, but the charts are odd numbered. And starting with 8 doesn’t jive with the first row of the charts.

  2. beautiful shawl and it’s a bummer it ran a little small. One of mine last year did and I gave it as a present to someone since I knew I would not wear it. Loved seeing your days in the photos.

  3. Kathleen Spoth says:

    I started making this shawl when I saw your blog entry. I finished last weekend and thought it was not very big. I decided it would be larger after I blocked it. Still not as big as photo picture. I love the shawl and I had yarn left over. I plan to make again…it was easy to follow,mouth will find the chart to make larger shawl. Thanks for sharing your projects. I am making a poncho too. It is one that I saw on The Little House That Grew.

  4. Ah I have knitted the lonely tree twice, it’s lovely! Did you find the extra charts for making it bigger? They’re well worth finding. Send me a message if you want linking to them. Love little boys, they’re so special!

    • I didn’t see those charts, though I didn’t have enough yarn to go bigger. I would love links for next time though! A friend just pointed me toward the poncho by the same designer and I want to knit one of those next!!

      • There is a version, The Elder Tree Shawl, that is the same pattern but identifies which parts to repeat to expand to your preference. I loved mine,

  5. I really love all those vibrant colored wildflowers and the red strawberries. Spring has certainly sprung!! Ain’t it grand? Your kids look very happy indeed!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful shawl Ginny. I had an idea which I hope you won’t mind me throwing out there…I bet there are so many of us who would love the chance again to own a Ginny knit…would you consider another raffle for our Iraq sisters?
    Silas is looking so blonde again! Love the bath picture of your scrummy urchins. And oh those strawberries! Enjoy!

  7. That sounds like a great reworking of the recipe! I love finding healthier versions of recipes. I miss the fresh strawberries from my mom’s garden. Store-bought ones never compare!

  8. I am so impressed with your ability to knit lace with so much frivolity going on around you. For Mother’s Day this year one of my requests was an hour of intense quiet so that I could finish the (teeny-tiny) front of a lace dress I’ve been working on for my youngest. Every time I got distracted I would mess up and have to rip back and it was getting super frustrating.

  9. Beautiful shawl! and the colour looks like it would really suit its maker 🙂

  10. Nancy M says:

    The shawl is so beautiful and the recipe looks great! I’ve been considering buying the Grain-free table book. Glad to know your family liked the recipe. When I first started following your blog – Silas was about the age of Job and they look so much a like. I keep forgetting this isn’t Silas but instead it is your littlest one. 🙂

  11. I love the shawl. I noticed that the photos you posted don’t show your face. I hope that the photos were only edited for your blog and that the originals show your face. You are a very pretty woman, but even if you weren’t outwardly pretty, your spirit is. Somehow cameras capture inner beauty as well. Your family deserves to have lots of photos of you, and I hope they do.

    • Thank you so much! Larkspur took those photos and I think it’s a height thing, she’s just so much shorter than me, but my face wasn’t in any of them. 🙂 My words to her were to get pictures of my shawl, so that is what she did, I guess!
      But, I will confess that it is hard to post pictures of myself here. I do it though! As often as I have them, for the sake of my kids, and also because I really like seeing the faces of the writers of blogs I read. Makes it more personal.

  12. That is a truly beautiful shawl. I love strawberries and I’m so happy that strawberry time is here yet again.

  13. I thought I recognized that pattern – last night I cast on the Heartwood Cape which is a cape version of the Lonely Tree shawl. I’m attempting it with bulky yarn since I have a huge skein laying around that I want to use for something. Not sure if that’s going to work out or not. Your shawl turned out beautifully.

  14. Janet R says:

    LOVE the photo of the flowers and the blue wheelbarrow! Your shawl is simply beautiful!
    Those bars sound delicious… Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Your work is beautiful, wonderful shawl!

  16. that shawl is wonderful so light and airy.

  17. That is a beautiful shawl! I have just really figured out knitting after being a marginal crocheter for years. Nothing wonderful, but when the ribs started forming it was amazing. I also like the vacuum hair job. Brings back memories of my kids. I think I’ll try the strawberry bars, too. Thanks for your post.

  18. The shawl turned out so beautiful. I haven’t knitted at all!!! since having my 8th baby 6 weeks ago. I must knit something but can’t decide what. Something small and easy I think. Those bars look wonderful and I love the idea of cutting most of the sugar. I think that makes them fine to eat for breakfast? Makes me look forward to strawberry time here- a few weeks away still in Indiana 🙂

  19. Oh, that shawl looks beautiful – I also loved knitting with her Gotland yarn – just heavenly.
    Thank you for sharing your experience with the strawberry bars – we are going more gluten free in our home and also love the maple syrup only.

  20. Beautiful shawl, and my you are a fast knitter! That little boy of your’s has amazing eyelashes!, why do boys get the eyelashes? Thanks for posting, love your pictures.

  21. Truly beautiful shawl.

  22. What a beautiful shawl!

  23. I am going strawberry picking tomorrow morning and will definitely be making some of these bars over the weekend. Thanks for sharing the recipes. 🙂

  24. Oooh, this looks yummy. I will definitely try it. Our strawberries are just starting to flower, so we are a bit behind you!

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