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~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a photo and share it either on your blog, on Instagram (#yarnalong), or on Flickr. Leave a link below to share your photo with the rest of us! ~

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I had a stupid knitting week.  I spent more than an hour ripping back a few rows of this blue shawl, stitch by stitch, because I thought my stitch count was off by one stitch.  Finally, I realized that actually I had missed a “K1” in the instructions at the end of a row.  I had been on the right track all along, there was no mistake to begin with.  Knitting backwards is always a little demoralizing.  Realizing that you did so for no reason, during a week when knitting time was slim…well, actually I wasn’t that upset about it.  I’m preoccupied right now: planting my garden, and doing other things.  I don’t have to accomplish tons of knitting every week.

I am having major reading issues.  I must be reading six books or so.  Most of them are books that can be read here and there, a little at a time, but still.  I started reading The Hardest Peace yesterday, and I think that I may end up reading it monogamously until I finish it.


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  1. I do not know how to knit or crochet. Today my mom decided to start teaching my boys how to crochet. They are noisy, wild, rambunctious boys (7, 9, almost 11) and I have loved seeing them concentrate on this quiet task. Every spare minute between Holy Week services (we are Orthodox Christians) today has been spent practicing and making “bracelets”. They have grand plans and want to learn to make sweaters and blankets for the homeless. I love seeing your children knit also. Anything is possible to them.

  2. Here is Kara Tippets blog link
    She recently passed away….her blog posts show quite an amazing woman.

  3. LindaDV says:

    I did the same thing on the same shawl pattern! I couldn’t see my mistake even though there was clearly something wrong. Somewhere further down the line I gained two extra stitches and didn’t see where I had gone wrong so I hid a couple of k2tog along the edge and didn’t mess up the pattern, simple as it is. Enjoy your knitting!

  4. That shawl looks really beautiful. I don’t enjoy ripping out knitting, either. It is terrible! I am half-reading two books right now, but I seem to be so busy with other things, I am not doing much knitting or reading. I think it’s spring fever. : )

  5. Tearing out knitting, stitch by stitch, has to be some of the most tedious work ever. Even more than ripping sewing stitches. I almost always mess it up!

    I bought the book you recommended today. It just seems to be too good a story to pass up.

  6. Well, you may have made a mistake in your knitting, but at least you didn’t photograph your finished knit inside out!! I seriously did that. And just noticed now when I looked at the pictures. haha!

  7. Ginny, that is a special book you’ve started! The author, Kara, recently passed away after a long, long battle – so as you read, think of her faith and the blessing of her having shared her story with us all. Be encouraged, be full of hope!

  8. Haha! I have a hard time reading “monogamously”, too!

  9. I’ve given up on knitting lately. It seems I can’t make it through one project without some stupid mistake which means the problem is not my ability but my focus. It’s sad. I miss that peace knitting used to bring.

    Maybe I should check out the book.

    Also, you always seem to have the books you talk about here in hard copy but you also own a Kindle. Are you getting these books from the library or just ordering them from Amazon when they are cheaper than buying them on your Kindle? I’m just curious as to why you choose hard copy over digital.

    • I gave up reading on my Kindle for the most part. I just prefer books. I use my Kindle as a booklight which Jonny finds really amusing. I turn it on its brightest setting and then lay it on my pillow to light my paperback book. 🙂 I get some books from the library, I buy some used, and every now and then I buy a new book. If there is something that I want to read that is free on Kindle, then I would probably go the digital route in that case.

  10. That book looks excellent. My just-turned-13 year daughter has been in bad nerve compression pain for 6 months with no relief and no end in sight and we are at a point of needing to go deeper to understand redemptive suffering. I thought I understood, but when you begin to have to explain to a child why God has not seen us out of this yet (when all along I’m saying, God will help us He’ll lead us those who can heal you-you won’t be in this pain forever, but after months and months it just sounds like false hope and empty words), you realize you can’t skim the surface in your understanding of suffering. I read the parts Amazon would let me read the book and it looks like a book I could use right now. Deep calls unto deep is all that keeps coming to mind, not that I really know what that means, but I’ll let it roll around in my heart.

    I love “reading it monogamously”-what a great expression. Thanks for always sharing I second all the comments that tell you often that your blog is a source of great refreshment. God bless you!

  11. So frustrating! it is beautiful though, I love that blue!

  12. Oh dear, that knitting back is so hard, but hey, now there is more for you to knit!
    Enjoy working in your garden, the pollen is so bad here right now I don’t want to do anything.

  13. I’ve done that more than once in my knitting life time and it always happens when it is least convenient! Have fun planting your garden and being busy with life. My son is visiting this week and the days are whizzing by for me.

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