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It’s icy, cold, and icy (did I mention icy?) here.  Jonny is working to build a small barn (in pieces) on our front porch because it’s too nasty out to work anywhere else, and we are too crunched for time to wait on this project.  Several of you mentioned that the sooner we can get these baby goats out of our house, the better.  I hear you!  Oh, yes!  We’re trying!  I know I said that they are going to live in our fancy (currently un-occupied by chickens) coop and enclosed run for a little while, but…ummm…we’ve got some other critters (whom I’ll introduce soon!) temporarily inhabiting it.  We certainly have our work cut out for us over the next week or two.

Despite cruddy weather, we had lots of company over the weekend.  My friend Jaime brought over some Quince Osprey yarn (Poppy colorway) to be wound, and got started on a new project, though she quickly concluded that knitting while nursing a toddler is nearly impossible.

We were talking about placing seed orders recently, and she suggested Southern Exposure.  I requested my catalog and it was here within the week, I believe.  They are headquartered in Virginia and feature lots of seed (much of it organic) from plants that fare well in the southeast.  So Virginia peeps, this is where you should be ordering your seeds!  Their prices are better than those of other places I have ordered from in recent years, too.  Larkspur had her gardening buddy over on Saturday and they pulled weeds in the cold together and then sat down with their matching seed catalogs to make their lists.  They motivated me to do the same, and I placed our order on Sunday.  It’s too bad that making an amazing list of plants and ordering the seed does not mean that your garden will be equally amazing.  I refuse to dampen my enthusiasm with a bunch of boring realism though.  I will think about weeds and squash bugs as soon as I must, but not before.

And finally, preserved lemons!  I made a batch with friends last fall, and they’ve been sitting mostly untouched in my fridge for months.  We ate them on a mujadara inspired bean and rice pilaf this weekend and they sure did spruce it up!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!


  1. Ha ha, I, too, find myself trying to avoid the “boring realism” of gardening this time of year as I make garden plans. The photo of Job decked out in all his woolens riding in the baby sled is so cute!

  2. Ginny,

    I just want you to know I enjoy your blog so much! You are lovely in so many ways!!!!!

  3. we had a goat for that reason when I was little, and I used to bottle feed lambs at my grandparents too.
    Last month we had a chicken living in the schoolroom after an ermine attack in the coop.
    Takes homeschooling to a whole new level when they can’t do Math unless the hen is in view the entire time.
    such fun to liven up the last of the winter, can’t wait to hear what’s in the chicken coop………

  4. how exciting to be ordering seeds, and yes, it’s been a very cold winter. I went out for a walk yesterday (finally) but I know more snow is coming today and that will stop the walks once again! Lovely photos 🙂

  5. I love the cover of that catalog!

  6. I love browsing seed catalogues and it always comes at just the right time, when I am DESPERATE for signs of spring and hope. Rarely do I accomplish half of what I have dreamed but still, the dreams are so lovely! Enjoy and thank you for the suggestions!

  7. Orangette’s mujadara is one of our favourite meals!

  8. Those goats are so adorable. I am itching to get gardening too I wish I had a helper!

  9. Yes, sometimes my enthusiasm for ordering seeds and plants gives results that are disappointing. Still, I like to try new plants. Your child on the sled is so cute.

  10. I really can’t get enough of those goats! I’ve never heard of preserving lemons, but am definitely going to make some asap. Thanks for the recipe. Hoping warmer weather heads your way soon.

  11. I love that you guys put the cart before the horse because we do ALL THE TIME!!! I have a barn full of animals with no outside shelter, no pasture seed planted, and not enough pasture for all of them. Fence building will start immediately after were out of the frozen zone. So just know their is someone out there just as crazy! 🙂

  12. You are an original Yummy Mummy!

  13. you and family will get there! God bless!

  14. Gwen Murillo says:

    Ginny, I’m so excited to see the framing on the porch! I love new projects. I got up at 5:30 this morning and taped around my bathroom. Hubby’s going to put a couple coats on tonight to finish up. We had just finished the tub area last week.

  15. What a beautiful seed catalog. Am now going to go order one just for the art!

  16. What are preserved lemons like? Do they have a fermented kind of flavor, or just lemony? I have been thinking of making them, but am just unsure what the end result is like.

  17. If you get time before planting season, could you let us know how you deal with squash bugs? We’ve had these in our garden the past 2 years and they have eaten through all our pumpkins, zucchini, etc. We used to grow oodles of pumpkins and give them away to friends and family but the past 2 years we have had zero pumpkins. 🙁 I don’t really care to use spray or chemicals but is that my only feasible option? Aside from that, we need winter to be done and spring to bring us some sunshine! 🙂

  18. Very cute! Yes kids usually start out in the house, but then the jumping gets them kicked outside ; )
    I remember nursing and knitting. They soon catch on and won’t leave the yarn alone…..
    Fun post

  19. my goodness your life is crazy busy! no rest even in nasty weather. <3 those baby goats are so darn cute.

  20. Slightly off topic but, I think goat kidding season is going to start at our house soon. Possibly today. I’ve posted pictures on the blog. Cheers! ~K

  21. How adorable are the baby goats climbing the snow mountain? 🙂
    Winding Quince yarn is always tough for me.I need to get a yarn ball swift thing….but I haven’t yet. Suggestions?

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