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~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading (though not at the same time!), and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a photo and share it either on your blog or on Flickr. Leave a link below to share your photo with the rest of us! ~

DSC_2355Job turns one in early November.ย  He’ll be devastated if he doesn’t receive hand knits, and may assume that I love him less because he’s number seven. (Ha!) So, I am thinking that I better get to work on some birthday gifts.

I’m using some stashed Cestari wool for a Leaves or not, which might not be the best yarn choice, but it’s what I have (I love Cestari, but the traditional wool isn’t quite as soft as I prefer for baby knits, and my gauge is questionable.)ย  I am also ambitiously hoping to knit one of these super cute dolls that Meryl posted about a couple weeks ago.ย  I’m not sure that Job would care about it, I just want to knit it!!

I’m almost finished reading What is the What.ย  It’s an amazing book.


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  1. Love the little cute dolls. And also the sweater.
    I got very late to the Yarn Along, but at least I did.
    I hope you are all well.

  2. I love that sweater and was thinking of doing one of those dolls too!

  3. Thank you for the link-up Ginny! I can’t believe Job will be one in November! Wow, that went quickly for me as a reader. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I loved the doll posted last week, too. It reminds me of a knitted Kathe Kruse doll. So cute!

  4. It’s funny how we try to keep up with all the things we did for the older kids when younger ones come along. I’ve felt bad about photo albums and baby books. Just recently we’ve started re-reading aloud some of our favourite chapter books so the younger ones get to hear them. The older ones grumbled at first, but they are loving it now.

  5. Melissa N. says:

    I’ve knitted that doll pattern 4 times and it goes pretty quickly. Makes a nice gift for an expecting mom. I used Fibre Company Canopy Fingering and it makes a nice doll. My Ravelry is RamintheThicket if you want to see them, I think I added 2 of them there. I tend to knit the same patterns repeatedly so I don’t always ad the repeats there. Enjoy your birthday knitting.

  6. I’m fairly new to your blog. I found it through two blogs I was already reading. Then I started blogging a few weeks ago specifically so I could participate in the Yarn Along. He he. I love this! I’m discovering fun new-to-me blogs and great new-to-me patterns. That adorable doll has been added to my favorite list on Ravelry, as have the sweaters you’ve been posting about recently.
    I’m enjoying your blog immensely! (And I don’t think you have to change a thing!)

  7. Can’t wait to see the sweater – Looks adorable! I have a knitting, or rather blocking, question for you. Up until now I’ve always just used a bed to block items, but it’s terribly inconvenient. I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing your favorite blocking supplies and/or techniques.

  8. Both patterns are now queued! Thanks, Ginny. The jacket is so unique, love those pockets. I think Job will absolutely be disappointed if he does not get a handknit gift, lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Ha! I have the same thought for my youngest sometimes. I wonder if they’ll ever remember to care. Still, there’s something in making things for my own child that fills me with warmth and joy.

  10. Aww, thanks for the shout-out Ginny! Hope Job (or some other small person you know) thinks the doll is fun!

  11. I love oatmeal-colored wool so much. That shade you have is delightful! Your projects always are lovely and your blog has been a great inspiration to me over the years. It is not easy to raise a big family. I too, appreciate your honesty, and your art.

  12. Hey Ginny,
    I haven’t been able to join Yarn Along in a while (but that’s ok, because you probably don’t even know who I am ;)) I’ve used that doll pattern before and LOVE it!!! They knit up quickly and are adorable! I call them ‘star-babies’ and sometimes want to make myself one.
    I wrote a review of the pattern on my blog: http://knittingpatternreview.blogspot.com.tr/2014/08/pezis-knubbelchen-aka-star-baby.html
    Happy Knitting!

  13. Love these knits! that lovie doll is really cute and the leaves or not is super cute! the ‘boy’ version reminds me of this sweater: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/gramps

    so nice to find good books to read and new things to knit.

    Will be lighting a candle for you today Ginny!

  14. Job’s first birthday… Already, times goes so fast. I am sure you will create beautiful gifts which he will enjoy very much! Good luck with making them!

  15. Beautiful yarn!

  16. I know exactly what its like with a birthday looming and no handmade gift ready. In our home that also means I don’t love them enough!
    I was so worried about having a gift made for our eldest K that I went out and bought wool this month when her birthday is in MARCH!!

  17. *grin* Yes, I’m sure Job will be terribly hurt not to have a handknit – I know how these one year olds are, so demanding when it comes to cardigans ๐Ÿ˜€ It looks like a really cute cardigan, and that doll! I don’t think I could knit well enough to make one, but I’m now wondering if it could be crocheted. Something for the list, maybe, because you’re right, it’s too cute not to make one!

  18. Hi Ginny! I spent yesterday “getting to know you” a little bit. I love your place. The realness that is here. The beauty and the beast :). It makes me feel very much at home. I only have 3 children (16, 18, 22) but I worked outside the home while raising them. I admire your strength! Your knitting is what brought me here and everything will keep me! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you have a very blessed day!

  19. I have made two of the little dolls…one girl and one boy. They are fast, easy knits (2 or 3 evenings of knitting after dinner) and are so cute! Don’t know how much Job will “like” it, as my one year old granddaughter ignores the one I made, but it was fun to make and all the adults who visit want to pick it up and “play” with it. LOL.

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