A State of Mind

DSC_0764 Thanks to my dad, last week we took a little trip to the beach.  In hindsight I could have taken the bee sting to the face that I got on the way as a sort of harbinger of the days to come.  The truth is that it just isn’t smart to get close to a semi truck loaded with confused honeybees.  Having never seen one in “real life” before, I couldn’t help myself.

Job started refusing to eat on the way down, and started running fever our first day.  He clearly felt terrible.  By the final day of our trip he was recovering, and we learned that he doesn’t have an aversion to sand and he kind of likes the pool.  Of course that was the day that the wind was really blowing and we couldn’t stay long on the beach.  I spent most of our trip in the room with him.  He hardly slept at night, and I have to say that part was pretty miserable.  But the truth is that vacation is a state of mind, and I’d sure rather have a sick baby while on vacation with my other children happy and occupied, than at home.  I had a great trip minus the sleep deprivation.  I opened the glass doors and listened to the ocean while Job napped during the day.  I watched my family play on the beach below.  I finished the body of a baby sweater, did a lot of reading, and got to spend an afternoon with my Aunt Genie sans children.  I’m so thankful that we had this opportunity to visit with family and that the big kids all had such a good time.

On our last night, Jonny told me that I should walk out and see the ferris wheel down the beach and maybe get a picture of it, all lit up.  Ha, ha.  I tried.  It’s that tiny bit of blue light.  Can you see it?  It was awfully far away.

p.s.  I’m sure that most of you guys have even cooler gadgets (don’t tease me!), but in case some of you are looking for a way to take audiobooks and music in the car without hauling CDs (yes, I am in the dark ages) or anything very expensive, I want to share this little music player that my friend Lori told me about.  I’ll just copy what it’s called straight from Amazon, where I ordered it: Soundfly AUX MP3 Player Car Fm Transmitter.  It plugs into the lighter of the car and then can be connected to an mp3 player or have a thumb drive or something similar plugged into it.  It plays right through the car speakers (magic!)  I already use a little SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip to hold audiobooks and music, and I just connected it right up.  This was a lifesaver on our drive, and allowed me to bring lots of different things to listen to.

It turns out that Job likes Gregorian Chant.  At one point, he wouldn’t stop crying so I turned on a chant album.  He got quiet and I heard one of the kids ask in the back, “Where’s that music coming from?”  Beatrix answered, “From heaven.”


  1. I always think the Sky Wheel looks like you could just walk right down the beach and get to it in short order. But beaches are deceptive like that.

    We stay in North Myrtle Beach, so the Sky Wheel is pretty far away! Where do you guys stay?

  2. oh ginny, the kids are all so gorgeous and getting so big! beautiful photos as always (hope everyone is well now!).
    xxx lori

  3. Your family is just so darn cute–love all the little surf suits/rash guards they are sporting. Such a wonderful way to view a holiday with littles–a state of mind. Absolutely agree. Standing on the deck in the darkness overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, tasting & smelling the salty air, feeling the breeze creep around me is a favorite memory of mine from days spent in South Texas. Thanks for the memory spark…

    Hope your sting isn’t too ouchy anymore.

  4. Your Bea is a funny gal and I love when you share quotes of the conversations you pick up. Glad your Job is feeling a bit better and hopefully no one else catches it!

  5. I find that even trips where things don’t go “just right” we still come back with enough memories to make it all worthwhile and I hope because we make the effort our kids will continue to do so with their own kids one day; even when their kids are little. Hope Job is feeling better now!

  6. i listen to the gregorian chant station on Pandora. Definately holy and peaceful. I am glad you had the chance to get away with the family. You do a lot and its nice to get away. It makes you appreciate your home when you get back. You know what I mean?

  7. Despite Job being sick, it sounds and looks like a wonderful vacation. Beatrix’ comment is amazing!

  8. I have never seen a semi full of bees either and I don’t want too! And to see them lose flying all around like that! Yikes that is scary! At the same time though I kind of feel sad for them. The ones that has escaped but know they have to keep up with the truck or get lost from their bee friends, well that is just sad. They might get tired.

  9. I’m glad you and your family had some time away together, even though it wasn’t the most ideal situation.

    I don’t comment often (hardly at all, actually) but I just had to say…I love your blog, Ginny. It’s so restful. I’m in graduate school, and coming here is like a break from everything else. Thank you for that :).

  10. Chant is sooo heavenly – it is what relaxes me in a way nothing else can. I like the way you always try to see the positive in a situation – it is a real inspiration to me in my life, and on days when I feel things are not always going my way. It is also probably my default style when with other people.

  11. Birdie Cutair says:

    Yes, I love the comment about Gregorian Chant coming from heaven, too. No wonder Job quieted right down. I’ll have to tell that to my granddaughter who is expecting in January.

  12. Ginny,
    Glad you guys got to visit family and that Job is feeling a bit better. I love that last line so much, it brought me the biggest smile.


  13. I started giggling when I read that your little Job likes Gregorian Chant. It reminds me of our youngest son,who at Jobs age, would only stop crying in the car when we played his sisters Crazy Frog -axel f CD. It had a very loud bass sound and would make the van vibrate….I was embarrassed when I pulled up to people at a stop light. Definitely…….not music from Heaven! 🙂

  14. Sorry that you couldn’t call the vacation 100% success, but it still sounds like the majority was enjoyable. Love the action sand throwing shot! (sjn821 on Rav)

  15. Ha ha! I love the random comments that kids make! They can be totally hilarious or profound. And it’s kind of funny but our 15 month old likes certain songs and chanting too. She will quiet down in the car whenever we put them on. Lifesavers.

  16. Hmmm… time to read, knit and listen to the waves while other children occupied. I think it worked out quite well 😉

    I had a trip once with the family and a baby who did NOT like the sand. Needless to say mama spent a lot of time on the deck reading, playing with baby, knitting, all in all not too bad.

  17. Sounds like you had a great time, and kept a pretty positive state of mind. Your family is so sweet!

  18. You have such a lovely family Ginny. And my husband has that shirt. Is yours a Marine too?

  19. Oh boy – straight from the mouths of babes! 🙂

  20. We listen to the Benedictine Sisters of Mary on our long car trips. Puts them to sleep every time. 🙂

  21. “from Heaven”?? That is just so cute! It put a huge smile on my face. I love the things kids say!

  22. Looking for a good Gregorian chant CD or mp3- which one were you listening to Ginny?

  23. nice that you had the time; sorry the youngest was sick! sounds like a restful time in many ways, other than the nights and music really can calm one down, esp. choral music/chant etc. 🙂 that comment of Beatrix is so telling! 🙂

  24. She’s so right! It does sound like it comes from heaven!

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