Beatrix, Silas the Cat, and a Leksak



Well, Beatrix didn’t hesitate to tell me that she would have preferred green, and she also objects to the lack of buttons on this sweater.  I think it’s really cute, if not a bit too big.  But, big is always good when you are knitting for growing children.

If you are new here, and didn’t realize that we have both a child and a cat named Silas, you can read that story here.  Silas the cat is the only pet from our first year of marriage and college years that is still with us.  He’s an old man now, a very sweet old man.

Ravelry notes hereThis yarn, in the tradewinds colorway.  Here’s a link straight to the pattern.


  1. I love the sweater (you knit so beautifully) and your daughter looks like you all grown up. After seeing you talk about this pattern and seeing the pictures, I purchased it not once, but twice. Paypal was acting up! Anyway I loved how easy it was to knit. I knit the newborn size so I could get a good feel for the pattern in a cream. It turned out very pretty…but I picked up 66 stitches on each side and it still hiked up a little at the bottom. I’m not very good at figuring out where to go in and add the stitches.

    I need to make your Sunday sweater now that I’ve got some experience on sweaters. Thanks for always taking the time out to let us know about your family and giving us new ideas. Your son is quite the ball player too!

  2. Looks like a great FO! A real-life friend fav-ed Leksak as well. I’m not sure if it’s too practical for my 2 year old little girl, but I do have some nice Madelinetosh Merino DK in Magnolia Leaf (fall colors) that has enough yardage for the 2T size… (sjn821 on Rav)

  3. I love this post! Beatrix is so pretty and the leksak is gorgeous! What a pretty pattern. Silas the cat is such a pretty color and his little face is so sweet. Love!

  4. beautiful sweater and child! I might try this pattern for my daughter – looks comfy and easy to wear.

  5. That is the prettiest sweater I have ever seen! Ever. Absolutely breathtaking. When you decide to make sweaters like this and sell them, I will be first in line.

    • I have to agree with Beth, I LOVE this sweater and she is adorable in it.
      I wish you did have the time to make ad sell your items, your work is beautiful.
      I love reading your blog. It’s one of my favorite places to visit each day!!
      Keep up the good work 🙂
      Have a blessed day!!

  6. You’re blog is lovely. As a fellow knitter and Catholic stay-at-home Mom, you’re blog is one of my favorite places to come for inspiration. Can’t wait to start this sweater. So adorable.

  7. The sweater brings out the color in her eyes! I love your stories about your children and your animals. THey make me smile everytime.

  8. The sweater is so beautiful! I love the color!

  9. I LOVE the sweater! Just beautiful! My daughter has the same dress too. I love that little number. 🙂 Still keep you and those in that close community in my prayers.

  10. Bea is such the beauty!

  11. I love the sweater! Now I just need to learn how to knit!

  12. Lovely sweater and she looks so pretty with her hair up!

  13. I loved this sweater so much that I purchased the pattern yesterday to make it up for my granddaughter. The blue is perfect on Beatrix even though she would have preferred green. She just doesn’t realize how beautiful she looks in it. The photos of her with Silas (the cat!) are precious. You can see how much she loves him and how he adores her. His body language tells us everything. Thanks for sharing such darling and loving photos.

  14. Really like the sweater and am considering adding the Leksak Lady to my favourites on Ravelry. Old cats are great; currently we have two new-ish ones that we hope to have for a long, long time.

  15. Simply a perfect fit for those gorgeous blue eyes! Sigh…wishing I could learn to knit…some day…

  16. Ginny
    That is absolutely gorgeous!! (the girl AND the sweater) I love the design, and the opened back with the straight neckline. You are one talented mama!

  17. It’s so pretty, and I like the blue!!

  18. I bought this pattern when I saw it on your yarn along a bit ago mostly because of all the sizes and no buttons! I think it looks great

  19. The sweater turned out beautifully! And it looks great on Beatrix!

  20. Beautiful.

  21. Love, love, LOVE the sweater. And such a sweet face. Great pictures. Love your site.

  22. Beatrix looks lovely in blue. Funny the leksak I just finished is for my child who also wouldn’t hesitate to tell me she would prefer another color….after I finished knitting the sweater. I have a question, the front of your leksak hangs so nicely, I remember you slipped the first stitch of each row(right?), when you went back and picked up stitches for the front panel, do you remember how many, did you increase any stitches? Mine doesn’t hang so nicely, if I remember from the pattern it says pick up 2 for every 3, but slipping the stitches made it so I could only pick up 1 for 2. Does any of this make sense? LOL I have another one on the needles now, and I was just curious.

    • Hi Amy! No, I didn’t slip the first stitches. I thought maybe I ought to, and then realized I wouldn’t have enough stitches to pick up. And actually when it was time to pick up stitches I counted the number of rows I had knit in the body and aimed for 3/4 of that number when picking up the stitches.

  23. The last two photos made me get a little teary & a lump in the throat–little ones talking with their pets just gets me every time. I love watching my own children do the same. Her eyes are gorgeous & match the yarn so well.

  24. LOVE the Leksak. Beatrice is looking so much older all of a sudden.

  25. beautiful tunic! And of course Beatrix looks lovely in it! I also like her little neat pony tail. One day maybe you’ll tell us about Intruder’s story. I love that nosy cat.

  26. very lovely! all those neat stitches! she looks great in it! love to you! (did I tell you that I lit a candle for you at the monastery last week? can’t remember so just in case, mentioning it here).

  27. Ginny,
    Beatrix looks so pretty in her new leksak. She might have preferred green, but that blue looks so pretty with her eyes. 🙂


  28. She looks absolutely beautiful

  29. gorgeous sweater! and you could sew buttons on and they are just for decoration (I don’t think it’s needed but Bea might).

  30. It looks amazing! I have to make one, and my daughter would love it for the very fact that there are no buttons. 😉 I have so many other projects… ugh, there’s not enough time. 🙂

  31. I’m blocking my Leksak right now. I thought I would beat you (we started the same week), but then I moved from France to Austria, and the sweater sat with half a sleeve left to do for about two months. Tell Beatrix that mine is green — with gold flecks! It matches my daughter’s eyes just as hers matches her eyes! I think my daughter grew a few inches since I started, so I’m curious to see if it’s still big enough.

  32. I went back and read the story of Silas’ name and I had to smile! I have a 3 month old boy (currently snoozing in my arms as I type) and when my husband and I were trying to choose a name I realized almost all my top contenders were names previously given to family pets! But of course- they were names that I loved. So I now have a little Oliver, not to be confused with Oliver my cat back in high school. 🙂

  33. Well I love the colour. It suits her to a T – matches those beautiful eyes. You have good taste and talent!

  34. I just read the story of the name Silas. I did not know this before. I love that story, but what caught my eye even more was the name Lolek. I had not heard that name before & now I will be checking it out. You are always so interesting. Have a wonderful day Ginny!!!!

  35. I love Silas the cat! He reminds me so much our our ‘Mooch’ (who lived to be 15 yrs old).
    That sweater is GORGEOUS and matches her eyes so beautifully! And yes….’big’ is good when it comes to growing children – especially for a wonderfully handcrafted sweater!

  36. LifeSheWrote says:

    Oh but the blue matches her eyes so well! That sweater is adorable, as is the girl wearing it!

  37. Dana Laviano says:

    I am charmed. What a lovely girl. Green yarn would not have shone off her arresting eyes quite the same way! I wish I had your knitting talent.

  38. Isaura Silva says:

    Lovely! Your blog inspires so many of my knitting projects. Im currently 1/4 of the way thru a Leksak for my 7 year old. I went with size 10 as she’s on the tall side and at times im not a quick knitter. What size did you make for Beatrix?

  39. I am not a cat lover, but I think I could love that cat!!
    …love the sweater love the color it looks just beautiful
    on such a beautiful little girl!
    ….wish I had your knitting talent!

  40. A stunning sweater on a very pretty girl, the colour is a real delight and suits her well.

  41. this sweater is so lovely on your gorgeous girl ♥

  42. That sweater is precious. That shade of blue makes Beatrix’s eyes stand out so much.

  43. Beatrix is just too cute! The sweater is a beautiful layering piece. Now I want one. 🙂

  44. These are probably my favorite pics from your blog….they remind me of my childhood which always included a sweet, old, outdoor cat!!! Adore the 2nd and 3rd photos…precious!!

    I’m glad Silas the cat is getting some attention on the blog today 🙂

  45. Lovely pics as usual! Such a beautiful sweater. I love to see a child loving a cat. Cats are so often misunderstood. And Beatrix looks gorgeous in blue and pink!!!

  46. that sweater is wonderful. i really like it. i think i might give that a go for my two wee girlies. and you sweet old cat. <3

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