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Within a matter of days I finished and blocked this knitting project, and the boys’ weekend baseball tournament was moved to a park only about an hour away from Big Meadows.  So my plan to visit the meadow with my shawl really came together.  I spent most of Friday making food and trying to convince the appliance repair people that our broken dryer should be treated like an emergency.  We ended up with plenty to eat over the weekend, but still don’t have a working dryer.  The laundry that the past few days generated is more than daunting.

Saturday morning we were up at 5:30 a.m. When we arrived at the tournament location I was excited to see that the county farmer’s market was going on right next door.  I bought collard greens, eggs, and a bunch of potted plants (not thinking enough about space constraints in the van.)  We spent the first half of the day watching the boys play in their tournament, and then headed over to White Oak Canyon.  Late in the afternoon, after spending a few hours hiking and playing in the water, we headed up the mountain to Big Meadows.  Jonny and I pulled in to a coffee roaster on the way at about 5:30.  We were feeling desperate.  They had closed at 5.  That place is NEVER open when we pass.  NEVER.  Thankfully the restaurant across the street from Big Meadows had coffee because Jonny and I were nearly comatose by the time we got there.  We played on the meadow until dark (there were adult deer, but still no babies.)  After roasting hot dogs, we headed home.  Jonny and I told each other funny stories most of the way home to stay awake.  We arrived home just after midnight.

On Sunday, Jonny, Keats, and Gabe headed back for day two of the tournament while I stayed home with everyone else, planning to attend the church picnic late in the day.  The boys ended up losing game one and coming home, so we were all able to go to the picnic together.  We stayed until almost dark.  I wrote some time back about wanting to use the weekend to have fun and relax rather than cleaning the house and trying to get caught up.  Based on the way my house looks this morning, I think we are mastering that.  I can’t say that I feel rested, but we sure had fun this weekend.  I hope you did too!


  1. It’s true for me also … I don’t remember the mess of a house with kids from my childhood; I remember the special times. I do hope your dryer will be fixed soon; I know how overwhelming piled up laundry can be. I use a few wooden wracks also for drying; perhaps using some of these will help meanwhile? my husband and I still pray for the bees and prayers for you.

  2. Yeah, Its a little early for babies yet. Gooseberries!? Where did you find gooseberries? They were outlawed in Va. for decades and only recently have been allowed. They are still outlawed in WVa. but I may or may not have one on my back porch… hmm…

  3. Ginny,

    What are those lovely flowers that are purplish/pink and cream right above your photo of the eggs? They are so lovely and looks like foxgloves but smaller. Are they foxgloves or something else?

  4. Those tiny flowers and moss (is that really what it is?) are so beautiful! Trashed house and happy hearts sound like a pretty well-spend weekend indeed!

  5. Job is beautiful Ginny. There is a great giveaway on my blog, i’d love it if you all popped by.

  6. Ginny,
    Looks like a great time. Glad your plan worked out and coming across an unexpected farmer’s market is awesome.


    P.S. Sometimes when the laundry situation gets too out of control here I will go to the laundromat in town. Laundromats are no fun I know, but there is one that is very clean and well kept. I can get a ton of laundry done while I’m running other errands and then come home with a bunch of clean laundry and it feels great. Hope your dryer gets fixed soon!

  7. Your pictures are phenomenal and really captured what a great time it was! I agree that it is more important to have fun together and relax than to worry about a clean house.

  8. Your photographs are beautiful Ginny, especially the night shots, I could almost smell the fire 🙂

  9. Corinne says:

    It all sounds and looks like so much fun!!
    You just have to take a break from the everyday routine
    cleaning and just have fun!….It really is worth it!…even if things
    fall behind……Job is getting so big…he is sooooooooo adorable!
    love your photos Ginny,

  10. you did quite a lot on your weekend. Glad you finished your project and did the epic photo shoot 🙂 Your silas is looking so grown up these days!

  11. Susannah says:

    Your weekend sounds and looks wonderful! You’ll catch up on the washing!
    Lots of love

  12. I love the pictures you shared here… the fields and flowers seem to balance business with their tranquility. It’s as if they are gently pointing us towards their Creator…

  13. I’m so glad you made it up to Big Meadow, that sounds so fun (and also exhausting). Those eggs are so pretty. I want chickens so bad.

    My husband and I went camping this weekend and it was so fun to be surrounded in nature. Our dog was in heaven. I’m tired this morning, though – I forgot how hard it is to get comfortable in a tent. Coffee sounds delicious 🙂

  14. Take it from a mom with two grown up boys – your kids won’t remember if the floors were clean or if the laundry ever got caught up. But our boys routinely bring up hiking/camping trips, playing soccer in the yard and wading in the creek catching crayfish among lots of other memories of their growing up years. You will find – like we have – that once your house is no longer filled with children there will be lots of years to catch up on the housework. Enjoy your kids without guilt!

  15. The weekend looked amazing. I know sometimes rest seems like the best option, but families have different plans, don’t they? Looks to me like you had a most wonderful time!

  16. Job tucked up in the grasses–that photo rocks. Very much enjoyed this photo essay. The moss looks like a cuddly, squishy blanket; I’d gravitate to that spot, too.

  17. No one will remember the mess but the fun weekends.. those will be remembered! Beautiful photos!

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