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~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs.  I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a photo and share it either on your blog or on Flickr. Leave a link below to share your photo with the rest of us! ~

20140415-DSC_4558My gauge swatch lied.  (LIED!)  Bea’s new sweater barely fits, meaning that it will definitely be too small by next fall.  I guess I should be comforted by the fact that I decided to have her try it on before I got any further.  But, really I’m not.   It’s been a stressful week and ripping out my knitting is not what I need right now.  (My voice got steadily higher in pitch toward the end of that sentence.)  So I haven’t ripped it out yet, I’ve just started a new sweater with my other ball of yarn and will unravel the other when I am feeling calmer.  {{{SIGH}}}

With spring here (nevermind last night’s freeze!) Jonny and I can’t stop talking honeybees and gardening.  We’re making big plans.  I borrowed Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre from a friend last week, and I am reading Michael Bush’s The Practical Beekeeper Volume I Beginning Beekeeping Naturally again.  It’s making far more sense now than the last time I read it.  Moving into our third year keeping bees, I feel like I have little brain pegs (keyword: little) to hang the information on.


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  1. Thank you for another wonderful party! Your blog is a pleasure to read. 🙂 I invite you and all your blog friends to join in my party each Friday and weekend where we celebrate and share all things homemade and handmade at the Go Crochet Crazy blog. 🙂

  2. Knitting the same sweater in size 8, having the same thoughts about size. I am using Berocco Vintage DK, loved the swatch, size 6 needles. It will fit great now, but probably not fall through winter. Looks like we are about at the same point. I am now undecided, go up a size(doesn’t seem like a big difference in stitch counts), go up a needle size, or choose a new yarn. I feel your pain.


  3. oh no! So sorry!! Holy Week has lots of temptations! Will pray for you! Hang in there!!!

  4. for some reason I can’t figure out how to get your yarn along button properly on my blog. I don’t know why it has that funny part that says button text???

  5. so sorry to hear about the sweater, What a bummer!

  6. Thanks for hosting!

  7. Shoot! I’m just a few rows behind you, having been sidetracked by a major life event (a good one), and mine is looking on the smaller side too. That is going to test my patience seriously. I love your idea, though! Just start again on different needles. You could end up making it into the boys’ pullover for Silas — or even Job-D-Job. (that just sorta came out of my fingers, sorry!)

  8. ~ I’d love to pick up the needles again its been way too long. Love the color of that yarn, it almost looks like denim.

  9. How frustrating. But at least you did try to get it right my knitting gauge. It doesn’t help to know that is the gauge’s fault but it is definitively better than having to blame yourself for not knitting gauge and then figuring out that you are way off the seize you were aiming for.

  10. que blog tan bonito, y entretenido felicidades¡¡, besos

  11. Noooo!!!! How frustrating. I think I would just cry. Just yesterday someone told me about The Practical Beekeeper. Now I will need to look for it for sure! Hope your knitting is happier today!

  12. If it makes you feel better at all (which it probably won’t because I would be devastated to rip out all that sweater) you’ve made me feel better about not doing a gauge swatch at all in the tiny tea leaves I am knitting right now. Faith’s measurements are at the very limits of the child’s sweater and I am just very hopeful that all this knitting will not be handed over to another child when it’s finished. I don’t think I have the heart for ripping. I’d rather give it to a cousin or friend,

  13. Just found your site and am happy to share my WIP. I am off to see what everyone else is up to. Thanks for a great place to share my progress and be inspired.

  14. Oh I hate when that happens.

  15. bummer about the lying swatch gauge, how dare it?!?! Hopefully you will be back to where you once were and all with be right in your knitting world 🙂

  16. Get Jonny to rip out the sweater for you (just remind him no to wind too tight). I often get my Mom to rip out my knitting when I’m too ‘depressed’ to do it myself. How big of a swatch did you make? You really need to make a big swatch.

  17. if i had a dime for every swatch that has lied to me over the years i’d be happily retired (oops…..I am happily retired!!!!) seriously, I feel your frustration and angst. grrrrrrr

  18. Sneaky little gauge swatches, I know the despair you are feeling and I’m sorry.


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