Seashore Cowl Fundraiser

I knit this cowl last year, early in my pregnancy with Job.  I spent about two months working on it.  I don’t mind saying that I think it is possibly the most beautiful object I have ever made.  The yarn is a very fine fingering weight merino (Madelinetosh tosh merino light) and the alternating stripes of pale peachy pink with the antique lace portions really come together to make a stunning piece.  It can be dressed up or down and would look great with a nice dress or a pair of jeans as I am wearing it here.  It is incredibly soft and I really adore it.  But the truth is that I adore it too much.  I have only worn it twice, both times simply so that Jonny could photograph it.  I have stored it carefully, waiting for the perfect time to actually wear it.  I thought that time had come last week.  I pulled it out of it’s box and nearly put it on.  But something stopped me.

I have a close (in real life, I guess I should add) friend whose family is in a very difficult financial situation, and has been for many months.  She’s been weighing heavily on my heart lately.  I looked at that cowl and I thought, I ought to sell it and give her the money.  It wouldn’t help much, but it would be something.  I thought about auctioning it off on Ebay.  I think a cowl like this, a handknit in merino wool would cost a good bit.  It’s one of those things that I doubt could be sold for a price to justify the many hours that I put into knitting it.  But then I had an idea.  What if I used it to raise money on my blog?  Would anyone donate?  Would anyone else think it’s as pretty as I do?  Could I handle it if no one did?  Well, at that point, I knew that I had to do just that, no matter how nervous this makes me.

The fundraiser has ended. The winner is named in the rafflecopter box below and has been notified via email as well. Over two thousand dollars was donated for my friend and her family. Amazing!!! Thank you all so much for your generosity!

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  1. anniekitching says:

    I wish the raffle hadn’t ended! I would have entered; it really is beautiful – especially on you.

  2. Just checked here to see who won, and I just have to post the feelings that come to mind : I am amazed by the amount you raised, and despite my tiny contribution, very honoured to have been able to take this tiny little part in it. Wow.

  3. I’d love to win. I also shared on facebook

  4. I shared your post on my facebook page 🙂 i wish you all the luck and i hope your friend can get all the monetary and not-payable-with-cash-help she/he needs. you are a blessing to have as a friend 🙂

  5. Divinexx

  6. I was away I’m glad I didn’t miss a chance to donate!

  7. This looks like a very luxurious item for me too, and to have to a hand knit from you makes it extra special. I shared on the fb page of my little business, I hope it helps.

  8. I bought a ticket and “pinned” this. May this bless your friend and you!

  9. I shared on pinterest

  10. Gale Zucker sent me here! All the best to your friend, this is a lovely thing you are doing.

  11. Ginny,
    This is such a wonderful idea. I just entered the raffle. 🙂
    I think your very special cowl will feel even more special now that it is going to help your friend.


  12. what a wonderful idea, ginny. it’s funny you admire this cowl so much .. the second you posted it i HAD to make it. it’s in my queue. so having it, well …. wow. blows me away. you are so generous and kind.

    i will be buying a ticket and am posting this to my facebook wall!


    karen fuller

  13. mary aldrich says:

    not sure this worked for me.

    I didn’t want to use facebook – so i cancelled out of facebook and just clicked log in and selected two tickets…it said something about paypay – but never had me log into paypal…

    in summary – would love to buy a ticket – can you tell me if it worked? if not i’ll try again.

    • Hi Mary! There is a donate button above the rafflecopter widget. If you click that you will be taken to paypal and you can donate there. You will be given a transaction i.d. number. Copy that. Then click back over to my blog and login to the rafflecopter widget. You can login there, and then select the number of tickets you paid for and then paste that transaction i.d. number in. Let me know if it doesn’t work out for you. Thank you so much!!

      • Oh no, I can’t seem to find “rafflecopter” anywhere. I’m so sorry.

        Here is my code. For one ticket. And I’m posting this raffle to my Facebook wall.


        Thanks and sorry ….

        Karen Fuller

  14. This is a beautiful deed and a most beautiful cowl!

  15. What an amazingly beautiful thing to do for your friend. And also one of the most beautiful cowls I have seen.

  16. Just shared this link on my blog! Hope you get to raise a lot of money for your friend!

  17. Not that I ever win anything, but just in case, I would of course pay the postage to UK, it is beautiful 🙂
    (feeling selfish-) Helene

  18. What a brilliant idea. Even if I don’t get it, I hope that the money brings your friend some comfort. I mentioned this on my Facebook page as well.

  19. Janet R says:

    It’s definitely an extremely beautiful cowl and wonderfully made!

  20. Jennifer R. says:

    Such a wonderful idea!!! Donated, Tweeted, and Praying for your friend.

  21. Deborah C. Williams says:

    Beautiful cowl…beautiful gesture of friendship….if I won I would want the cowl to go to your friend as well as the proceeds!!!

  22. Ginny you rock x

  23. What a beautiful gift of friendship. Romans 12:13

  24. Your cowl is simply beautiful. You are an extremely good person and hope you raise a lot of money for your friend. I also hope you knit another cowl for yourself. Recently I cancelled most of my subscriptions to blogs as I felt I am not using my time in the best way but I couldn’t cancel yours as your beautiful nature just shines through.
    Kind wishes

  25. Amazing idea to reach out to your friends of the internet world to help a “real time” friend. That is the best use of a blog I have ever heard of and makes me love yours all the more. Many peace and blessings to you and your dear friend!

  26. Best wishes to your friend, she is lucky indeed to have a friend like you and to raffle this divine cowl is so very kind of you.

  27. Ginny – I look forward to reading your blog every day, and am touched by your unselfish and kind gesture to help your friend. I just bought my raffle ticket!

  28. Mikaela says:

    It’s an exquisite cowl, and a beautiful idea. What a sweet friend you are!

  29. I shared this link on my blog today:

    Such a beautiful piece of knitting and such an act of kindness! Warm wishes to you and your friend.

  30. donated… posting on facebook. You have a generous heart.

  31. Wow, you are such a great friend to do something like that! I love it. I’m going to buy a ticket. 🙂

    Also, I just love the name Job. I tried to use it as my first son’s name but he ended up a Jude. And now we have an Ezekiel too, but I *will* have a Job someday! It’s such a nice, soft name.

  32. What an incredibly beautiful thing you are doing for your friend. I am a knitter and I think this is the most beautiful shawl/cowl I have ever seen. I must agree there is no way one can put a fair price tag on something one has put so much work into. I hope you get a lot of raffle tickets sold! I’ll certainly buy a few, I don’t think I’d have the patience to make something like this myself. Absolutely love the colours and details!

    PS- I read your blog regularly, but don’t usually leave comments. But love your photos and words that you share here.

    Best wishes from Norway

    • I agree and was thinking the same as Linda K. Wow! Beautiful work. I have a guilty feeling about winning the raffle because the cowl looks gorgeous on you!!!

  33. Stefanie says:

    I hope I did it right … !

  34. I figured it out. Just takes this grandma a while!!!!!

  35. Well I have my confirmation number but I didn’t know where to put. Not that it matters I just want this to be a “Lenten” success.

  36. I would love to win this….I have bought some tickets and shared your link on Facebook. I love everything you knit and you are doing a wonderful thing here.

  37. Aww Ginny, you’re so sweet and thoughtful! What a gorgeous cowl!

  38. What a lovely thing to do for your friend! I bought a ticket and I’m sharing.

  39. I’ve donated but as I am in New Zealand and you happen to draw my number/name Which I’d love you to! I wish for you to keep it
    Sending lots of love and blessings to your friend
    Love Leanne

  40. The person who wins this beautiful piece is going to be so lucky! It’s amazing! As are you!

  41. I posted about your raffle on my blog! Sending prayers and good thoughts your friend’s way 🙂

  42. This is a kind, kind thing you are doing. Many blessings for you and your friend 🙂

  43. what a powerful way to help a friend, communities do their best work together. Thank you for this opportunity.

  44. I just posted about the raffle on my blog and shared on Google+. I think this is really a great idea to help out your friend. The Lord provides. You may be surprised by how much this little raffle brings in.

  45. I entered, what a beautiful cowl and wonderful idea. I’ll pass it on….

  46. I really wish you all the best! and to your friend. bless xx


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