When it’s important

Keats and I had our tickets for months.  I bought them the day they went on sale and managed to get pretty great seats.  I was paranoid that I would lose them somehow and kept checking to make sure they were still in my desk. I have a habit of putting important things in safe places, only to realize later that I can’t remember where those places are.  Keats double checked that the tickets were in my purse on the way to the concert.  I parked a good distance from the auditorium and we raced across the campus in the rain.  I asked strangers along the way if we were headed in the right direction.  I had to stop myself after the second one though because I didn’t want to embarrass Keats with my craziness.  We made it in plenty of time only to be struck by a wave of terror standing in line as we worried that Keats hadn’t replaced the tickets in my purse.  Thank goodness, he had.  As we settled into our seats I told him, “See, I can get us places on time when it’s really important.”  He replied, “Yeah, but only if it’s really important.”  Hey, better than never.

As Mr. Perlman walked out onto stage everyone rose to their feet applauding him.  My heart swelled and I had to fight happy tears.  I wonder how many others felt the same?   He played a Beethoven violin concerto with the orchestra and his performance was nothing short of breathtaking.  As Keats and I walked across the campus in the rain afterwards it felt like we were leaving another world.  Keats said, “I can’t believe I’ve been waiting for this concert for nearly two years and now it’s over.”  I can’t believe I got to take him to begin with.  I didn’t grow up going to concerts.

Back to reality.  Jonny is still working on the bunkbeds.  He had to take a break so the going has been slow.   But progress is progress.  I’m working to clean out little parts of the house that became disorganized while I was pregnant with Job and in the months after his birth.  It’s slow going.  I keep telling myself that everything will come together in a couple of months.

The weather was crazy here this weekend.  Baseball was cancelled due to rain.  The rain ended up mixing with snow on Sunday.  But this week is supposed to be beautiful.  Every spring I feel like a new person, and I think that spring is really here now.


  1. We just saw him in Charlotte in February. I’d bought the tickets in October and, like you, I was so scared something would go wrong and we’d miss it. But we didn’t and it was AMAZING. I was teary when he first walked out. He even had on the same outfit as in your pictures. I’d imagine you saw him at Mary Washington (alumni here)? So happy you guys got to see him ~ so awesome!

  2. May I ask where you saw him? It looks like a small intimate venue. Of my children 6 are violinists, 1 cellist, and 3 pianists. All of them would love to hear Perlman live!

  3. Nahuatl Vargas says:

    Thank you for sharing, music makes my heart a little shaking sometimes.

  4. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who puts things in safe places…so safe you can’t find them again. What a special time. Love this post.

  5. Oh wow, what a special time! I can only imagine the treat that was. What lovely pictures throughout this whole post – thank you for sharing!

  6. What a lovely experience for the two of you!

  7. Giving your son an evening with Izak Perlmann is a gift he may have waited 2 years for, but it is a memory he will have for a life-time. Brava!

  8. What a treat!!!

  9. I cannot believe how much more like spring it looks where you are. I’m just north of DC, in Maryland, and the trees are still completely bare. Loved your “getting to the concert” story. I do the same with forgetting where I put important event tickets.

  10. I heard him play in the Adirondack mountains at a small venue back in 1970. A male friend who was a violinist took me. As an 18 year old not schooled in classical music I had no idea who I was seeing. I was spellbound and awestruck with his playing. I was sitting so close I could see the sweat on his face as he put his entire self into the performance. I am so glad that you and your boy had such a special opportunity.

  11. Ginny,
    I was reading about gutflora in the post natal period and the lack thereof.
    I had post natal depression after my fourth and took quite a while to bounce back… well still not quite bouncy but I’m back. I have started taking probiotics as supplement and really feel the difference and thought I would pass it on.
    What a lovely thing to do with your son. The concert must have been beautiful

  12. It always seems that the safest places are the ones where I forget to look when I need the things I put away!

  13. My son and daughter-in-law are both classical musicians. He plays Trumpet, she plays Violin. Our greatest pleasures are listening to them play. They are now living in Australia, so we don’t have the opportunity anymore. Music has brought such joy into my life.

    Ginny B

  14. Rebecca S. says:

    Wow, what a treat! I still remember as a VERY small child seeing him for the first time on Sesame Street. That is how amazing he is! What a great memory and experience for Keats, and for you! Good momma!!

  15. Happy Sigh. So beautiful.

  16. My father took me when I was a little girl to listen to Mr. Perlman. It is still one of my dearest memories of an evening spent with my father. And reading this has made me quite emotional. Just wonderful Ginny!

  17. Oh, how fun for you and Keats! I love hearing someone play the violin. Hearing and watching someone play the violin always makes me cry (but in a good way). And hey, at least you can get somewhere when it’s important! 🙂

  18. Perlman is fantastic! My father is a huge fan and classical music was always heard in our house. You have just reminded me to play more of it for my kids. Thank You.

  19. Perlman is amazing. My 12 year old has had the honor of playing in a group (two times!) of other suzuki students, conducted by Mr. Perlman. So thrilling! It really is a wonderful thing you and your boy got to see and hear him play!

  20. christine says:

    I am exactly like that…where are the tickets..put them in a safe spot…cannot find that spot!! check a zillion times they don’t get lost on the way there…worry all the way there if I can find the place. I never grew up going to concerts either. music was not in our family. What a blessing you are to your son.

  21. Happy tears here too. Wow! What an experience.

  22. Nancy Carol says:

    Hi –

    Love the photos! Looks like spring, for sure! Would love to see Perlman. How wonderful to get to have that one-on-one time with your son. BTW, I was wondering, do you have any recommendations for books or websites that teach knitting or crocheting?

  23. What an honor it must have been to listen to Itzhak Perlman in concert! How nice that you and Keats were able to enjoy this special occasion together!

  24. What a wonderful thing! How I would love to hear him play. Of course you came back to earth afterwards feeling like you had been in another place. Here’s wishing you and Keats more days like that one x

  25. What a beautiful thing to do for your son. God Bless you Ginny, you’re a great mother!

  26. Both of my kids were music lovers, I’ve been to high school orchestra competitions for my daughter (French horn) lots of band concerts as well as chorus. I loved the outings traveling all over PA and seeing kids perform with dedication and precision.

    Looks like you both had a great time and it was just the two of you, you’ll never forget that concert and the memories made 🙂

  27. Oh my goodness!!……You got to see Perlman live!!!
    How exciting…your photos of him brought tears to my eyes!
    He is a long time favorite in our home! Job is getting sooooooo
    big……he’s adorable and I just love your photos, yes, ‘no winter
    last forever; no spring skips its turn’…I forgot the writer of this quote,
    but I think of it even in trials, ‘no winter last forever; no spring skips it’s turn’
    Praise God! Yes, praise the God of heaven and earth!!
    thank you for the photos of the concert…made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I am knitting the same sweater as you but doing in Debbie Bliss Rialto DK in a dusky pink body and pale pink collar. The Luna yarn is so lovely but I got charged $25 to import 3 skeins into the UK and I am afraid I won’t be buying again unless I am going to the US and having it delivered there!

  29. I do that too. I have to leave myself notes about where I put things…and then half the time I can’t find the notes. Argh! But we are having a beautiful day here, too, and things like losing tickets don’t seem as bothersome when it’s really-truly spring.

  30. Wow-I would love to see Perlman play what an honor!

  31. It’s very important. My children have so many opportunities I did not have and I sometimes can’t believe it either when I’m doing these things with them. I’m glad you had a wonderful time at the concert. I remember seeing Ihtzak on Sesame Street when I was a child, lucky boy seeing him in person.

  32. I grew up listening to Itzhak Perlman. What a treat!
    Looks like the bunks are a great play structure.
    Happy Spring!

  33. what wonderful time you had; I am so glad! and Spring is a wonderful time of year!! Things will come together… patience always pays off…

  34. Oh dear, I am so much the same with putting things in safe – and often forgotten – places! And the dates are so special – and invest so much in daily relationship, I find. It must be hard to carve out those times with so many little ones – I find it tough with just four!

  35. Good for you..taking your children on “one-on-one events” I do this with my children. Take them to the movies or out to dinner without the other children. Special times to connect. And….Itzhak Perlman. Wow! lucky you.

  36. Michelle says:

    Hi Ginny,

    Do you still sell prints of your photographs? There are a couple on this post in particular that I would really love! 🙂


  37. Alice R. says:

    What a wonderful treat! I have not seen Mr. Perlman in person, but I do admire him so. To Keats: it’s a funny thing that sometimes the anticipation is the best part; it brings so many good feelings for so long.

  38. You are such a beautiful and kind momma.

  39. we were fortunate enough to hear him several years ago…..magical. absolutely magical.

  40. I feel the same way about attending concerts of people that are truly passionate and love what they do. It is beautiful

  41. Wonderful! And your sweet son will remember that concert all his life…so glad you made it happen. 🙂

  42. Ohhhhh, how awesome that you got to see him in concert!!!!

    I am totally the same way with tickets…always worrying that I will misplace them or forget them.

  43. What an amazing opportunity to see Mr. Perlman! It sounds like you had a wonderful evening. It looks like spring has finally arrived.

  44. What a wonderful evening you must have had, I bet the violin he was playing made the most beautiful sound. An evening to remember for a long time.

  45. I feel the same in spring! Isn’t it amazing how you forget that spring lightness kind of feeling when it’s winter and feel like oh yeah, when it comes again. It always makes me think of going to heaven too, earth will have seemed like winter. As always, love reading your posts. And go easy on yourself about getting organised, Job is still little, it takes me ages to get back to ‘normal’ after a little one. Lots of love, Lisa

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