Rolling with it

We ended up with about ten inches of snow, which is a lot for our area, but not as much as some were predicting.  We never lost power, and I am so thankful for that!  I’m doing a good job of rolling with the snow mess indoors.  My constant attention is required just to keep Silas from running out into the snow barefoot over and over again.  He’s nuts.  Thinking I had him settled inside with the older boys yesterday, Jonny helped me take a few turns on the sled, but Silas came running out barefoot yet again so I carried him inside and gave up.  It’s not that I never dressed him properly for the snow, it’s that he doesn’t stay that way.

We started reading The Long Winter yesterday.  I haven’t read it in a couple of years and this will be Beatrix’s first time being old enough to pay attention to it.  I love that book so much.

I have no plans for Valentine’s Day.  No crafts, no Valentines, no special food.  Aren’t I terrible?  Yesterday my oldest son, Seth stated that Valentine’s Day is one of those silly holidays that is best ignored (such a typical Seth thing to say).  Well, I don’t know about that, I just know that it isn’t on my radar this year!  I’ll make hot chocolate with whipped cream for everyone.  That will have to do!


  1. Awesome igloo!

  2. The pictures are wonderful. I, too, am ready for spring.

  3. I feel so robbed. We wanted snow do desperately during our visit to DC last year and nothing. I think AZ had more snow. And now look at you!

  4. my son is about silas’ age and runs out barefoot in the snow all the time. he can put his boots on and off himself and he still does this. this year he decided wool is “hot” so a hood on a puffy coat has replaced a hat, and he’s got crappy cotton socks under warm snow boats.
    i think you are a great mama for letting him bring a big bucket of snow inside, maybe for snow cream? this was my sons big request, to make snow soup inside, and i said no from anticipating the mess.
    enjoy the weekend 🙂

  5. I didn’t get anything accomplished for Valentine’s Day, either! We were all just too tuckered out from shoveling ourselves and our friends out.

  6. It looks like you guys had a rich and cozy moment there on the couch – isn’t that what counts in terms of spending time with your beloved ones? (Valentine’s day is just so overrated….in Germany it hasn’t been a tradition at all – but it is promoted by commercials a lot these days)
    Your blog is so inspiring, Ginny! Glad I found you…isa

  7. Lovely images, as always, & such a balm when winter has lingered for so long. I have never read that book before, looking forward to checking it out soon. I always am much less uptight about the little ones dragging in a mess in the winter months if only because snow is white and our chickens stay near their coop…less mud and poo about the yard! I actually agree with Seth, but I’ve never been able to say so out loud before! Enjoy the snow!

  8. Why do we feel so much pressure by these holidays? We actually had a very busy Friday and I felt that the best I could do was run by my mother’s on the way to one activity or another and just swapping sweets – so not thoughtful. Our family will be getting together for a spot of chocolate cake and a movie-in evening – spending time together. Looks like you had a fun day with love and family and that is what it is really all about. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  9. Is that, dare I say, a pigloo?!

  10. It definitely looks like your littles all were enjoying the snow!

  11. That is the most awesome-est igloo in the whole world!!!

  12. We got blasted with snow too! It was perfect and made Valentines Day cozy…. Nothing like some candle light and lanterns to make things romantic.

  13. We just finished The Long Winter for our family read aloud. I love how the Ingalls family remains positive as they are hit with adversity after adversity. It reminds me to have a grateful heart. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing with us.

  14. I love all of the Little House books – the Long Winter & Little Town on the Prairie are two of my favourites 🙂

    I’ve never seen snow and can’t imagine what it must be like! I’m in Australia so it’s the middle of summer here…the sun is hot and it’s been raining for the last week. I can’t wait for Autumn, although our winter is way milder than yours 🙂

    Hope you’re having a good weekend!
    Sarah x

  15. I loooove The Long Winter *swoon*

    Love that snow pig (it’s a pig, right?)

  16. I love that book as well – well really any of the little house books. I have such lovely memories of reading these as a child.

  17. Great snow photos! We received about 6 inches last night. Our snowfall this winter has been far less than usual. I have been wanting to reread all of the Little House books, I love them so.

  18. The pictures are so pretty! And I love the skull & crossbones on the snow house. I don’t read The Long Winter anymore unless the kids beg me because I find it depressing. I know, I’m a lightweight.

  19. Such awesome photos, you look like your family is really making the most of the season! gorgeous photos, and I agree with the previous comments, that your kids look like they are having super fun childhoods.

  20. We’re reading The Long Winter now, too. It seems appropriate this year… xo

  21. Hot chocolate with whip cream sounds just about right! Enjoy the day with your loves!

  22. Love the igloo with eyes and ears… So glad to hear you had a little time for yourself to play in the snow.

    Happy Valentine’s Day

  23. My boys run outside too with out shoes cheering and screaming. Ugg. I’m glad I’m not the only one not doing anything for Valentines’ Day.

  24. The Long Winter! oh my the perfect book to read right now. It really makes one put their own life in perspective. That book has really stuck in my mind and when they call for snow in SC and maybe power outages that is probably what I subconsciously think about! I am always afraid that we won’t have enough food. We only got about 3-6 inches with ice inbetween. It will be a day or two before I can get out of my house though as the front steps are solid ice and all is in the shade. Don’t think my car would make out of the drive and down my street.

    Love the snow fort that is impressive! Beautiful pics as usual. Thanks for sharing your family with us.

  25. I love your comment about Silas. Though you think he is nuts, I find him adorable and love reading about him. He is just adventurous! We have two feet of snow and three plus foot drifts here in my neck of Virginia. Alas, spring is coming.

  26. Good plan 🙂 we have no children in the house and I have so much cinder mess on my floors, not to mention boots and mitts scattered. I’m not mopping until I know it won’t be tracked in again.

  27. Your kids build the best snow forts and houses! And I agree with Seth.

  28. I love that book – I pick it up every year about mid-January when I feel like winter will go on forever! So glad you didn’t lose power 🙂

  29. oh your children are having a rich child hood! Please keep rolling with it as they grow up fast – and I can honestly say what others told me when we were in the middle of our homeschooling years – they do grow up fast. It is days like these that you will all remember. Long Winter made me cast back to fond memories to the homeschooling Prairie Primer unit. Love leanne NZ

  30. Not on my radar either. At the all school Mass this morning I was the only mom not wearing red. Oh well, at least I showered. Try to enjoy the snow, it will be gone soon enough.

  31. Looks like fun! And I’m glad I’m not the only without a Valentine radar this year. I was momentarily feeling guilty after a browse through Instagram and seeing all the Valentine’s loveliness. But I got over it quickly.

  32. I think we’re *living* “The Long Winter” this year–lol. Thank goodness for modern grocery stores!

  33. Seeing you reading The Long Winter made me laugh. We have a country house we often let freeze in the winter and one year we took the kiddos up while it was frozen and cuddled under blankets on or couch pushed up in front of the stove while we lot a for and tried to bring a little hear on. Hours later the book was finished and our kids were sure they had it worse. They’ve never wanted to visit the house while it is frozen since.

  34. Ha.. I started THE LONG WINTER yesterday with my kiddos also. I think it is my favorite book of the series. Plus I have absolutely no plans for Valentine’s day either. I hope to get out and at least buy some candy! Snow days are hard work.

  35. The Long Winter is one of our favorites here! I’ve been thinking of the story often this winter with all the cold and snow, which we rarely get. So much fun this year. Thinking of the struggle Laura’s family went through remindes me to be thankful for our heat, light and food. The kids look like they are having the time of their lives outside 🙂

  36. Valentine’s Day is expressing love – which seems pretty abundant in your home! So I think you have that holiday covered! Have a great day!

  37. Laura Ingalls Wilder the best set of books EVER

  38. Anne Marie Hart says:

    I loved reading The Long Winter this year too. Made me thankful to live in modern times no matter how difficult my life can seem at times.

  39. sounds like a good plan, that hot chocolate! we did not lose power either, we are so thankful! 🙂

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