Knits for J.H.W.

20140102-DSC_3977 More baby knits!  My sister Abby is having a baby tomorrow, her sixth little boy!  (Would you mind whispering a quick prayer for Abby and baby?) Over the past few weeks I have managed to knit a few little things for him and I got them in the mail just in time.  There is a hat, a pair of booties, and a sweet little vest.  I can’t wait for the news of his arrival and hopefully some photos of him wearing his little knits soon!

p.s.  The blank note cards I purchased from this shop.  She sells lots of great little seals/stickers as well.  I bought a few different sheets to stash away for Larkspur’s March birthday.  She’s my art and office supply fiend and I think she will go nuts for the cute little stickers that she can color if she wants to.


  1. What beautiful handknits! I’m sure your sister will be absolutely delighted to receive them for her little babe! Thanks for the link to the stationary. They have so many nice, affordable stickers and cards! I favorite their shop to come back to at a later time. Prayers for your sister!

  2. Lovely pictures. Thank u!!!

  3. Lovely gifts… sending up prayers for your sister and your new nephew.

  4. What beautiful little knits…such a heartfelt gift! The cards and stickers are lovely. I’m sure little Larkspur will love the ones you put away for her. Your sister and baby will be in my prayers.

  5. Prayers sent for your sister Abby and her baby boy. Ginny, your knits are so lovely.

  6. Thank you Ginny for featuring my Winter Tree cards and seals on your lovely blog. I am excited to have discovered it – you have a new follower! Best wishes for your sister tomorrow – your family is in my thoughts.

  7. I don’t usually pray, but I just did for your sister, I hope everything goes well, the knits are gorgeous.

  8. Sending prayers their way. And congratulations Auntie!

  9. those are such sweet, beautiful little knits! may your new nephew be born quickly and well and your sister much blessed 🙂

  10. You are such a classy lady! I share your taste in almost everything. You take the work out of gift-hunting for me – all I have to do is keep up with your blog. May I ask where you purchase brown paper for wrapping? I’m sure it should be obvious, but I’ve wanted some for so long and never seen it.

    Here’s to babies and hand-knits!

    • i second everything this commenter says 🙂

    • Hi Mikaela! Thank you!! I might lose classy status with this, but I actually first bought brown paper wrapping at the dollar store. I’ve also purchased it at my regular grocery store (Wegman’s). I bet they sell it at office supply stores as well.

  11. So beautiful dear mama! You are so simply talented and lovely! How wonderful a gift for all the sweet little feets in your life!


    Samantha Disch {Wild Maple Wool}

  12. you create beautifully.
    thanks for sharing.

  13. Everything is so beautiful! Such sweet little knits! And I love, love those notecards…such a great etsy shop! Prayers for Abby and baby! 🙂

  14. What a sweet little etsy shop. If I had my way, I’d only shop on etsy for everything. I enjoy your taste, too. The winter trees were my favorite out of hand-stamped options.

    Congratulations to your sister! <3

  15. I have just found your beautiful blog via Annie at Knitsofacto. Your knits are so lovely and I am sure will be loved and we’ll worn. A pray has been said your Sister and her baby to be born xox

  16. I LOVE his hand knits from his aunt! They are in the baby bag to carry along to the hospital….they’ll be worn nearly immediately 🙂 and photographs taken and sent…. 🙂

  17. Stephanie says:

    Very sweet knits. I wish the best for your sister and new baby. What did you (or are you) going to knit with the other colors? I particularly like the dark pink-purple one. (sjn821 on Rav)

    • The dark brown became fingerless mitts and the other will be a shawl. Both are on my Ravelry page now. I’ll post about the shawl (which is currently a teeny 25 stitches total) tomorrow!

  18. Sending good thoughts to mama and babe–congrats auntie!

  19. Ooooh such cute handmade knits! And I bought some chicken notecards/stickers from that shop! Such pretty things and I needed some blank cards for Christmas thank-you’s:-)

  20. Good luck to your sister for tomorrow and I will be hoping everything goes smoothly for them both. I love the colours of the gifts you have made. They are very calming and the shape of the hat is lovely. xxx

  21. What lovely knits! Your sister and her precious new one will be in my thoughts – it’s a blustery day full of frozen sidewalks and wind-whipped cheeks here in Canada, but I hope you and yours are keeping warm and cozy.

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