the baby knits

baby knits

(his first clothes, ready and waiting)

baby knits (hats)

Saturday night Jonny and I were pulling together the last of what we need to be ready for the birth when I realized that somehow we don’t have any basic newborn caps.  I did the obvious thing:  grabbed some undyed superwash wool, and cast on for what I hope is a small enough stockinette hat.  On Sunday, I knitted a little ribbed hat by modifying one of Stephanie McPhee’s patterns, because I know that the stretchy ribbing will give a good snug fit.  Ravelry notes for both hats are here.

baby knits

I’ve been asked several times for my favorite baby knits.  You know what?  This is my first time seriously knitting for a newborn.  Beatrix was born in November, so she could have used handknits, but I was still mostly knitting very simple stockinette hats at that point.  Silas was born in May, and didn’t really need anything until the following fall.  For this baby, I’ve tried to focus on knitting things that will be truly useful.  And because a couple of you asked if I would create a list of all my newborn knits in one place, I’ll include a list of links at the end of this post to all of my baby knits on Ravelry.  You can also find everything on my blog by looking under my finished knits category.  There are little thumbnail images there to make it easy to navigate.

*The Kumfy™ Schlüttli baby gown* I’ve knit this one twice.  My notes are here and here.

*Puerperium Cardigan*  My notes here.

*Bring it on Baby Blanket*  My notes here.

*Small Things Romper*  My notes here.

*Balloon Baby Pants*  My notes here.

*Baby Vertebrae*  My notes here.

*Lil’ Midi Bean*  My notes here.

*Perfect fit Newborn Socks*  My notes here and here.

*Milo vest*  My notes here.

*Pilot cap*  My notes here.

*Lorne’s hat*  This is an adult pattern that I modified because I like Stephanie’s decreases.  My notes here.

*Simple Newborn Hat with a Touch of Lace*  This is my pattern (with the too long name)  I didn’t actually knit the lace for my baby boy, but did follow the decreases for the simple stockinette cap.  My notes here.


Okay, baby.  We’re ready.  Seriously.  Preferably before Halloween, but not on it.  Please?


  1. Love your website. Would love to knit the puerperium cardigan and hat. My grandchildren live in Georgia. The baby will be born end of Oct beginning of November. Still not that cold. Needs to be washable.

    I always wonder where you get your yarns. They seem to be from all over. What would you suggest for this cardigan?

  2. Thank you for this post Ginny. I’m past having babies of my own but might start knitting these darling items for future grandchildren. I always love your beautiful color choices.

  3. By the way- I had to laugh when I read the name of the first pattern- Schluttli is a very Swissgerman word and I found it funny to appear here. 🙂

  4. Those clothes are so wonderful! I love the colours and designs.

  5. So very beautiful! Best wishes!

  6. Oh my goodness, all of your little knits are so sweet and simple. Looking forward to seeing your new baby wearing them all!! Congratulations 🙂

  7. What a beautiful array of knits! A lucky little one to have so many beautiful lovingly knit items to wear. <3

  8. What gorgeous knits your new little one will have! I adore the colors you have chosen. I am wondering if you have a favorite online source/shop that you use? Or favorite brand for wool that you use for babies. Some of the wool can be scratchy for my kids, but I love it. Thank you for all the links and ravelry notes. My fifth is due in February, and while I have not knit much for my children, I’d love to knit a couple of things for this new little one!

  9. What a beautiful wardrobe of knitted clothes, baby has. Thank you for sharing all the patterns and notes, I’ll be checking them all out. I love to knit for newborns. Deb x

  10. Thank you for making up this list. It has been very helpful in giving me new ideas of what to knit. Blessings to you and your family. I’ll be praying for you as you prepare for your next birth. It’s a magical yet tiring time. 🙂

  11. Prayers for a happy, blessed delivery! And your baby knits are precious!

  12. Dear Ginny,
    I can’t wait to hear the news. What a beautiful time of year to have a baby, and with each new one we mom’s seem to be able to be even more present. I’ll be thinking of you. God bless your delivery. Take care.

  13. I love thisi post….made with love.

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