Nature Exchange

Last week found us assembling a little portable natural history museum inspired by one of the projects in the recently released latest volume of Alphabet Glue.  There is a fantastic little set of printable labels in volume 15 along with guidelines for assembling everything.  But, you know what is even more fun than organizing your own little museum in an egg carton?   How about organizing one to send to someone else?  That’s exactly what we are doing with our box of treasures.  Our carton, heavy on the fossils since we are a fossil hunting bunch, is destined for Annie of Alphabet Glue’s family, and we should be receiving our own box of treasures from her neck of the woods soon as well.

How would you like to participate in a nature exchange?  Annie and Dawn of the new website for nature loving families, Mud Puddles to Meteors, decided that it would be fun to welcome all of you to join in the fun!  You can find all the details for joining the nature exchange in this post.

And if you are interested in purchasing Volume 15 of Alphabet Glue for the discounted price of $3 instead of $4, enter the code “exchange” at checkout!  You will find lots of fall themed goodness in this issue including the set of printable labels that are an optional part of the nature exchange.



  1. That is a wonderful idea. Super Love it!

  2. My daughter is so excited at the prospect of not only nature hiking but a new friend! Thanks for the great info.

  3. This is great, Ginny! Also, what is the name of the book/resource in the 1st and 4th photos you are using to identify shark teeth fossils?

  4. Very cool! Thanks for posting this, I just signed our family up.

  5. how lovely!

  6. Oh Ginny, I cannot express how much I love this! Thanks for sharing! xo

  7. We’re very excited about doing this–signed up yesterday! Now to find just the right treasures!

  8. what a great, great idea! like nature pen pals!

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