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~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs.  I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a photo and share it either on your blog or on Flickr. Leave a link below to share your photo with the rest of us! ~


I’ve been knitting more than usual this week.  Little Ancolie is very close to being complete.  I typically don’t go from dividing for sleeves to being finished with the body and onto the second sleeve in a week.  The frustrating thing is that I would actually be finished with this sweater were it not for all the issues I have had along the way!  Over the weekend I spent many hours on the bind off of the body.  As I began the picot border (my first time to knit one) I noticed two things:  picot borders are time consuming, and this one was going to flip up.  After reaching those conclusions I went on to try several different things to try and “fix it” and have completely bound off the body twice now, and done so partially several times.  The conclusion I have reached regarding my latest bind off effort is that no amount of blocking is going to remedy the flip that edge has going on.  So I will be ripping out that last picot border, the one that took an hour or two to knit (who’s really counting?) and going with simple garter stitch I do believe.

I’ve finished the books I was reading over the last month or so, and I can’t decide what to read next.  I’ve been spending most of my reading time pouring through homeschooling materials this week.  Looking over my shelves, I see I have purchased several sort of giant books to read over the past year, but haven’t tackled them.  I am thinking about The Woman in White , and The Brothers Karamazov.  Any recommendations out there?  Maybe a book under 500 pages would be more appealing to me right now than all of these really long books.  Seth is about halfway through reading The Count of Monte Cristo and I am seriously impressed (then again, he has a lot more free time than I do.)  I think it’s the longest novel ever to enter our house!


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  1. I need to start knitting a simple hat for my husband, as we’re in Germany and next week the weather is turning to fall! I have yarn and needles, just not the right pattern… In a small book-reading group of some lady friends from our international church, we’re reading “The Artist’s Daughter” by Alexandra Kuykendall – a good read!

  2. Te sweater is just lovely and the color! I just read your side note about the binding turnning out perfect. Looking forward to seeing it out and about (in your photos) 🙂

  3. Your sweater is looking simply lovely!

  4. I recommend the Woman in white. I thoroughly enjoyed that book and then I also recommend the brothers. 🙂

  5. The Woman in White is wonderful; as is every other Wilkie Collins that I have read (going on 5)!

  6. I knit a picot border on a Boheme that was curling terribly. I soaked it in cool water and Eucalan, dried flat on a towel and it ended up perfect. You may want to try blocking before giving up. The Boheme was curling in a pretty extreme way and looked awful but ended up beautiful. Love the color you have chosen for this one.

    Hang in there with the bed rest. It’s really hard when so many depend on you. Sending prayers your way.

  7. Melissa L. says:

    The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE books! It gets wordy though since the author was paid by the page/number of words, but truly a great read. Little Women sounds great right now too (as I saw someone else suggest).

    Hugs to you cyber friend. Prayers for your pregnancy & family : )


  8. The Woman in White is utterly gripping; feels much shorter because it is so good. You won’t be disappointed!

  9. The Brothers Karamazov has been on my reading list for well over a decade. I should probably move it up a few spots…

  10. oh, please read HANNAH COULTER by Wendell Berry!

  11. I *love* that shade of blue!!

  12. Ugh, it’s so frustrating when knitting doesn’t turn out how we envisioned it. If you knit an inch of garter stitch, you can then add your picot edging. I’ve done that several times and the added design element looks lovely…. That is, if you can stand to knit all that picot again. 😉

  13. I’d suggest one of Elizabeth Goudge’s books – the first book in the Eliot family triology, The Bird in the Tree. You’d also probably like The Scent of Water or the Dean’s Watch. Goudge is a very beautiful writer and has sympathy for human weakness. She said she could never end a book tragically. Just the right kind of book when you are in pain or feeling depressed.

  14. Have you ever read Sue Hubbell’s A Book of Bees? I suspect it might be right up your alley.

  15. Just post my first Yarn Along =] Hope I did it right.

  16. I adore that colour, and yes picot borders do curl on me too! The Woman in White is a totally brilliant book- I recommend it most strongly!

  17. Your Little Ancolie is coming along beautifully. I like the heathered blue color, very pretty. Hope you are starting to feel better. Try to enjoy this time of rest. Blessings, Heather

  18. The Brothers Karamazov is very good but definitely a commitment, even for a fast reader.

    • Every time I pick it up to start reading it, I sit it back down because of the sheer weight of it, and decide that I need to buy a Kindle to read it on!

  19. Oh Dear Ginny….read The Woman in White. It is wonderful, once you get into the 1800’s prose, and then you will be hooked on Wilkie Collins and have to get his complete works. (So far, The Woman in White is my favorite…)

  20. Lovely sweater. I am sorry the bind off is not going to work out. Have others had the same issue? And yes, picot is so pretty, but so time consuming! I just finished a reread of To Kill a Mockingbird. I was reminded of just how good that book is. If you haven’t read it in awhile or, gasp, ever do pick it up.

  21. Your knitting looks gorgeous! Have you read The Night Circus? This was such an intriguing and magical read. I loved it. I read it a while back but it has stuck out as one of my favorites in recent years and I consider reading it again, which I rarely do. Sending lots of good vibes your way while you begin the new school year and face these challenges with your pregnancy.

  22. I’ve only done one picot trim, and I also was frustrated by the tendency to flip. I hope you find a good solution!

  23. I just finished The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society which was a quick and highly enjoyable read!

  24. Ginny, Will it still curl up once blocked? I have never attempted anything that complicated so no clue. As one momma to another, you are doing a good job of staying put and knitting! I’d say it’s pretty important work baking babies and knitting 🙂

    • Tricia, I think it will still curl because it’s so extreme. I am thinking that I will prefer a simpler border anyway. At least now I can say I’ve knit picot (and I don’t want to do it again 🙂 )

  25. Amzing cardi, can’t wait to see it finished.

    Thanks for hosting.

  26. I’ve never done a picot bind off, either…but I have heard that not only are they time consuming, they eat a lot more yarn than what you think! I don’t know if I’ll ever do one….we’ll see I guess 🙂

  27. I am inspired to knit this beautiful cardi in adult size – it so pretty.

  28. Well, the little sweater looks super cute. Sorry about your picot luck. I’ve had a battle or two with picot myself.

    I recommend Divergent, and it doesn’t seem super long.

  29. good luck on the book selection, I just finish a book but it wasn’t that great so no recommendations from over here. I’ve been in the mood for Little Women but haven’t started yet. Lovely knitting!!

  30. I love the Woman In White. Fun, fun book.

  31. How frustrating to undo all that work but you need to be happy with it. I’ve got to say I love this cardigan and hope to cast one on soon.
    Have you read Rebecca by Dauphnie Du Maurier, that’s a nice quick read. Have a good week. Deb x

  32. At least you had more knitting time right? It is all about being positive this week 🙂

    As for reading, how about one of the Yarn Harlot books? They are laugh out loud funny and laughing
    really does help brighten ones mood.

  33. I’ve been adorning this piece of work and it’s color in your last post already! And it’s so YOU, I think 🙂 I hope you are keeping up well, Ginny!

    I can definitely recommend the Brothers Karamazov, but I do love Dostojevski altogether. Best,


  34. I hope your new border works out much better than the picot. It’s a beautiful project!

  35. I was just thinking what a chunky novel that looks! Love the classics x

  36. I hope the border change works. Such a shame to put all that work in to find out it isn’t going to work. It’s still looking good and I can’t believe how much you have got done!


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