Promise me

That if I show you pictures of my pregnant self, that you won’t use the words “about to pop” in your comment.  I get that a lot, and I find it a bit disturbing.  I usually respond with, “I hope not.”

Beatrix thinks this one is really funny.  I guess I’m giving my, “I’m warning you,” face.

My real motivation for asking Jonny to take these photos of me at 36 weeks pregnant(!!!) was to show off the shawl I received as a gift last week.  I’m in love with it.  It’s such a perfect neutral shade, a beautiful pattern that I wouldn’t dare attempt myself, and it dresses up my brown velour maternity pants just a bit, right?

Anyway, there you have it.

Thank goodness I have Beatrix to help hold this big thing up.


  1. As I have been reading back over the past years posts I just love how beautiful you are here. I have a photo of myself expecting my baby delivered by c- section at 36 weeks because he was over 9 lb . I remember my mother in law, the one who taught me to knit, bringing me a beautiful piece of wide lace made by her mother for me to wear pinned on a blouse/ dress. It did make me feel so special.

  2. Mom of 8 here. Almost on the other side. My oldest is 26 and my youngest 9. It is hard. It is also worth it. I promise. You hang in there, take care of the little things that bother you cuz those are the things that swamp your canoe. If you ever need to talk, I am here, just email me.

  3. You look wonderful!
    And so does your shawl, such a lovely one.


  4. beautiful belly…beautiful family! Love reading your blog and am always inspired by you. All the best for the arrival of baby!

  5. You look beautiful!!

  6. You look exactly like I did when I was pregnant with my last (fifth) baby! He weighed just under ten pounds. : )

    Beautiful, glowing, lovely–that’s how you look. ♥

  7. Awesome :-))) You look lovely. All the best to you.

  8. I do dislike those “about to pop” comments! People, get some sensitivity! Just because we’re pregnant doesn’t mean we want to hear every thought that comes into your heads!

    You look lovely, and the shawl is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, and resist the urge to answer the people who tell you that you look like you’re about to pop (not even true!) that they do, too. 🙂

  9. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!

  10. With all the others, you look lovely; what a treasure, these pictures!! Still praying for you and child daily!! Also…so sweet, young B….

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