Little Ancolie For Beatrix

Beatrix loves this sweater!  I do too, and I also love that it is big enough that she should be able to wear it for a long time.  My Ravelry notes are HERE.  The pattern is called Little Ancolie, and I knit it in Madelinetosh Pashmina, the curiosity colorway.

On my mind today though is my friend Elizabeth DeHority, whom you may remember from my teaching children to knit post.  She is having surgery this morning to remove a tumor.  There is nothing simple or straightforward about the surgery because Elizabeth’s condition is very delicate after years of battling cancer.  Would you say a prayer for her and for her family with me today?  Maybe when you pick up your knitting?  Thank you!


  1. The sweater, the picture is beautiful. I will offer prayerss for your friend, Elizabeth. May God heal her.

  2. I love this sweater – it’s so beautiful! And the color is not something I’d ever choose but as a sweater it’s really nice and looks great on your daughter.

  3. Is it just me or does Bea suddenly look older? This sweater is adorable!

  4. Beatrice is really stretching out! Love to your friend and her family as well as you and yours!

  5. Elizabeth’s letters are so thoughtful and geared to children! I read how she can’t always knit while going through chemo but uses knitting while she prays. Not one to pray, I’ve often thought of knitting as my meditation, to quiet my mind. So, I will send a thought out for Elizabeth while I knit today (I knit while pumping at work!) and together, we all ought to be able to knit Elizabeth through her surgery.

    Beautiful sweater for a precious little girl.

  6. Beatrix is so beautiful!! With her hair up like that she looks so much older! Stop growing so fast, B! 🙂

    Saying a prayer for Elizabeth. Cancer sucks.

  7. Lord have mercy on Elizabeth! * Beautiful sweater!!

  8. Trina-Lea Briggs says:

    What a lovely post about “teaching children to knit”…sending healing thoughts and prayers to Elizabeth and her loved ones.

  9. Beatrice is starting to look so old! I suppose I mean mature, but that does not look like the little girl from a few months ago. Beautiful photos, and beautiful knit! I always love seeing how your children grow!

  10. Lovely sweater.

    I hope Elizabeth’s surgery was a success. Prayers for quick healing.

  11. Prayers for Elizabeth that her surgery was successful

  12. “IMO” is not the word I want it was imp!!!! Stupid auto correct :/

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