I am trying to figure out the big difference between my mind this week and my mind a few weeks ago.  Because, even when I was more mobile, it’s not like I was running around all over the place.  I am pretty much a serious homebody, so I was here with my family.  Is it possible that mere thoughts of chores to be done, and other typical daily tasks were occupying most of my mental energy?  I really don’t know what I was thinking about.  I do know that over the past week my thoughts have totally shifted to focus on my children.  I am noticing more than I was before.  Does my intense focus on them now mean I wasn’t focused enough on them before?  Was I too distracted by things that I can’t even identify now?

I’ve spent the past week really thinking about each of my children and what they need from me right now in this season.  Because we homeschool, a lot of my time has been devoted to planning for that.  We homeschool year round, so we aren’t experiencing the big first week back like many others are, but I do typically make some changes to our plans and introduce new materials in September.  So that’s what I’ve been doing.  I’ve been studying new programs that I want to start and making new checklists for my children to follow.  We’ve gotten away from lists of any sort over the past months and I’ve noticed that doesn’t work for all of my children.  One thing I’ve realized is that we all need a little more accountability, and finally I find myself with ample time to provide that.  So this is good, this quiet time before the transition that will come when our new baby joins us.  It’s just what I need, and I recognize that now.  If I’m honest, I feel pretty thankful right now for this time of mental clearing that I’ve been given, and this window before everything shifts again.

p.s.  In case it’s not obvious…that’s Beatrix’s antenna attached to her head with black tape.  I didn’t ask for any further explanation.  Sometimes it’s best to just nod and smile.

Also, the boys are making sure I don’t miss anything good.  For instance, they bring me snakes in bed.  Green snakes are my favorite.


  1. The photos are so fun!

    I am finding myself more stressed out this September than ever before. Like you, we school year-round, but make changes in September, and we’re still just easing in after an August break of sorts. Part of it is that Bret is in charge of earning a living, building the new house, making stuff for the Etsy shop and taking care of repairs around here. And everything that doesn’t fall under those categories is mine to deal with. I’m frustrated because I want to have a little “me” time, and that usually doesn’t happen unless I stay up til 11 and wake up at 5…and then I’m tired and crabby. What am I to do? I’m a creative person and enjoy learning new things myself, but there are only so many hours in a day, and I can’t do much for me unless I neglect the little people who need me. Ah, well…they will grow up and I’ll be lamenting their absence soon enough…

  2. I have been struggling withe the concept of accountability too. And thinking about year round schooling. I think sometimes the stress of starting a new year makes everything so miserable!

  3. Kate Talley says:

    Oh, Ginny. I’m so sad you are in so much pain! From my own experiences with health issues and pregnancy and (ACK!) bed rest, I know how hard it is emotionally. I cried because I felt useless. I cried because I didn’t want to ask for help. I cried because my husband was SO nice. It was such a hard time! I learned so many valuable lessons about pride, unconditional love, patience, and like you have beautifully writte here, clarity. I will pray for you, and ask that those who love you will lovingly help bare your burden.
    Love, Kate Talley…p.s. knitting saved my sanity!

  4. Beautiful post and breathtaking pictures.

  5. you continue to amaze and inspire me~
    you and your entire family, human and animal, remain in my prayers.

  6. Love the snakes and Bea’s antenna, it’s awesome!! Children always show us the wonder in life. Thanks for the pictures they are wonderful. Such happiness.

  7. I love seeing your children. Can’t wait to see what Miss Beatrix decides to do when she grows up.

  8. Trina-Lea Briggs says:

    Such a beautiful post…I am not sure why it resonated with me so deeply…maybe it was the addition of the antenna that helped? 😉

  9. Awwww … Snakes in bed–every mother’s dream! (But seriously, your boys are sweet to keep you in the loop like that, even if it does involve reptiles).

    Smile and nod covers a wide range of situations, doesn’t it?! (With adults, too!)

    I’m glad you’re finding positives already during your time off your feet–good things come from reflection and slowing down!

  10. Love the photos Ginny – and yes, I know what you mean. Sometimes when I have a bout of mastitis and am moving about slowly, everything becomes so much clearer because I have to focus only on what is important. I just wrote a bit about our homeschooling on my blog today and how important it is for me to really consider each child’s needs.

  11. Love Bea’s braids. She looks so grown up in them!

  12. Tonja Pizzo says:

    I was scrolling through your pics when my 9 year old son meandered by–he saw the green snake shots and said, “GASP–Who is that??” I said, “Oh, just some friends who live in the country–and homeschool like us.” He then wanted to know when exactly we can come and visit you. LOL!!! From one snake loving heart to another–he’s ready to move in to your house and be best buddies with your boys. Enjoy this time before you new little one arrives. On that note, I have to run out the door to cover up the black soldier fly compost bin before the rain drowns all my larvae (we use them to feed the chickens). Have a great day–and thanks for posting!! I am a lover of your blog. xo

  13. adoring your photos and your words

  14. LOVE her antennae! So sweet!

  15. Your Beatirx is a scream I just adore the photos you seem to snap of her.
    Some of out best homeschooling days were when we didn’t do any school.
    Love Leanne

  16. I just had to laugh at Beatrix’s antennae. I knew immediately what she was trying to do and it brought a grin to my face! Very glad you have found a way to enjoy this time of forced rest–it’s amazing what we see when our minds are quiet.

  17. Thank you for this beautiful reminder. It’s so easy for me to get caught up in everything that needs to get done, (especially after moving) rather than honing in on my kids’ hearts and needs. School has started for us this week, and I’m trying to take it all in and breathe. Books are in boxes. Lesson Plans are set aside, and yet we are still learning. Oh, and Beatrix’s antenna…she REALLY needs to be in a children’s book!!! Makes me smile! 🙂

  18. Sounds like you’ve regrouped and received a fresh breath of air (might I add fall-ish air??). Snakes in bed is definitely a fun item, maybe they can put a frog in there as well and you can be Julie Andrews in the sound of music (now the song ‘I’ve got confidence’ is in my head).

    Btw, I started little women last night and its like visiting with an old friend 🙂

  19. Yesterday my friend and I were thinking back to last fall, our first fall in our new home and location and I was in my first/second trimester of pregnancy. My friend said “I think you lost the entire month of October and part of September too. It was true! I think pregnancy hormones can leave us a little foggy and addled and just different from our usual selves somehow and we don’t necessarily realize it fully until it’s passed; it’s never just that I’m drained of energy (which I am) but my usually ability to prioritize and think clearly diminishes tremendously and I feel like I’m living under a cloud those first few months of a pregnancy. Growing another human is hard work all around!
    I love Beatrix’s antenna, it’s very lovely. Why hasn’t that style caught on more?

  20. I think as mothers we all go through these stages… One week I am in a panic because I see dust bunnies under my sofa and get in this manic mode and start cleaning everything in site and next moment when I see my kids having fun and playing I think, “what is the big deal… let them have fun and make messes.” OH the ups and downs of motherhood.

  21. God is good.

  22. One of my friends has been brought snakes by her boys lately, but it’s loose in their house now, and she’s terrified!

    Anyway, I’m glad that you are getting this time of relative peace. Your Beatrix and my Solveig seem to be cut from the same cloth. I love her antenna. 😉

  23. I love that you are able to focus in on each child! What a special time!, I for one though would have gone into labor if a snake had been presented to me! Just say ‘in. 🙂

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