Homemade Fossils (for you!)


The latest issue of Alphabet Glue was released a couple of weeks ago!  I really love teaming up with Annie to bring you all a project from each new issue, and was excited to see kitchen table fossils in volume fourteen!  Most of you reading here know that my family is pretty serious about fossils.  My kids also love projects that involve making any sort of dough, so this was right up our alley.  My younger kids had a great time, and my older ones were glad to help out as well.   You can download a pdf with instructions for making your own kitchen table fossils here.  You’ll find that this pdf download includes a great dinosaur themed book list as well!

(I should add that I found in our humid climate that we had to make sure our dough was dry but still moldable–similar to play dough.  Any stickiness in the dough resulted in the objects we used to make our impressions stick to the dough.  Just a little pointer in case you live somewhere muggy like we do!)

Annie is also running a “back to school” sale on all issues of Alphabet Glue right now.  Through September 1st you can receive 20% off all issues by using the code “school” at checkout!


  1. These turned out awesome! What a fun project and totally perfect for your kids!

  2. yeah!
    I just put in an order at our local copy place to get issue 14 printed up. Should be in our hands by tomorrow. Just in time for a fresh new school year!

  3. This looks like fun! Thank you for sharing this. I’m heading over to Alphabet Glue to make a purchase!

  4. Hi Ginny, I just wanted to let you know that your family love of fossil hunting had us so interested that we did some research and found that here in Nova Scotia there is an abundance. But not only that we’ve also found that the beaches are rich with amethyst, jasper, agate and other semi precious stones. My daughters are just small but we are able to work on this hobby together! So thanks so very much for writing about your finds, it really is fun and addictive!

  5. Those are great looking fossils…how fun! Your
    family photos are beautiful and I just love the chickens
    strutting about while the children play…….
    thank you for sharing your family with us…… Corinne

  6. Those turned out awesome! I will have to download the file and do this with my kiddos! How fun! Thanks!

  7. Wow, thank you Ginny! Just yesterday my son asked if we could make our own fossils and I told him no. I’m so happy to surpise him with this!

  8. I always love when a new one is released. I know my kids will dig this activity. We too are crazy about anything that involves making dough!

  9. Sage reports that these are awesome. And he’s not the easiest kid to impress.

  10. What a great idea! I liked this so much that I bought ALL the issues – thanks for the great coupon code.

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