A Winter Jacket for Silas

I think that this little jacket is the cutest thing.

The only problem is that I will need to rip out the button band (the most difficult part of this sweater) and knit it again, this time picking up a few more stitches and eliminating some decreases.  I knit the size 2/3 hoping for it to fit Silas next winter, but evidently he has an extra big noggin, and this already fits a little too snugly.  Really, the hood itself should have been knit longer, but in order to do that, I would have to start over, and I refuse.  (Oh wait!  I used  a provisional cast on for the hood so that I could close it up with a three needle bind off, so actually I can undo that and then knit the hood a bit longer.  This just keeps getting trickier.)  I do think that I will go ahead and knit the body a bit longer as well.  Bleh!  If it ends up not fitting Silas this winter, I guess the next baby can wear it, and I will just get to knit Silas something else (maybe a Jeffrey coat?)  Of course, he can always just wear it with the hood down as well.

The yellow buttons really make this jacket in my opinion.  Once I set my mind to yellow, I knew that buckthorn buttons from Wooly Moss Roots were the only ones that would do.  The only problem is that they were all either a smidge too small, or too big.  I placed a special order, and Jeff made me a set in just the perfect size.  The beautiful buttons alone are reason enough to do my best to make sure that Silas gets to wear this sweater!

I will update when I start ripping and reknitting.  I am not looking forward to that.

p.s.  Silas’ green wool soaker is from Rebourne.


  1. cute guy.sweet.i love the cat and kid,lol 🙂

  2. Great jacket! LOVE the button band.

  3. He is so very precious. What a great blessing! Sweater is cute too.

  4. Lovely jacket and beautiful child.

  5. Ginny,
    I am seriously in love with Silas’ jacket! These pictures are just adorable. I am so fond of the pattern and must knit one at some point. 🙂
    The buttons look perfect on there. I think the yellow was a wonderful idea, it pairs so well with the brown. Bless your heart for linking to us, we really appreciate it. 🙂


  6. total cuteness overload!! the sweater is beautiful <3

  7. I really hope you can make that one work for Silas. It is perfectly darling. If you need another option, though, here’s a wonderful one: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/top-down-baby-and-children-cable-yoke-jacket

    I made one for my daughter in Berroco Ultra Alpaca, and my amazing mother-in-law lined it with knit fabric. Of all the things I’ve knit for my daughter, it is perhaps my favorite.

  8. The photos are super cute! it’s a bummer that you have to re-do the jacket, but I think either way it will work out, just because it’s so cute.

  9. Yes, it IS the cutest thing!

  10. Love it!!! the pictures and the jacket ~ so lovely! hoping you can find a way to fix it that is not as painstaking as it sounds…. blessed summer to you!

  11. He is so cute!!! Holy Cow, what a gorgeous little man. 🙂 The sweater is beautiful, good luck with the frogging, that’s such a pain.

  12. The first image of Silas is absolutely stunning!

  13. He’s adorable!

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve just ordered the pattern. I had been looking for something to make for our grandson for Christmas.

  14. Oh sweet! I just made this sweater for my nephew and the band was tricky! I redid it a few times. I finally got the correct gauge. It’s the first time I picked up stitches and knitted something in the opposite direction like that. My “basket weave” doesn’t look the same as other photos. I have more of a ridge. Not sure why. 🙂 I still like it!

  15. Brown and yellow together is beautiful!

  16. Lori Ann says:

    Love this jacket – you did a lovely job! And the child in it is the icing on the cake – too cute! And so nice that another is on the way and may enjoy this sweater as well!

  17. Babies in hand knits- they get me every time! This little jacket is precious.

  18. looks perfect to me! I hope that when you re knit the bands you are happier 🙂 He looks adorable in it!

  19. Lovely…wish I had your talent.

  20. What a cutie pie! Silas looks so adorable in his winter jacket and I think you were spot on about the buttons, they really do give it that extra special touch.

  21. It’s great, and yet it is a bit small. If you do take the button band off to redo, you could open up the top of the hood seam and add length there too, so that the neck lengthens as well. Or it could be tucked away for the next baby like you say!

    • You know, actually I can do that. I had forgotten that I used a provisional cast on for the hood, so I can add length there, which is really what it needs!

  22. Oh my god that sweater is so so adorable and the buttons are so cute!! And Silas! Oh that little boy. He is so cute!

  23. The jacket is just gorgeous and it is obvious that the cat loves it too! I love the yellow buttons, they just make the jacket pop.

  24. now that is talent! that’s one gorgeous sweater!

  25. You’re right, it is the sweetest thing. On him.
    Go, Ginny, it’s all worth the effort!

  26. The buttons really do set off this fantastic jacket. I hate that you have to rework it, it is just adorable!

  27. What a beautiful sweater and little boy too. Are you having a girl or a boy next?

  28. Yes, the buttons make this jacket. So adorable! I love the elf hood.

  29. Oh, the blue eyes, rosy lips, yellow buttons, pale hair, sweater same color as the cat.
    I have never even imagined I could rip out anything knitted which was sewn together. Where the sewed part is is never that easy to see! Good luck, is all I can say. 🙂

  30. I’m still deciding what to make to use my beautiful buttons from Taryn & Jeff ! Yes, I will make a garment around the buttons and not the other way around *grin*
    That’s a super cute sweater on a super cute little boy. They grow up too quickly don’t they?

  31. I laughed when I saw the “winter jacket”. In Saskatchewan we can’t even see the child at all when they have their winter jackets on. It is lovely, by the way.


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