Some Baby Knits

Puerperium Cardigan:  I loved knitting this little sweater.  It’s no wonder there are so many of them on Ravelry!

Pilot Cap:  I knit one of these for Silas awhile back and just loved the pattern.  This one is knit in the smallest size.  It’s a lovely pattern: lots of fun to knit, and quick too!

Perfect Fit Newborn Socks :  This may be the most addictive little knitting pattern ever.  I had a hard time stopping after the second pair.  Knitting baby socks feels wonderfully practical and I know that these will stay on little feet with the cuffs turned down.  I am a little obsessed with them.  They’re just so little and cute.  I plan to knit many more of them.

A pilot cap and a pair of socks knit up in natural colored yarn would make such a nice gender neutral baby gift!  We will find out the sex of our baby in a few weeks, because I’m impatient like that, but I still plan to knit more natural colored items.  I think they’re so pretty.

I have so much more baby knitting planned, but these were all the projects that I allowed myself before getting back to the bigger projects that I want to knit in the next few months.  I may not be able to resist sneaking more baby socks onto the needles in the meantime though.


  1. Love these socks! I’ve never knitted socks before because the gusset directions always seemed too complicated to deal with, but these are adorable and small enough that they shouldn’t frustrate me too much 😉

    I’m going to use your Ravelry notations. ~Val

  2. I absolutely love those socks and the hat!

  3. So lovely!

  4. Kate Talley says:

    I really love natural cotton and wool colors for tiny ones too. They go with gender specific colors so well, so they are my favorite knitted gift for babies. I hope you are feeling alright, I’ve been praying for health for you and yours. Love, Kate Talley….p.s. what yarn are you knitting those sweet teensy socks with?..p.p.s. what do you NEED for this newest baby? I would love to help.

  5. Awwww! They are all so sweet! You are such a fast knitter! I have a newborn right now (his name is Silas, by the way 🙂 ) and I keep looking at pictures of knitted things, feel inspired, but have no time!! AND a couple of the things I made for him before he was born didn’t even fit him because he was a bit bigger than I expected (10-5!). So when I put the adorable vest on him that I was so excited about, he popped the buttons right open with his chunky tummy! I guess I need to get over it and just knit something! Thanks for the inspiration again 🙂

  6. So cute! 🙂 Just couldn’t read and not comment.

  7. I am always in awe of how tiny baby knits are. Love the patterns that you chose, your baby will be the best dressed baby!!

  8. Too cute! The little yellow cardigan is gorgeous:)

  9. I have just seen this little cardigan on another blog. It is so darling.

  10. I love the yellow of your puerperium! I just knit a puerperium in yellow but not as vibrant. I love your idea to leave the bottom open. All those buttons always scare me a little.

    I’ve added the socks to my faves. Not sure how many more socks I need for a July baby but I don’t think I can resist. 🙂

  11. Justine says:

    Love each one…..the yellow is a gorgeous colour for the top 🙂

  12. Hey Ginny,
    I love your pics about family living. They so lovely.
    And I want to knit some little thing for the little inside me, too.
    But I don´t decide what to knit.
    Your little ones are realy cute.
    Lovely greetings

  13. I LOVE that cardigan. Ok…I love the hats and wee socks too! But that sweater is amazing!

  14. Beautiful! I’m getting baby fever over here 😉

  15. Ginny,
    So cute!!
    Just added those patterns to my Ravelry queue. 🙂
    I want to knit a pair of those baby socks soon, they look like a really good pattern.


  16. What a buffet of lovely little things!

  17. Those knits are on my list; and I’m at 36 wks so I should start on them!

    I found myself the perfect excuse to knit tiny things for my June Baby: I have a friend that is due for January so someone will actually wear them if it’s too hot here in June.

  18. Baby socks! EEEEEE! The sweetest things, ever.

  19. these are so lovely, I envy your ability 🙂

  20. Hi – I love the little bonnet : it is so traditional and cute. Lily. xxx

  21. So lovely! I really need to learn how to knit!

  22. So cute!

    I have a knitting-related question. I knit a sweater for my littlest one for Christmas. I used the same 100% wool yarn that I’ve used to make several other sweaters for my older two. I love this particular yarn and have never had any issues with it. But this little sweater (a Sunday Sweater!) got felted at the top front…from drool! My daughter drools quite a bit and her shirts are always wet in the same spots where the sweater got felted. I hadn’t even washed it yet. Has anyone else here had a problem with this before? I did not see that coming. And any recommendations on yarn for baby knits now that apparently my favorite is not going to work for us?

    • Kate Talley says:

      @Ani, the softer the fiber, the more felting you will have. The knitted garment will wear out faster too. softer fibers will pill a lot too. I love soft squishy stuff for babies and kids, but for items that will I want to get a lot of use from I choose hardier yarns. For things like soakers, leg warmies, socks, and everyday sweaters I knit with wool such as Peace Fleece, Knit Picks Wool, Cascade 220, or even Lion Brand Fishermans. I avoid Malabrigo, and other merino deliciousness, just because I want to get good use of the hand knits that take so much time. I hope this helps! Happy knitting! Love, Kate Talley

      • Ok, I guess my problem was merino wool 🙂 I love this yarn because it comes from not too far away from us, the colors are beautiful, and it’s much less expensive than malabrigo…it’s been great even for everyday use for things I’ve knit for my older kids! ( )

        I’ll have to check out some of your recommendations next time I knit something else for the littlest…I haven’t attempted anything else since the last sweater got ruined so quickly and she’s still very drooly! Thanks Kate!

  23. That cardigan is so sweet! I’ve got one on some needles (somewhere) in a dark pea green color.

  24. Just the sight of those adorable baby knits makes me want to cast on. Baby knitting is my favorite thing ever. Yours projects are lovely.

  25. Everything looks gorgeous! I always love to see your finished projects! The sweater is adorable!

  26. They are adorable and I am so excited you are finding out what you are having!

  27. Oh sweetness!

  28. Sooo so cute! I love how tiny everything is. The cardigan is adorable and such a pretty color! Can’t wait to find out the sex! I’m impatient too! 🙂

  29. So, so sweet Ginny! I really like that sweater and will have to knit one.

  30. My goal this summer is to learn to knit. I learned how in elementary school, but do not remember now…do have a pair or three of knitting needles around though because I’m determined to learn again, all the knitting you and Alicia Paulsen do make me want to be able to also!

    These are darling!!

  31. Cute Cute Cute. I’ve got a little one coming in early September. The Puerperium (I always have to check the spelling of that!) is on my list. I like your variation with fewer buttons. I just don’t think that I’m on board with 10 buttons and a newborn! Love this little socks too.

  32. So inspiring Ginny! I really want to knit the puerperiun after seeing yours a few weeks ago. Makes me excited for my own fall babe on the way.

  33. They look so cute! Oh how I miss knitting for wee ones!

  34. I’ve been looking for some baby items to knit (two friends are pregnant, one with her first and the other with her third – which we’re hoping is a girl for her own sanity). I keep going back and forth about what to make…I’ve decided socks will happen but now I need to find some gender neutral yarn. ::sigh::

  35. how lovely and beautiful!!! 🙂 I am so glad for this! they look wonderful! and love the yarn choices!!! 🙂

  36. They are so cute, I think I’ll try the socks.

  37. That cardigan is so sweet! I just love the yarn you picked out for that. So perfect!

    I just queued those socks. Ingrid is constantly losing her socks because they never fit her right. I think these ones might actually work.

  38. so sweet. i love the wee little sweater. <3

  39. Aww, isn’t it all so exciting ?! I love getting ready to welcome new babies into the world- whether they be my own, or someone else’s! If I was a knitter (besides straight scarves, lol) I think I would knit every new baby those socks as well. Brown would be my color- every baby looks adorable in brown 🙂

  40. Oh that cardigan! It;s just divine! I love the yellow too 🙂 Baby knits are the most sweetest little things. You can imagine that sweet baby powder smell that newborns have. Exciting times for you and your family ahead.

    Sophie xo

  41. Linda S. from Canada says:

    On she is getting ready for her baby by hand dyeing knits and adding felt accents. It was nice to see all this baby preparation. Can’t wait to see the baby. I pray all goes well. (We have nine and I know the anxiety and the joy.)

  42. Love those socks! I have an obsession with booties and knit them often for charity and the nursery where I work but I may have to knit some baby socks instead! The pilot cap was always a favorite of mine for my babes. Your baby will be very well dressed this fall. Look into the Project Linus Baby Blanket…I still want to knit that even though my “baby” is three.

  43. I finished the exact same cardigan this week! It was my most proud knitting project yet – I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I love the colour of the yarn you used – and I agree – baby items in natural colours ar the best!

  44. oh my goodness….. my heart just melted at the site of these, so sweet!

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