A New Heartbeat


A couple of months ago we received a little surprise.  Last week Larkspur, Beatrix, and I listened intently as my midwife searched for our new baby’s heartbeat.  I held my breath, listening for the quick pitter-patter above my own thump-thump.  Eventually the sound we were waiting for filled the little room and I listened as my midwife counted quietly under her breath, each precious beat.  I exhaled as my eyes filled with tears.  Sometimes the unexpected gift is the one most precious.

After my appointment, Larkspur and I did the obvious thing, and stopped in at the yarn store to buy yarn for the new baby while the others went on to lunch.  This little one will join us in the fall, the perfect time of year for a knitter’s baby to be born.  Larkspur and I each chose one skein of yarn.  She will knit a hat, and I, a tiny sweater.

After lunch it was decided that rather than face I-95 and sitting for hours in traffic to get back home, that we’d take the long way through Maryland.  We stopped at Purse State Park and spent hours hunting for fossils instead.  It was a perfect way to end the day.  We often take the long way home, and we are always glad that we did.


  1. I’m ridiculously late here, but my CONGRATULATIONS are as hearty if I had read this in a timely fashion. Indeed, it was only in today’s post about baby knits that I clued in that you are expecting. Beautiful, beautiful news.

  2. Smythe Casiano says:

    Just wanted to know what little city these pictures were taken in. My husband and I are possibly relocating to Richmond in the next several months and we would love to be near a city that looks like this but far enough out that we could also have some space. Our 3 boys have requested a HUGE yard where thay can play. We currently have no yard here in FL. Do you have any favorite counties near Richmond as my husband will be going to the office everyday? Love your lifestyle and family trips and times together! Thank you for sharing!!

    • Those photos are taken in Alexandria, which is about two hours from Richmond. I have not spent enough time in the Richmond area to be able to recommend a favorite county, but the parts of the city we have visited were great! (I like Carytown, and also be sure to visit Maymont!)

      • I might be able to help there 🙂 I’m just north of Richmond. If you want a huge yard here, you’ll want to buy outside the subdivisions- they are usually big house-small lot types here.
        For BIG yards, you’ll want Chesterfield, Powhatan, New Kent, Goochland or Hanover. You’ll need to travel to get into the city though from each of them. Henrico is closer but less likely to have huge yards.
        And Ginny is right about the city, Carytown can be fun (parking is a bear). Maymont is seriously one of the most beautiful parks you will see- well worth the time to visit. Pony Pastures has some great riverside fun for city dwellers too 🙂
        You can readily travel down to Williamsburg/Yorktown area for more parks.

  3. Congratulations! I bet there will be lots of love doted upon your new baby when it arrives. I love the colour of the yarn you have chosen. Jacinta

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