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~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs.  I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a photo and share it either on your blog or on Flickr. Leave a link below to share your photo with the rest of us! ~


I’ve been knitting on my Seashore Cowl this week and I really like the pattern.  It’s easy, mainly just stockinette, but with enough interest not to be boring.  I haven’t really been reading much at all, but yesterday I picked up a copy of The Samurai’s Garden that my Aunt Genie recently sent me.  She often sends along books that she has finished.  I’ve only read the first ten pages or so, so I don’t have an opinion yet.  It seems like a nice quiet book, so we’ll see.  Beatrix has been sitting next to me this morning while I type, but hearing the other kids playing outside the room, she just left.  She quickly hugged me around the neck before she went though, not saying a word, just hugged and then ran out to join the others.  I am trying to think if any of my other kids would have done that at her age, or at any age.  I don’t think so.


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  1. Such luscious soft colours! Lovely!


  2. I like that yarn, lots!!

  3. I am loving that color combo, and the yarn looks so smooshy!

  4. That cowl looks gorgeous already! Lovely spring knitting!

  5. Thanks for hosting! Such a pretty yarn!

  6. Such lovely subtle colours in your knitting just now Ginny :)

  7. This is my first Yarn Along too. I love it! Thanks :)

  8. Ginny,
    The colors of your seashore cowl are so pretty. And that’s sweet that Beatrix is so affectionate. :)


  9. My first Yarn Along! I hope I did it right :)

  10. That is very pretty yarn! Thank you for giving me something to post about this week. :)

  11. Oh I could us an auntie like yours :-) or anyone who sends me books in fact.
    Happy yarn along Wednesday dear Ginny!

  12. The cowl looks great!

  13. I have such fun on Wednesday’s reading, adding to my Ravelry library and book list, Thank you for hosting.
    I downloaded the shawl pattern last week, today I found yarn in my stash, Mountain Colors, handpainted, Twizzle in Midnight Sapphire, reminds me of the ocean at dusk, dark blue black with hints of purple, aqua, and green. Can’t wait to get started, but Whippoorwill has to get done first. :)

  14. What a sweet moment! (I also have to say, that yarn is delicious!)

    Thank you once again for hosting this lovely linkup.

  15. Being a Mom is such a blessing.

  16. Love the colors. Cherish that sweet little hug,

  17. Such beautiful yarn. And it looks like it will be perfect for the project. I often struggle with getting those two paired up just right–but you can immediately feel it when you do. Sweet mama moment.

  18. Very nice cowl and very sweet gitl:)
    I am so happy I have started on my first ever Milo, such a sweet little knit!!
    I wish you and your entire family a blessed Easter Holiday.

  19. Hello Ginny! I just found my way to your blog by way of Lisa, at ‘Happy in Dole Valley’. The cowl you are knitting is lovely! I think I may have to knit one after I finish the current project!

    What a blessing to get a sweet hug from sweet girl…I love those unexpected perks of motherhood!

    Off to poke around your blog some more!

    Have a great day! Happy Easter!

  20. The cowl looks like a shawl or caplet to me. Are you thinking of bunching it up to be just up around your neck to make it a cowl? Love the earthy warm colors you’re using.

  21. I love the colours you’ve chosen for your cowl, so restful…………..little ones sometimes do the sweetest things.

  22. Nice yarn!! :) It is so neat how kids are all so unique. Have a wonderful day today! Blessed rest of Holy Week and a beautiful Easter!

  23. That’s a very nice cowl! I love it when we have a child that we just can’t figure out completely. and they stop to make us think. Keeps things interesting and keeps one guessing :)

  24. Ooo – I like that cowl. I may have to knit one of those. Hope you are having a blessed Holy Week.

  25. that is such a sweet gesture of Beatrix!! looking forward to seeing your cowl progress!

  26. Unasked for cuddles are the best!

  27. Love how you took you photo today!

  28. The cowl is lovely, those colors and the yarn looks incredibly soft.

  29. Good morning Ginny. I love those unexpected hugs!

  30. Oh sweet baby! Those are the best hugs, the ones that just sneak up on you and stay in your heart!

    Beautiful work as always!

  31. Love the ruffling of your cowl!! And I love the thought of doing stockinette that has enough sparkle in it to make it interesting!! Calm and fun. The best kind of knitting.

  32. violicous says:

    my second little is similar. very snuggle-y and unexpectedly kind. i have seen that cowl around the internet and would love to knit it.

  33. Lovely cowl and your book looks interesting.

  34. That cowl looks beautiful!

  35. Such a sweet moment. Love your yarn.

  36. So pretty – After I wrap up a couple of projects with tiny leftover balls of yarn I want to do a project for myself! I’m thinking some kind of shawl, or a cowl…so fun.

  37. Your cowl looks like a comforting project and how lovely to capture a special moment with Beatrix!

  38. I love the color of your yarn!

  39. That Beatrix is one sweetie … mine do that (even my 14yos will occasionally come up and just kiss my head!)

    BTW, loved the writeup about your trip … isn’t St. Mary’s wonderful … our homeschool group in G’ville used to do a weekly co-op in the Church hall after noon Mass on Fridays. It’s a beauty!

  40. Looks like a good book!
    Enjoy those hugs!

  41. What a sweetie that Beatrix is. Unexpected hugs are always sweet, though. :) Happy knitting and a blessed Easter to all! ~Lisa

  42. Just beautiful, as always! I’ve never read The Samurai’s Garden, but I love the idea of passing along books as they’re read. Too bad almost 100% of mine have to go back to the library. =)

  43. That is very pretty! Most cowls seem too small to me. Your yarn is lovely!

  44. I am drawn to quiet novels, anything too adventurous sets off my worries! Love the cowl and how soothing the two colors look together. I bet the yarn feels heavenly! I finished my tea leaves cardigan yesterday!! I was lucky enough to use home made buttons from a dear blogging friend, Tracey.

  45. Very pretty yarn!

  46. I love the moments when my girls come to me just to say hi and give me a hug. The cowl looks very nice so far. I like the yarn. Happy Knitting!


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