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~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs.  I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a photo and share it either on your blog or on Flickr. Leave a link below to share your photo with the rest of us! ~


I’ve been feeling sort of blah about my knitting lately.  The sweater for Silas is a perfectly nice knit, but I am not in the mood for brown.  I have yarn to knit two different sweaters for myself, both in shades of brown, and keep meaning to get up the nerve to begin one.  But then, that’s more brown.  I’m in the mood for spring colors.  I went to my little local yarn store last week looking for inspiration, but also knowing that what I wanted was something peachy-pink.  I walked out empty handed though, and feeling guilty for not buying anything!  Nothing struck me, and I won’t buy something just for the sake of buying it.

I’ve known that I wanted to knit a seashore cowl ever since Lori posted photos of hers last year, but I haven’t been able to make up my mind about colors.  I’ve had a a skein of Madelinetosh merino light in antique lace sitting in my stash for some time, but I haven’t known what to put with it.  It occurred to me that the peachy pink I was looking for that day at the yarn shop would be perfect.  I ended up placing an order for one skein of merino light in the nectar colorway (It was hard to track one down.  I ended up placing an order here.)  It’s perfect.  I think this is going to be a really beautiful knit, the colors reminding me of my favorite scarf.  Subtle and pretty.

We’ve changed bedtime routines a bit around here, and now Jonny is putting Silas to bed instead of me, and I’m putting the girls to bed each night.  That means I’m in charge of bedtime reading.  Beatrix and Lark typically choose one picture book each.  One of our favorites is Owl at Home.  Readers aren’t usually my favorite, but I love this one and so do the girls.  We die with laughter every time we read it.  I also pulled Behind the Attic  Wall, one of my favorite books from childhood, off my shelf and started reading it to the girls our first night.  The boys quickly decided they wanted to listen too.  We’re more than halfway through already, because we’ve been sneaking in chapters during the day as well.  I remember exactly what it felt like to read it as a child.


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  1. just found you and so going to join in next week xxxxx

  2. I love the seashore cowl pattern, I’ve saved that in my ravelry library.

    There is something so special about revisiting childhood reads, isn’t there? I recently discovered a book I read when I was eight, that has been lost to me ever since (I remembered it well, but not the title), and I am almost scared to start reading it in case it doesn’t live up to my memories.

  3. I’m late, but decided to join in this week!

  4. The yarn-along is a fabulous idea Ginny! Are many of you able to knit and read at the same time? Sadly I cannot, but knit and watch dramas, or knit and natter with my lovely neighbours. Thank you for letting me join.


  5. Wow! Those two colours look incredible together! Can’t wait to see them all knitted up!

  6. Linking up today with a new Easter project :-)

  7. Thank you for hosting! Bedtime reading and sharing books that were my childhood favorites is one of my favorite parts of the day.

  8. Enjoy those bedtime readings!! My son is 13 and I really miss that time with him. One of our favorite authors was Mem Fox.

  9. i love that gentle scarf of yours, the colors you’ve chosen for the seashore cowl sound perfect. i’m really wishing for a delicate seashell pink now too!

  10. Wow! Knitting for me to aspire to someday. Beautiful! I too am tired of winter colours. I should hunt through my stash for something springy for my next project.


  11. Thank you for the link-up and book recommendations Ginny. I’m always looking for good things to read to my children.

  12. Oversettelse
    Why should you feel guilty when you do not act on yarn stores? I think we’re a little weird, we “knit ladies”
    I feel the same way! .I also like bright colors in spring. Especially pink and light green

  13. I do love brown, but Spring is calling and I understand your desire for some colour! I’m going the other way from you, rather than ‘blah’ – which I have been for a while – I seem to be rediscovering my knitting mojo (when I get the chance!)

    The seashore cowl is gorgeous! I look forward to seeing yours!

  14. I love the colors of your knitting!

  15. I’m excited that I can finally participate in the yarn along! I sat my needles down for two years and have finally picked them up again last week. Turns out that I am very rusty, but knitting again has been able to clear my mind in ways that I forgot it did. (make sense?)

    Anyway, thanks for hosting! :)


  16. I love those colors!

  17. Ginny, I understand about the blahs. It was hard for me to crochet anything….all I had was dark yarn. I, on the other hand had no trouble buying more yarn;-)

    Thank you for this wonderful link party. It does help motivate me to work on my crochet more than I did before.

    blessings, jill

  18. The cowl is gorgeous! So perfect for and early-Spring knitting project. Last week I have completed a shawl – when I wrote my WIP post it was in progress still. The wheather is so cold here, so I think I will enjoy it for a long time until Spring arrives to my country…

  19. I love the cowl. I can totally understand about wanting spring colors to knit not brown.

  20. I think the yarn and color you picked out are just stunning and will look amazing on you.
    I agree, you need to get away from browns for awhile and have some color, it’s spring
    after all! Have a beautiful day.

  21. That cowl is so beautiful. It looks like it would be an enjoyable project. I’ll need to add Owl At Home to my book list. I’m always looking for good level books for my daughter.

  22. I vaguely remember ready Behind the Attic Wall too… But I think that I somehow found it really scary? Hmn…

    We *love* Owl at Home too. I think that all of the Lobel early readers are fantastic and even know that she is well beyond them, M. still finds them hilarious.

  23. I know that feeling – I sometimes get the blahs about my projects, too.

  24. While I ordinarily gravitate toward browns and other earth tones, I’m doing lots of pinks these days as I’m knitting for my very first grandbaby — yes, a girl due in June. Thanks for the scarf pattern link. :)

  25. hi, im new! not to your blog (which i love) but to the yarn along. what fun!

  26. It is Spring although it is still cold. Love to read your posts and to link up to Yarn Along:)

  27. I emailed you Ginny and then did figure out how to link although all that shows up is my name. May e I will try again!

  28. I get the neutral-color-weariness – I just posted a link to the “pebble” colored baby sweater I’m knitting, which I love, but I was looking at the photos and all I see is beige on beige on brown on grey. Something pastel is definitely in order (especially since we were just hit with another foot of snow on the last day of winter, covering my crocuses and daffodils and any speck of color I could see).

  29. I enjoy how you write Ginny – so real. Glad you found the “perfect” spring shade.

  30. Happy first day of spring. Although there is snow everywhere…the sun is shining!! Have a wonderful rest of the week Ginny.


  31. I’ll have to get Behind the Attic Wall, I wonder if its on CD. I’ve been having such a hard time reading out loud this year, my voice gives out quickly and I’m really discouraged about it. We’ve been enjoying checking out books on CD from the library though and that has kept our evening read alouds going.

  32. I can not link my post. I join the Yarn Along here: http://giornopergiornopiccolalory.blogspot.it/2013/03/yarn-along_20.html

  33. Ginny, this is a great blog. I love it because you capture the beauty of your home and family and your life, but you also include the bumps and frustrations. That is very VERY cool of you. You could easily paint the picture of perfection here. I think that makes everything even more beautiful, because you show us how lovely things can be even with the daily challenges, and sometimes the bigger ones too. xoxoxo

  34. Thank you so much for sharing what you read with your kids. Sometimes our family read aloud titles are all I’m reading for certain periods of time. I’m hoping Owl at Home will encourage my reluctant reader. :)

  35. Lovely colors – and I’ll have to check out Owl at Home, thanks!

  36. The colors of your yarn is a perfect match and I can’t wait to see what your cowl will look like – beautiful design!

  37. Erin Grover says:

    My daughters love Owl at Home too. It’s all they’ve wanted to read at night for weeks.

  38. Thanks for the book recommendations, always looking for them for the kids:-)

  39. YES – I am craving spring colors too. And blue sky and warm temperatures. Just the name -“Seashore Cowl” makes me want to knit it!

  40. I’ve had the same feeling about color. I want more of it. I love Lori’s shawl when she posted hers I actually had yarn purchased to make it. It was from Ms. Babs yarn, but I ended up using it for something else. That is a beautiful shawl and I’m glad you found the right yarn. I’m working with some kind of a orange color and I love it.

  41. I get like that with my knitting too. I find that I am craving bright cheerful colors in an attempt to rush the cold grey winter out of here! I guess that’s why I am knitting a scarf in neon colors now.

  42. Bedtime reading time with my girls is definitely one of my favorite times of the day. Making great memories:) Happy Knitting!

  43. Those colors are perfect for your seashore cowl! Gorgeous. I remember Behind the Attic Wall from being a kid – I think my sister still has that exact copy of it.


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