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~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs.  I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a photo and share it either on your blog or on Flickr. Leave a link below to share your photo with the rest of us! ~

Knitting:  The Old Shale Scarf

Reading:  The One-Straw Revolution and Mary Emma & Company (book four in the Little Britches series.)

(Long day yesterday = very simple Yarn Along post this morning!)


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  1. Joanne Goonewardene says:

    We are reading Mary Emma & Company right now also!

  2. I knitted the Old Shale scarf myself recently as a gift for a friend. I liked the pattern, easy enough to watch tv or chat while doing it, but also still interesting to knit.

  3. Loving the yarn Along and having fun seeing what every else is making and reading too.

  4. I will really like to join the Yarn along! I love reading your blog and can’t wait for the next post!

  5. Love, love, love that brown yarn! And just added “The One-Straw Revolution” to my reading list. Thank you!

  6. Golly, that colour has me swooning!
    here I go linking to your new yarn along, the same post I posted last night to your old yarn along!
    Haven’t knitted a stitch since so i hope it qualifies!

  7. Hi girls!
    Ginny I do love the violet scarf you made for your friend!
    Happy knitting and reading to everyone!!!

  8. You really have impeccable taste in yarn colors. I envy that – I’m constantly trying to not buy blue or green, and usually failing! Wonderful pattern you’re working on as well. I wanted to let you know, I really loved Lark’s cardigan in ‘pinecone’ from Brambleberry, and I just made my first purchase there because they seemed like their products were worth the $$ from your posts. I bought some ‘pinecone’ worsted yarn and love it!

  9. I found One Straw Revolution for free online for anyone who is interested (like I am)!


  10. What a nice warm, earthy brown.

  11. I’m loving your shawl, especially the colors!

  12. i love your yarn along and seeing what your knitting, though i must admit some weeks i can’t wait to see what your reading ! little britches series sounds great and i enjoyed the one straw revolution….thanks

  13. Like the scarf pattern ~ Little Britches series was one of my kids favorites :-)

  14. I have been inspired by Kay and Ann’s new approach on the Mason Dixon Knitting blog (masondixonknitting.com) – 15 minute blogging. Post whatever you can write/link/load in no more than 15 minutes. They’ve helped me remember that my blogging doesn’t have to be fancy or tell the whole life story of today’s project. Just write something and put it out there! No one minds. Thanks for another week of Yarn Along, motivating me to post!

  15. I think that scarf pattern would look awesome knit in a blue yarn. The swiggles remind me of ripples on water. I linked up for the Yarn Along too.

  16. Ah, yes, that’s life isn’t it! Hectic days require us to simplify some things! The scarf look lovely though! happy knitting!

  17. I love the scarf. And I also love how you always have something as beautiful as that on your needles!

  18. Beautiful stitch pattern! Thank you for another great yarn along!


  19. Enjoying the impetus to blog thank you!

  20. The Mary Emma book sounds great! I’m going to the library today to look for it.

  21. Love the scarf! Back to knitting socks and loving it!

  22. Someone please tell me how to knit AND read. I use my spare time to knit. I knit in the car while waiting for the kids at the end of the school day. I knit while waiting at theatre rehearsals and swim team practice . I try to read at bedtime, only to read a paragraph and fall asleep with the book on my chest and my glasses still on my face. I get a knitted project completed here and there. I do NOT know how someone can knit and complete as many projects as I see on some blogs AND manage to read a book. I haven’t been able to read a book in months when trying to get a project knitted. I must be highly inefficient. Please give me advice.

    • I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I can’t knit in the bathtub so I read! That’s my alone time and DH knows not to bother me when I’m reading…LOL.

    • Pssst Dawn, Easy patterns I can read at same time, but normally I listen to audio books!

    • I cannot read and knit at the exact same time. I read while I nurse Silas, and a bit at bedtime each night. I also start far more books than I finish!

      • I am no longer nursing babies so I guess that is what has happened to my reading time. And…yes, I start many books only to have them due back at the library before I am even half way through and I give up and take it back.

    • Dawn,

      About once a month or so, I get a book urge. I used to read All the time before kids, but now not so much.
      I get a book or sometimes two! from the library and carry it around with me all day, to the bathroom/laundry room – you can read a chapter when you are supposed to be changing over the wash etc and go to bed early but stay up late reading, A day – two at the most and the book is done, the urge satified and back to reality.

  23. The yarn looks so snuggly! It’s going to be a great scarf :)

  24. lovely pattern on the scarf.

  25. That scarf looks like it would be great in a highly variegated yarn too- I’m always looking for those kinds of patterns!

  26. Ah, that’s better. And the one straw revolution…yes it is definitely on my to read list. Happy Wednesday.


  27. I love the brown tones – very pretty knit!

  28. Oh! The One Straw Revolution is fantastic. A great book to get inspired for the upcoming garden season, for sure.

  29. This is Ana. I’m 12 and this is my first time on the Yarnalong!

  30. sometimes simple posts are the best. love the color of your shawl!
    i am sharing a completed project for a change 😉
    have a lovely wednesday, ginny!

  31. LOVE the look of the old shale scarf, must check that out. Reminds me a bit of a feather and fan, but more solid?

  32. Lovely! I’ll have to check those books out as well. Hoping today is less…long? We’re feeling a bit under the weather here so we’re taking it slow.

  33. Maybe a long day of knitting today.

  34. Coincidentally, I am knitting the same pattern for my mom for mother’s day. Unfortunately, I am RE-knitting this scarf, as I finished it a month ago. When it came time to block the scarf, it had a violent run in with a curious kitten in the middle of the night. The result was an unfix-ably snagged mess and a sad lady unwinding it during an annual church meeting. The second time around is not so much fun, but a more comfortable process. I just finished a great book called Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth. I didn’t realize it was a Christian living book, but I picked it up as an inspirational read to refocus my priorities. The only flaw I found in it was the generalization of Amish Living ironically enough, but the Christian message mixed with the inspirational refreshment of personal focus was just what I needed. I highly recommend. Thank you for your blog, as it also refreshes me each day!

  35. I really enjoyed one-straw—- hope you do too!

  36. Lovely stitch pattern! I hope this day is more restful.

  37. I like the color variance in that scarf.

  38. I’m so glad to see there really are people out there that read Little Britches! Love those stories.

  39. Your scarf is gorgeous!

  40. I just love that brown!!

  41. I like your post even more than usual today – I love the pattern on the scarf, and The One-Straw Revolution is on my to-read list too. I hope you’ll let us know how you like it!

  42. Simple is good too! :) Beautiful scarf – I hope you enjoy a quieter day today!

  43. Yes, it’s funny how one long day can mean at least one or two days of recuperating! I’m with you.

  44. The scarf looks great! Rest up from whatever you did yesterday :)

  45. the only problem with Old Shale … it seems to take FOREVER to get a finished item …

    hang in there as that scarf is going to be gorgeous!

  46. Hoping today is easier for you.

  47. What a lovely scarf pattern!
    I hope your day today is more restful x


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