people in pots for Silas

After seeing a set of wooden sorting toys here, I knew these would be perfect for Silas, and inexpensive to make too.  I bought peg people and a set of little pots at Hobby Lobby.  We ended up needing to sand out the pots a bit to make the people fit, but that just allowed the whole family to get involved in making what was to be a stocking stuffer for Silas.  I painted the people and the pots with my kids’ watercolors, and then finished them with some beeswax polish.  I made a terrible mistake though, I used the washable watercolors.  Non-toxic I wanted, washable, no.  I guess I will wash them down and repaint them with different watercolors soon because Silas sticks them in his mouth and ends up with paint all over his face!  You might notice that the orange pot was originally orange-er.  Silas does really like these though and  I think they are a great toddler activity/toy.  He knows they are his, and doesn’t like anyone messing with them while he works (he was threatening to slap Keats’ hand away in one of the pictures above.)  Silas is quite the character.  But better than that:  He hugs by tucking his face into my neck and then wrapping both his arms and legs around me and squeezing as tightly as he can.  I think he’s the most affectionate baby we’ve ever had (also possibly the most prone to hitting and throwing things, but I am hoping that passes!)


  1. Hi Ginny
    I came back to this post looking for tips to make this sweet toy now that I have the pegs and the pots, and I’m wondering if you used, or would recommend using, beeswax to finish them. Any tips on that?
    Thanks for sharing all your lovely photos.

  2. Super cute! I might have to make some for my little nieces 🙂 Acrylic paints are non-toxic when dry, and if you want more of a stained/watercolor look just water them down. For a more natural look you could always use tea or berries stain them. As long as they aren’t over-saturated and you wipe off all the excess they shouldn’t transfer the colors to your little one once dry. Thanks for the great idea, sometimes the most simple toys are the best loved!

  3. Oh, we have a Silas, too! So cool to read about another one. Such a rare name. Most people, even Christians, ask us where we came up with the name. I suppose you get that a lot, also? Found your blog via Pioneer Woman. Look forward to reading more of it. I am a homeschooling Mom of 4 kiddos. We’re pretty simple, also, but no farm or chickens for us!

    • Oh my gosh, I have a Silas too!! I just found this blog today (also referred here by the Pioneer Woman feed) and am loving your blog. Knitting and reading are two of my favorite activities as well. I got positively giddy when I saw that your son is named Silas AND then the commenter above said that she has a Silas too! I know I shouldn’t be all that suprised, we just haven’t met any other Silas’ so it’s kind of fun to hear about other little Si Guys out there.

      Best wishes to you and all your little ones!

      • Kelly B., we call our Silas Si Guy, also! How old is yours?

        • Us too! All of my kids call him Si Guy!!!

          • How funny! My Silas is 9.5 months. How old are yours Amy and Ginny? Si is my first baby, but my second child. I also have a 9 year old bonus (step) son named Caiden, who is a wonderful kid and very proud big brother. 🙂

  4. I LOVE this idea! I have 4 kids but I think the 3 year old and 1 year old will really put them to use. Beautiful blog by the way! Inspiring!

  5. These are such beautiful pictures, very inspiring x

  6. I bought these people and pots about 2 years ago and still haven’t painted them. I want to give them to my youngest for her 2nd birthday this summer. But I’m not sure what to paint them with. I know they’ll go straight to her mouth. So I want non-toxic but not washable. Is such a product out there ~ I’m sure there is. Please let me know what you end up using. (I find myself wishing I’d just ordered completed ones from an Etsy site!)

  7. I too have a very affectionate boy. He is six now and still loves to give hugs and kisses (in front of anyone). He loves for me to lay with him at bed time so he can play with my hair. He is my sweetheart.

    I love watching Silas (and all your children) grow!

  8. I love the idea. My kids are way past this point (college) but would still like to make this project. I don’t have a Hobby Lobby in my area. I went on the website but couldn’t find them. Any ideas? What type of paint will you use next time?

    I am really loving your blog.

  9. Very cute set! The littlest guys have so little of their very own that they have to protect their interests. 😉 My youngest hugs like that too. We call it his koala baby hug.

  10. They certainly look great. I have been considering these for my 1 and 1/2 year old.

  11. These are wonderful! I ogled similar ones on Etsy when my son was a baby but couldn’t bring myself to take the plunge. I’m definitely going to set aside this idea for when my daughter becomes a toddler! Is it too late for sign language for Silas? My son was so frustrated (and lashed out) when he couldn’t get his point across before he mastered talking – sign language took the edge off until then. Like you need one more thing to do, right? 😉

  12. Ohhhhhhhh, I love them! It’s too bad that I can’t find these little wodden pots in any (Online)Shop in Germany.
    We do have peg people bot not the pots 🙁 My son would love to play with them …

  13. Stephanie Hannah says:

    If it’s any comfort, my youngest son ( I have six children too) is just like Silas. He’s SO sweet and cuddly. He’ll come to me for a cuddle in the middle of the day and giggle with satisfaction. And on the other hand we call him “The Wacker” because he will wack his brothers and sisters in a minute. So sweet lady – we’re in this together. : ) Stephanie

  14. Great idea, those little people in pots :). It is so lovely when they start sitting still for stories!

  15. What a fun idea, Ginny! And thanks for the link to the Butterfly Ball blog, that looks like a good one! I subscribed.

    I am inspired to try this out! My son is just a bit younger than Silas, so I think he’d like it, too!

  16. Such a lovely idea, those rich colours must be irresistible 🙂 My boy also had some challenging behaviour before he learned to talk, it must be so frustrating not to be able to express yourself fully. But once he had learned some words he calmed down a lot – unfortunately he didn’t speak until well after turning two!

  17. Oh, how funny! I made a set of these for Luke for Christmas as well! I ended up using acrylics and “sealing” them with a beeswax paste. I wish I had sanded my down even more, though, because some of them are too tight in the pots and stick. What would you say is the most natural and safest way to paint kids’ toys? I was at a loss and just went with the acrylics… Your set is beautiful!

  18. What a great idea. Tucking this one away.

  19. I bet he’ll quit hitting & such as his verbal skills increase. I don’t know he much he talks but not being able to express yourself is very frustrating & that’s probably why he’s hitting. My son was a biter but stopped once he could talk. I hope this settles for you soon. He soooooo cute!

  20. This is brilliant Ginny! I’m going to try and make them for Connor, I know he would love them. I can’t believe how BIG Silas is getting. He looks like a little boy now instead of a baby.

  21. Thanks for the awesome idea! I love wooden toys and cant wait to make these for my 2 year old! So cool!

  22. My goodness Ginny, your babies are the cutest!
    I want to come and play at your home.

  23. They are gorgeous! I love the little bag for them too… toddler ‘work’ enthrals me, I love watching them develop and learn with play! xx

  24. Melissa N says:

    I like this idea, will have to make some!

  25. And I am glad you are supporting Hobby Lobby.

  26. These are wonderful! I’ve never seen anything like them, but would love to give them as gifts soon. My son is 17 months, (maybe close to the same age as Silas?) and is a lover and a thrower. We’ve had to edit some of our heavier wooden toys for the sake of the walls, and ourselves, but hope to have them back out soon. I am amazed daily at the difference between my daughter and son.

  27. Passion is passion, doll, for better or worse. He is darling, though, and so are those toys. Great idea!

  28. I love that toy idea! Those pictures made me want to play, too!

  29. My little Grant is 20 months and a lot like Silas. Very affectionate. Wonderful hugger but I am seeing hitting in his future. We already deal with some throwing. I guess they swing toward both ends of the emotional scale. The people in pots are adorable!

  30. Those are so cool! I know what you mean about the paint though. We have a set of knights from Nova, and one was unfortunately in the path when a child was sick…and the color is totally gone! Silas is just too cute for words. 🙂

  31. What a great idea, Ginny!

  32. We made a set of those too! Funny that you mention Silas being so affectionate. Sounds just like our fourth, but he also hits and throws toys, and horror of horrors–bites! We are seeing improvement with consistent discipline and proactive intervention, must get it out of his system before new baby arrives in May!
    You’ve been in my prayers the last days, glad you are feeling more like yourself!

  33. my wee girl got a set from a friend for christmas. they are fun.

  34. I’ve seen these on Etsy and they’re so cute, but not nearly as cute as Silas, who continues to be my favorite toddler to look at on the internet…he’s just adorable!

  35. Such a terrific idea! The supplies are on their way to my house right now!

  36. What a great idea! My two love sorting things. Any things! Now if only I can get them matching socks too, I’ll be onto a winner…

  37. I made a few sets of these for our holiday gifts. When I saw them I vainly thought I gave you inspiration! You can see them here:

    I used non-washable watercolors and with a lot of spit, I think they will still transfer color. I gave my rather oral nephew who is 16 months a handknit whale as well (using Linda’s pattern)

  38. Those are so cute!

  39. Most awesome idea EVER! Only too bad I don’t have a baby or toddler right now. Wait, wait just a minute…I have a two-year-old niece and a six-month-old nephew and we have a brand new Hobby Lobby in town! And I LOVE Silas’ shirt. So glad owls made a comeback. My mother-in-law collected them for years!

  40. We’re on the same wavelength today, Ginny! I just posted about a similar project I made for my little Silas!

    Your pegs and pots are adorable! Bummer about the paint, though. 🙂

  41. Those are the sweetest hugs, where they kind of cuddle into your neck. I love it when the kids give hugs like that. Those little sorters are so cute to Ginny, and not to mention that handsome little boy has the cutest little pouty lips ever. Tell the kids I love them and miss them, and I guess Johnny too…lol. Love you Ginny.

  42. love the idea…childrens hugs are a Moms most valuable jewels!

  43. Great idea, I have a 5 year old who would love those!

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