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I’ve settled into my old copy of  Pride and Prejudice.  I tend to forget much of what I read, so it doesn’t even feel like I am reading it for the second time.  I have also been reading through the Advent section of The Catholic Home.  I reread it every year at this time!

I decided that I must buckle down and finish knitting the socks that I started for Seth months and months ago.  I lost motivation when he declared them not long enough just when I thought I was ready to turn the heel on both.  I’ve got another inch to go on the second sock, and I will be ready again.  He wants knee socks.  I want to finish them in time to stuff them in his stocking this year.  However, I am secretly hoping that he won’t like them once they are finished, because then they will be mine!  I just love the yarn and the color!


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  1. I have that copy of P and P too….but I’ve been rereading it on the nook…..those socks are a too die for color!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting this linky! The colour for the socks is gorgeous! I’m not sure if I will ever attempt knitting socks. I just learned how to slip stitches, and now I’m working on fixing my technique so my stitches don’t cross 😉 Then I will attempt cables.

  3. Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite! Enjoy of it 🙂

  4. Did you know that there is a book out there called Pride and Prejudice and ZOMBIES? It incorporates the current popular interest in zombies with Jane Austen’s novel. I didn’t finish it, but just a few chapters were enough for some laughs! I’m sorry, can’t remember who wrote it.

  5. Oh! Pride and Prejudice is one of my absolute faves! I love Jane Austen.

  6. Gorgeous green yarn, it reminds me of forest moss. The winter rain is busy greening up the trees in Oregon 🙂

  7. Hi Ginny! Beautiful green sock color and I adore your bee bag! I am still looking forward to seeing the girls’ Bulles. Peace, Rachel

  8. I just can’t do socks. I can’t do mittens really either. I have a really hard time knitting two of the same thing. And just so boring it seems. One day. They are a beautiful color!

  9. My daughter is reading P&P for her Senior year AP Lit class. She requested watching the 1995 long version soon as they only have time for the 2005 Kiera Knightly version at school. I’d like to find the 1940’s version with Greer Garson – but only for the dresses!!!

  10. I also tend to forget a lot of my leisure reading after the book is finished and I am on to the next one. I love that green yarn!

  11. Beautiful, beautiful yarn…. I come to your site to be inspired and filled with hope that maybe I can do this, too. 😉 Blessed peace to you.

  12. I need to learn how to make socks – I still haven’t plucked up the courage to try x

  13. Ginny,
    That green yarn is beautiful!
    I just turned a heel, it was very exciting.


  14. They are beautiful and you’ll love them when finished, first pair of socks is a great acomplishment, and then you’ll hooked, wanting to make more, looking at all the beautiful patterns.

  15. There is nothing like hand knitted socks!! I love the color.

  16. That colour is fantastic, so deep! The yarn looks so fine though, those would take me forever!

  17. Pride and Prejudice never gets old, even when you do remember it!

  18. Well, it was kind of a big week for frogging around here, but I do think that I am becoming more, um, graceful about the moments when this is necessary!

  19. Thanks for hosting! That’s one of my favorite books 🙂

  20. How funny you should be reading that because I was just contemplating read one of her books on my ipad! That green reminds me of Oregon!

  21. Thanks so much again Ginny for hosting this each week.

  22. I still have yet to attempt socks! They are the perfect stocking stuffer, though…maybe next year 🙂 Maybe I’ll practice with some for myself. They look so cozy!

  23. Oh that green is divine! And so is your reading choice!

  24. I concur with everyone about the gorgeousness of that green yarn. So pretty!
    And I could re-read P&P every year, along with Jane Eyre and The Little Prince. Good choice!

  25. Haha–I love that color too. I’d not blame you if they ended up in *your* stocking. By the way, my 4yr old daughter loved the picture of Beatrix’s birthday. She especially admired Beatrix’ pink gloves and then she asked me to teach her to knit! I was on cloud 9, but I’ll wait until she’s serious to start teaching her. 😉

  26. I never get sick of Austen…it helps that I am a forgetter, just like you. =)

  27. Holy Horse! That shade of green is my absolute favorite. I might have to fight you for those socks. 😉

  28. It sure is a wonderful colour. Beautiful.

  29. I finally had my first knitting lesson from Mary! I really hope I’ll be able to learn how to knit. My girls picked it up so fast, but I wasn’t able to do much. 🙁 I love those socks!

  30. I love those socks too!

  31. I love the color of the socks you are knitting and it reminds me that I really need to finish the pair I started several months ago! Pride and Prejudice has to be my all time favorite classic ~ enjoy 🙂

  32. That yarn *is* really lovely – I would be hoping the same thing! xo

  33. I just linked up for the Yarn Along. That yarn you’re using reminds me of thick moss. Delicious!

  34. I can see why you are hoping the socks are not liked they are a beautiful colour.

  35. They really are quite lovely! The variegated green has so much texture and depth. I hope he really enjoys them, lucky boy!

  36. Oh that yarn is scrumptious!! And you can never go wrong with Jane Austen:-)

    I’m hoping to play along for the first time this week, and will come by and leave a link when I get my post up.

    Have a great day!

  37. Gorgeous colour! I think I need something in that green, it is so fresh and yet mysterious…is that possible in a yarn? Lol xx

  38. Beautiful yarn. I have some hand spun yarn very in color from our country fair this summer. Good luck with the socks!

  39. The yarn color is lovely. And I love Pride and Prejudice. I think it is one of my favorite books ever, and something I didn’t read until a few years ago for the first time.

  40. I love that colour too, don’t blame you for wanting to keep them for yourself! I have one lonely sock sitting waiting for a partner after I kind of lost interest in sock knitting before I made it’s pair. Must get on a make the second one….one day. Have a lovely week, Jules.

  41. Love the color of the socks!!! I frequently forget plots of books especially if they twist and turn. It’s like reading a whole new book when it’s re read!! Have a lovely Wednesday 🙂

  42. At his age just wait a month, he will outgrow them and then they will be yours 😉
    I have one son here who I swear grows nightly!

  43. those will be gorgeous socks! I need to knit some sox .. I do the two-at-a-time, toe-up so that when I’m tired of the boring leg part I can stop and the sox fit and match! This is also a great way to make them when the recipient decides they’re “not long enough” (altho if his foot grows, I guess you still have to rip back).

    Hugs and enjoy P&P … we love Austen ’round these parts!

  44. I am secretly hoping the same thing about a shawl I am making Eamon. (Yes, he asked for a shawl – I love that boy of mine).

    • I like that yarn and color, too : ) I’m knitting socks for one of my sons, and gosh, it does take a while to knit the leg! I find myself stopping to measure my progress every few rows–nope, not long enough yet.

      Just an aside about re-reading books: I read so much that I have mistakenly re-bought books that I’ve already read, and then read halfway through the story before realizing that everything seems very familiar and predictable. LOL!


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