Watercolor heart garland (and making art accessible)

watercolor heart garland

watercolor heart garland

watercolor heart garland

watercolor heart garland

watercolor heart garland

watercolor heart garland

Recently, my children have found a renewed interest in painting with basic watercolorsWatercolor paper is expensive, so I often cut each piece into quarters, especially for Beatrix.  Sometimes it’s nice to take those little paintings, and transform them into something else, like a simple garland.

I am sharing this month over at the Rhythm of the Home blog, and today I am talking about making art accessible for children.  I hope you will join me there!


  1. Ginny, I happened upon your Being post at ROTH while looking for a specific article from a past edition. I haven’t peeked in on you (or anyone else for that matter) in too long. Still beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for the glimpse of real life magic at your house!

  2. I’m so excited to see that you’re one of the ROTH contributors this month! I really enjoy your blog, so it will be great to have you sharing there too! We also have (most) art supplies available all of the time…and while this can lead to having to pick an entire rolls worth of scotch tape off of a wall or window, it is mostly a wonderful thing that I love about our house. I am excited to start branching out from simple paper crafts with them now that they are a little bit older and able to focus longer. I love the heart garland idea…I’m sure we will take that idea and run with it! And I had a major “aha!” moment when you suggested quartering the watercolor paper! I find mine on sale at Hobby Lobby/JoAnn’s/Michael’s, so I’ve been able to get a good price (and Hobby Lobby has all sorts of sizes of paper!), but quartering it would be a great idea for most of the time. xo~Mackenzie

  3. That is a beautiful idea, I think it will be the next project on the list. Thanks for that 🙂

  4. Love the garland. We have been using my little man’s water colours to make cards, but I really love your idea, you can bet we will be making one soon.

    Really like the idea of cutting the paper up too, I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks!

  5. Beautiful! I also cut the paper fairly small, and I use the kids’ watercolors for cutting out hearts or or other shapes for making cards, gift cards, garlands and tags. Makes me feel better about the “wasted” paper…

  6. Great idea to cut the paper into fourths. I second Heather’s request for more info on the affordable art supplies!

  7. Very sweet! My kiddos made a watercolor heart garland for V-day last year. Such a simple, but sweet, decoration. 🙂

  8. There is hardly any mess that can’t be cleaned up!!! (I sooooo wish I could convince my daughter-in-law—can you imagine 5 little ones who aren’t allowed a sandbox???? Boy, did we make up for it at the beach this summer!!!!!!!!!!!)

  9. That is so cute! 🙂

  10. Oh Ginny, our little artists are so much alike and I think so are you and I in how we let them create! I love that my children have their own craft cabinet that they can get into at any time. That’s what they spend a good chunk of their days doing – creating in one form or another.

    We also make things from their watercolor art and I only give them half the sheet of paper to try and save (b/c yes that paper is so pricey!!). I like to make cards a lot of times from their paintings and I also write my meal plans on them and put them in a frame. So many things to be made from their sweet art, no? We haven’t made a heart garland yet so I think that will need to be done 🙂

    Much love to you and yoru family!!! XOXO

  11. I love this! And I love your ROTH article. Would you please (pretty pleease!!!) tell us about those “favorite affordable art supplies” of yours?:) I find so much inspiration from your blog. Thank you!!

    • Heather, I buy most of my art supplies at Stubby Pencil Studio and have for years. I love the alpino tri colored pencils and prang soy crayons. We have crayon rocks as well, but those aren’t as popular with my kids. As far as crayons go, they break so quickly in our home, that I can’t really justify beeswax ones beyond the stockmar block crayons that we have had for ten years (and those are still going strong despite the teeth marks in every single one! so worth the investment for a first crayon I think) In the past I have I ordered prang watercolors by the case on Amazon. I do buy the watercolor paper that I linked to in the post, the 100 sheet package, and then I make it last. It’s not a free for all. 4 by 6 blank notecards really are great for the little ones to paint on. I don’t buy a lot beyond the basics for everyday free access materials. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  12. We are very into art here in my home. I wondered, have you thought about using artist trading cards for your young ones? They are a great size for little ones, 2.5″ 3.5″, and while you can buy them, they are also very easy to make.

    • I think I’ve seen those at the art store. I’d love to know how to make them, because they seemed a little pricey (if we are talking about the same thing.) My kids don’t have trading cards of any sort, so this might be a fun idea for them!

  13. My favorite sentence in your contribution to ROTH…”If my kids are afraid of upsetting me with creative messes, there may not be any.” That’s it in a nutshell. If kids are restricted by too many rules…they often just give up. To be creative is to be free…I think.

  14. That garland and artwork is lovely! Watercolor paper can be expensive but I found it recently(shopping for school supplies) at the neighborhood Target for 2 dollars and 6 cents! Can’t wait to read your addition to ROTH!

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