Sunday Sweater pattern release

I am that girl who ducked out of taking speech and communication in college by changing my major so many times that the class got overlooked by my adviser.  Calculus?  Organic Chemistry?  Those were fun, but public speaking was my biggest nightmare.  For some reason releasing this pattern has my stomach feeling exactly how it did on the few occasions when I was forced to speak in front of a class.  I entered it into the Ravelry database on Saturday night just before I went to bed, which was a bit of a mistake because then I found it hard to sleep.  As of right now, my Sunday Sweater is in the top 20 “hot right now” patterns on Ravelry (go to the main patterns page, look for the “hot right now” box, then click on top 20.  Sunday Sweater is hanging out there at the bottom.)  I am not sure what qualified it, or what is keeping it there, but I think that if you hop over and favorite it (or better yet, add it to your queue!) that may help it stay there.  Of course it being in the top twenty makes me even more nervous.  Why is it there?  How long will it stay?  Who knows.  I am just pleased that it’s out there and that some of you like it!  I am going to step away from the computer now, pick up my needles, work on something that is NOT a Sunday Sweater, and try to relax and remind myself that this is just a knitting pattern.

Thank you for encouraging me!  In my little world, this really is a big deal and I appreciate you all so much (and now I am going to cry!)

(And in case it isn’t clear in the post, HERE is the link to my Sunday Sweater on Ravelry.)

p.s.  A huge thank you to my test knitters:  Grace, Mackenzie, and Katherine!  And a big thank you to all the friends who read through the pattern for me and gave me advice!

Edited Monday morning to add:  Sunday Sweater is at number 9 now!!  You guys are so awesome! 



  1. Love it! The way the sleeves finish in this pattern is so pretty and practical.

  2. Hugest congratulations Ginny 😀 I know how this feels – my Demne baby jacket was in the Ravelry top 10 for a while when first released. Sadly it didn’t last long for me but I sure hope it does for you, yours is a beautiful creation 😀

  3. I’m so excited about this pattern. It’s so beautiful! I wish I could start it right now, but I still have a list of things that have to get finished first!

  4. Number 7 now!, Congratulations.

  5. Diana Smith says:

    This is the sweater pattern I’ve tried to find….girly and practical. Ordered it right away and it will be my next project. Hope your mind is bursting with many more knitty ideas.

  6. it’s absolutely adorable—of course, it deserves to be in the top 10; I’m heading over—let’s hope it reaches #1 by the end of the day!!!!!

  7. THAT is the sweater I wanted when I was a little girl. It’s just perfect. Congratulations, Ginny!

  8. Ginny,

    I’m not quite ready to tackle a sweater yet, but you have inspired me to take up knitting again. It seems to be the perfect stress-reliever for me during mealtimes (when I’ve finished, but the kids are far from the end). I’ll bookmark this one for someday. And gosh, I appreciate you and your family so much. I’m sure you have no idea what a blessing you are in this space.


  9. Ginny, the pattern is in my queue. I am very excited for you 🙂

  10. I love the little sweater and commend you for putting it all together. I will tell you that your notes on FLS helped me tremendously, so I think you are good at explaining things in a way folks will understand.

  11. L:isa Grupico says:

    This sweater is almost as beautiful as the daughter you made it for! You should be proud and OWN it! Fabulous job…love your blog, I never miss a post…thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your family with all of us…Happy knitting!

  12. So happy for you!

  13. I’m heading over there right now to push your sweater straight up to “Number 1”. Don’t be shy, enjoy the compliments because: It’s a beautiful sweater!

  14. woohoo!!! i am going to go check it out!

  15. Just so you know I spent part of Saturday dreaming about this little sweater and rummaging around in yarn hoping to find some stash to use. Didn’t know the gague so thrilled it’s posted to take a peek. Fingers crossed that I have just the right amount needed in the gague required.

  16. Love your pattern. I have just purchased from your site. Can hardly wait to start. Way to go girl!!!

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