Pumpkin Sunday Sweater

pumpkin Sunday Sweater

pumpkin Sunday Sweater

pumpkin Sunday Sweater

pumpkin Sunday Sweater

pumpkin Sunday Sweater

pumpkin Sunday Sweater

pumpkin Sunday Sweater

pumpkin Sunday Sweater

pumpkin Sunday Sweater

pumpkin Sunday Sweater

pumpkin Sunday Sweater

pumpkin Sunday Sweater

pumpkin Sunday Sweater

I couldn’t convince Beatrix to part with her balloon.  She discovered that she could inflate it herself this day, and I was afraid she would pass out from doing so over and over again.

She hardly paid any attention to me taking her picture, but when she was finished, she was finished.

We dyed this yarn together last fall and Beatrix wanted me to knit her a sweater with it.  (Here’s the post with the gathering of the flowers for the dye, and here is the one about the actual dyeing.)

Feedback from my test knitters has been positive, and my plan is to release the Sunday Sweater pattern on Monday.  (I’m very nervous for some reason!)

(Ravelry notes for this sweater here.)

Updated to add:  The Sunday Sweater pattern is now available and you can purchase it here.


  1. Dear Ginny I loved this adorable sweater and want to buy it. However I live in Turkey and we can’t use PayPal here anymore. As I want to buy it On ravelry even though I click on debit-credt card icon it still directs to Paypal. Is there any other way that I can get it other than Ravelry? Thank you so much for your time in advance!

  2. Ohhh…I NEED this pattern. Such a beautiful sweater!

  3. I would love to see this for a teen or an adult as well – I bought this pattern as is but I would buy it again in the teen and adult version – great job

  4. I really like this color! I went back to see how you did it, but I’m thinking I’m still a ways from that!! And I just love that little sweater. It is not your first and I’d also like to see an adult version, either yours or if someone could suggest to me a similar one …just getting braver with my knitting…
    Keep inspiring me!

  5. Your sweater is so beautiful and I LOVE the color. Congratulations! I will be in line to purchase it 🙂

  6. That sweater is fabulous! I just started my first-ever sweater project, a cardigan for my soon-to-be born niece. If that doesn’t scare me off sweaters, then I’m definitely adding yours to the queue! 😉

  7. Don’t be nervous! It’s totally adorable!!! Love the colour too 🙂

  8. Beautiful sweater…from start to finish! And that little girly is pretty cute too! Love her dress!

  9. Oh, this is just beautiful! Lovely sweater, lovely girl (and oh how I related to the balloon thing!)

    The color turned out just perfect for a September day, didn’t it?
    Beautifully done!

  10. It’s a beauty! How wonderful to have undergone the processes of dyeing, designing and making. Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing your special beings darting around in one of your own creations. Well done!

  11. Ginny, I usually just lurk, but I wanted to tell you how much I love your blog and how absolutely gorgeous this pattern is! I will be knitting it as soon as possible! You are awesome!

  12. Beautiful, beautiful! I love the orange. I’m so glad you ended up loving it too. The sweater pattern looks lovely!

  13. I love this sweater! And I can’t believe that you dyed the yarn yourself. You should definitely be proud, and I can’t wait to try this!

  14. Ohhh, this turned out so beautiful. And what fun to go back and look at your dyeing process. Where do you get your blanks? You may not be a fan of orange, but I think the color turned out gorgeous and I can’t wait to try the Sunday sweater for my 6 year old.

  15. A beautiful sweater! Lovely job as always Ginny.

    Oh and Miss Bea.. she looks so much older with her hair cut!

  16. The sweater — and Beatrix, too — are both so beautiful! I wish I had a little girl for whom to knit it. Would you say it is too girly for a boy? My youngest just turned 7. God bless, Michele F.

    • Hi Michele! Yes, I designed it to be feminine. If your son liked the lace panels though and he didn’t think them too girly, you would just want to knit a wider neckband, and add gradual decreases to the sleeves rather than having the gathered cuff. You’d also want a wider cuff at the end. Still, even with those changes, I think it may be too girly for a 7 year old, but that’s just my opinion!

      • No, I’m sure you are right. Will it only come in children’s sizes? I do have a 21-year-old ‘little’ girl. 🙂 God bless, Michele F.

  17. I think the pictures with the ballon are great. I understand being nervous because I would be too. But, from my side of the screen, it is gorgeous and deserving of nothing but praise! Can’t wait for it!

  18. Cirila Cerilo says:

    i love the sweater! I love the color too; it looks lovely on Beatrix.

  19. Gorgeous! I wait the pattern too 🙂 for my girls!

  20. A lovely sweater Ginny.

  21. It’s a gorgeous looking sweater and I love the color. Good luck on your sweater pattern. I know it will be a big success!

  22. Such a beautiful sweater on a beautiful girl. I can’t wait for the pattern–would love to knit one for my girl.

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