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violin lesson

violin lesson

violin lesson

violin lesson

violin lesson

I’m thinking about music today!  I’ve never done any organized teaching on classical music or composers to my children, but instead have bought and borrowed lots of books and albums over the years with no real rhyme or reason, just responding to their interest.  This method has actually worked, and even backfired a bit because my kids request classical music in the car and hate the Avett Brothers. There are exceptions, and actually they wanted to listen to this cover song (sadly not the Avett brothers,) courtesy of their Uncle Jared I believe, over and over again on the way to Mount Vernon last week.  I just ordered the new Mumford & Sons album, and I am hoping they’ll like it as well.  But as far as classical music goes, I thought I would share some of the things we are loving lately, and a couple of old favorites as well.

We’ve had Can You Hear It? on our shelf for years and years, and my kids have always really enjoyed it.

We have quite a few of the albums this series, but have recently discovered Maestro Classics (when they contacted me about sponsorship.  I couldn’t believe I’d never heard of them!) and I think their albums have more kid appeal.  My kids have been listening to this album, and we’re all eagerly awaiting the release of Carnival of the Animals on October 1.  It’s one of my favorites (especially The Swan–watch Yo-Yo Ma play it here.  It’s so beautiful.   After you watch that, you might want to see him playing Humoresque with Itzhak Perlman.  This is Keats’ favorite song, and what he is playing for his recital next month.)

Finally, have you heard of Igudesman and Joo?  Keats’ violin teacher just told us about them because they are performing in D.C. in a couple of months.  We aren’t going to be able to make that show, but are hoping to see them perform someday.  Have any of you seen them?  Here’s a trailer for one of their acts.  They’re hilarious and I think it would be great for my boys to see the way they combine classical music with humor.

And completely off the topic of music:  I’m over at Rhythm of the Home today, talking about my attempt to become an early riser.  Happy Monday!


  1. Such wonderful links- thanks for sharing! I adore Mumford and Sons and Avett brothers. In fact, I was just in NYC to see the brothers at central park, but a tornado arrived and the show was cancelled- boo!!!!

  2. Lovely post.And my first comment might seem strange but I really like your dog! We are dogless at the moment so getting just a bit “dotty” about dogs.Thanks also for the “humoresque link”.I am going to share it with our violin teacher. She is also a cello teacher so I think she will appreciate it(if she hasn’t already seen it)My 15yo is doing his next Suzuki graduation on Saturday, if you could spare a prayer for him(+ his nervous mother!)Finally here is the link to some of our violin recitals:

  3. I’m loving The Civil Wars these days – they are definitely worth a listen!

  4. I love the “I Would Walk 500 Miles” parody!

  5. Hi there…
    What a great post… Just wondering if you have heard of the Honey Dewdrops? Here is the link to their site…..

    They weave haunting melodies rooted in the old-fashioned mountain music tradition. Gorgeous.
    Peace to all of you.

  6. wonderful links, Ginny, thanks so much. I just shared our new favourite CD, Elizabeth Mitchell’s Little Seed on the blog the other day. I do wish my little ones will pick up classical music one day, as I have always enjoyed it and play the cello myself. we’ll see…

  7. we love mumford & sons.
    my husband just got some new to us Lp’s of jazz from the ’60’s. my kids love it. so surprising what they will enjoy if just exposed to it. 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for sharing these links Ginny.

  9. We just started our first formal art/music study this year. Like you, I have just kind of made it up as I went along. We are using the curriculum by Barb at Harmony Art Mom. It is so easy to use. So far so good. Your dog looks so peaceful in the pictures. I am thinking about getting a Border Collie but I heard they are very high energy and can be destructive. Any truth in your experience?

    • Trudy is actually a lab/pit bull mix. She is about 2 1/2 years old and while she likes to play, she’s never been hyper. She’s a really great dog minus being a bit of a nervous barker. Our last dog was a border collie mix, and she was wonderful, but was older when we adopted her so maybe was past the high energy stage. Every year when we watch the border collies at our local sheep dog trials I want one!

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