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Yarn Along

Beatrix’s cardigan is finished minus buttons, and I have already cast one on for Larkspur.   I’m excited about my first effort at writing a sweater pattern.  I also cast on a vest for Keats this week, but he doesn’t know it, and I hope to keep it a surprise.  Honestly, this isn’t what I want to be knitting right now.  Keats requested a rainbow vest last winter (rainbow minus pink or purple he specified) and while I did find yarn that met his specifications, I didn’t get around to casting on.  I realize that he won’t be interested in wearing a rainbow vest for much longer and I will regret it if I don’t fulfill his wish.  Purling with yarn that doesn’t have much spring is really hard on my left hand, so I will have to take my time.  Thankfully, once I reach the body, the vest will be straight stockinette in the round.  So, a row here and a row there, hopefully I will finish this up for Christmas.

I’m reading The Betrothed and really enjoying it.


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  1. Jean, who cannot see color at all, hates pink too 🙂 It is good to know that we go through these moments as mothers alone, and yet, together, treasuring the last moments of one phase, and embracing the first moments of the next. I hope you finish in time!

  2. I really love that yarn!!

  3. A few questions. When did you start to knit and who taught you (since your mom doesn’t knit)?
    What are the moments in your day when you read or is it mostly at night?

    • A friend taught me to knit in college, but I forgot and ended up taking one class at a knitting shop about eight years ago. I read while I nurse Silas and also a bit at bedtime. I rarely read for longer than ten minutes at a time!

  4. I have been reading your blog for a long time but finally got around to sharing in the yarn along! I am so excited and love reading about all of your projects and adventures! Thank you so much!

  5. That yarn is beautiful.

  6. This is my first time linking up so I wanted to say hello!

  7. That yarn is gorgeous. I just found a knitpicks retailer in the UK, yay 🙂
    I hope the purling will go alright for you, luckily you do have some time until Christmas!

  8. Oh, that yarn. It’s just delicious, I can’t wait to see it in cardigan form! And granting a wish for a rainbow vest is such a lovely, lovely thing to do. Seriously, reading the way you wrote about that is making me really happy. Thanks for sharing.

  9. What beautiful colors!

  10. I love that wool, so cheerful!

  11. I always think the projects knitted with a row here and a row there are the most treasured to have completed. I just re-started my shawl, and there will be a huge smile on my face when it’s around me. And, totally swooning over the rainbow yarn. My middle girl would just loove it.

  12. What perfect boy yarn! I had a similar no-pink/no-purple struggle scouring some Noro yarn for a scarf last winter (and thought I’d found a winner until some pink popped up down further in the ball).

  13. That is absolutely beautiful yarn! He will love it.

  14. I love that yarn. I would suffer through it as are you : ) I love that you want to make it before he outgrows his need for it. What a wonderful momma.

  15. Being somewhat yarn-selection impaired, I am intrigued with how your fabulously coloured yarn is knitting up. That’s going to be a gorgeous vest!

  16. Great rainbow colors! Good luck keeping it a secret!

  17. That’s a beautiful color of yarn.
    Thanks for making the Yarn Along.

  18. i’m happy to join the yarn along this week. your sweater looks beautiful cast on! the chroma color is lovely, but i’m sorry it’s a little difficult for your left hand. good luck with it.

  19. Lovely colorway – it can be so hard to find your perfect rainbow!

  20. Such brilliant shades in that yarn! I was actually inspired to pull out my knitting (which I haven’t touched in months – too hot!) while watching the Olympics. Maybe those sleeves will actually get done sooner rather than later!

  21. I love it. Knit on, friend. You won’t regret it in the end!

  22. angie (your sister) says:

    I LOVE that yarn! You have great taste in yarn colors and textures. I bet the girls will be thrilled to wear their new sweaters when youve finished 🙂

  23. i used a chrome to make a vest for my wee one and a diaper cover as well. that yarn is so lovely. 🙂 good luck on the vest!

  24. I love that chroma worsted. I knit a sweater for my daughter in it last year and she requested matching ponchos in it for her and her doll. Gorgeous!

  25. I’ve just finished my first Milo (linked above) and really loved the pattern! Doing a second for the Ravellenic Games.

    How do you like that yarn? The colors are lovely.

  26. The new yarn you are using is just beautiful.

  27. Such beautiful colors in your yarn! That is going to be so pretty.

  28. The yarn looks gorgeous and I love the colors! Have a wonderful Wednesday 🙂

  29. Love the yarn for the vest! I feel your pain about knitting it, but you’ll be so glad you did. Have a great week!

  30. That is simply gorgeous yarn! It looks so soft and yummy to work with.

    I’m joining in with the Yarn Along for the first time. I hope to be a regular attendee from now on. Thanks for sharing this great idea.

  31. Ah, thank goodness for knitters’ children, who present us with all kinds of challenging requests! My son recently asked me to knit him a ninja costume. Knitted? Haha! I’ll pass that one on to my mom, who is a seamstress! Love that delicious ice-cream yarn…the trouble, I find, with knitting for kids is that their whims change so quickly…you have to knit quickly to make sure they still like it by the time you’re done.
    Haven’t read the Betrothed…will check it out at the library today!

  32. Emily T. says:

    I love that yarn! Purling bothers my hands, too, and purl rows just seem to go on forever.

  33. Such sweet yarn. Can’t wait to see how it knits up. I have been very industrious this week. Two projects finished and another half done. Nothing like a cold winter to keep my needles busy. Jacinta

  34. That yarn is so great!

  35. What kind of knitter are you? Continental, English, combo, Ginny-style (which is fine!) 🙂 Perhaps how you hold the yarn makes a difference. Since I’m still a newer knitter, I don’t know all the ins and outs of techniques,etc. What makes purling a non-springy yarn difficult for your hand? Hope it improves.
    I had to giggle with the ‘no pink or purple’ comment – my boys are like that too. And sigh… yes, get that secret vest done so he’ll wear it while he likes wearing rainbows.

    • I am an English knitter, so my left hand is actually just holding my left needle, but something about the way I hold the needle when purling hurts my hand–mainly with thicker yarns and/or less springy yarn.

  36. Gorgeous yarn!

  37. As soon as I saw that photo I wondered if it was Chroma Worsted. My daughter has several things in that yarn. I really like the softness it retains after knitting. I love that Keats wants a rainbow vest. So sweet!

  38. What a lovely yarn. You have inspired me to fit more reading into my week, thank you!

  39. That yarn looks beautiful. Good luck finishing it up by Christmas.

  40. The colors are great! I love blue, green and yellow. The combination is so great! Thanks for hosting Yarn Along!

  41. I made a rainbow milo for my daughter with loads of flash out of the chroma. Just be warned that it does pill. I love when my sons ask for hand knits as I know the crazy combinations will make way for more sedate requests.

  42. What beautiful yarn! It’s so frustrating when you have a time sensitive project that is painful knitting, isn’t it?
    I have been doing something rare for me – a bit of baby knitting!

  43. Oh, I really really love your yarn!!!
    Thanks Ginny for your wonderful Yarn Along!! Hope you will have a lovely day!

  44. Gorgeous yarn too bad it hurts to purl! I love the colors in it. I know he will be so thankful that you knit it up for him. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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