Weekend Ramblings

I’m going to go off on a tangent before I even get started today.  I discovered something pretty wonderful this weekend.  I closed myself in my bedroom to fold laundry and realized that I could actually listen to something on my computer while I folded because my stepdad recently gave me a laptop computer.  I keep this computer in my bedroom and use it for writing in the evening after I put Silas to bed. With the exception of music, when I think of listening to something I think of audiobooks.  I haven’t been able to focus on an audiobook in ages though.  On this particular laundry filled evening, I remembered the whole “podcast” thing.  I am way behind the times in many areas, so I can’t even tell you what a podcast is exactly, but I had the brilliant idea to Google “Stephanie McPhee podcast.”  Then I folded my laundry while listening to her explain to a group of knitters why knitting is so AWESOME in scientific terms.  Listening to Stephanie lay it all out the way she does (maybe I’ve read this stuff in one of her books too–this reminds me that I definitely need to order her new book) I got super excited and folded my laundry at lightning speed while thinking of how I could change the world or at least my family if I could get them all knitting.  I have to figure out a way to get my mom to listen to this podcast.  She’s NOT a knitter.  In fact she is kind of horrified at the thought of me knitting something for her.  She doesn’t want me to go to all that “trouble.”  (trouble??)  She doesn’t understand that if I didn’t regularly go to the trouble of knitting, as in several times each day, that I probably wouldn’t be able to function in this little shoe of a house filled with a half dozen excited kids.

So, I’m trying to figure out how to convince my mom that she needs to learn to knit.  I just know it would change her life (I’m not saying she has a bad one, but there’s always room for improvement, especially if you don’t know how to knit, hee hee.)  The first step is to “go to the trouble” of knitting her something pretty from some fine merino wool.   I don’t think she’s every owned a hand knit.  Next I need to get her to listen to the evidence.  Steps one and two will take me a couple of months, so I have plenty of time to come up with step three.

We had company on Saturday so my house is in this strange but temporary sort of extra clean state.  The only way I can think to tie this to my introductory tangent, is that my friend who visited with her family is a knitter too.  At any rate, regarding the tidy house, Monday is sure to erase my weekend efforts.

wonderful teenager
Our friends brought their children, including two teenage daughters.  The girls got fancy braids and Larkspur learned to make friendship bracelets.  It was a good, good day.

Silas was in high spirits because he loves women, and on company day there were three more women in the house than usual.  These kind and generous friends spent the day helping us clear a huge branch that was broken and wedged into one of the maple trees in front of our house.  This was the most significant damage that we suffered from that big storm last month because of the proximity to our house.  My friend’s husband knows trees and he devoted his Saturday to helping Jonny.  We are so very grateful.  Grateful for the help, and grateful for friends.

with maple branches
My kids spent half of Sunday dragging branches around to make “houses.”

with maple branches

with maple branches

with maple branches

brown snake
Jonny got motivated and did lots more yard work over the weekend, and this brown snake was found under some rocks.

Cardinal fledgling
Larkspur discovered a cardinal fledgling in one of our maple trees.  At first we were afraid that it needed rescue.  I guess I was really the only one who was “afraid.”  Afraid of having to drive to the animal rehabilitator’s house again.  Thankfully a quick google search assured us that this baby didn’t need intervention.  After a few minutes it flew across the street.

What?  One photo isn’t enough?  Not to worry.  I took dozens.

Cardinal fledgling

Cardinal fledgling

Cardinal fledgling

Cardinal fledgling

Cardinal fledgling

Cardinal fledgling

Cardinal fledgling

instead of her face
p.s. It didn’t hit me until Jonny discovered Beatrix “decorating” the blender today, but she hasn’t drawn on her face in more than a week. I think that I would prefer for her to draw on herself than on household appliances though. She gets a bath everyday anyway.


  1. Could I borrow Beatrix for a few weeks? She is so precious!!! She always gives me a good laugh. Mostly because I completely understand. At least it’s just crayon…..

  2. Oh, that adorable fledgling and his punk rock hair – so cute! Glad he was okay 🙂

    Thank you so much for the podcast link up. How I’ve not discovered this gem in all my years of podcast listening, I don’t know, but thank you for sharing it! I’m eager to listen.

    Best wishes!

  3. beth lehman says:

    thanks for the podcast tip! i am laughing right now. it’s great!

  4. poor little birdie—and to think he’s going to grow up to be so pretty!!!

    beatrix really cracked me up today!!

  5. Oh! Thank you for sharing that Yarn Harlot podcast, Ginny! I listened to it late in the morning while starting the mate to my Snape socks I’m knitting for a friend. It was so good! I want to make my husband listen to it. Not sure that he would enjoy it as much as I did, though. 🙂

  6. That’s so cute! Except, you know, the cleaning up the blender part. Lol.

  7. The knitting revolution!!
    Oh Ginny how I wish we could somehow trade homes. My house is much too big for our family and we dream of a small place while yours is too small for your family and you desire a bigger place. If only it could be 🙂

  8. I’m hooked on knitting too and want to teach everyone I know. 🙂 Jeff wants to learn. I can’t imagine life without knitting.
    I’m going to listen to that podcast you mentioned.

    Glad you had friends to help over the weekend. My dad visited and helped us around the place, which was such a gift.

    Our clean house never stays that way for long either. 🙂

  9. Katie Murray says:

    Love the cardinal photos!

  10. I like the first couple of indoor shots. Your home has such character.
    When working with friends the time and effort is much lighter isn’t it? Glad you had that time.

  11. I love these posts… the rambling type! Happy week! +JMJ+

  12. Thanks for posting your cardinal babe. I was certain our cardinal babe left the nest prematurely. I see from your pics, leaving before one’s feathers are all in is normal.

  13. angie (your sister) says:

    Ginny did I tell you I have been incubating nuthatch eggs? Someone hit our mailbox with their car so I am incubating them.I don’t think they will hatch though because of the mailbox being knocked over, but its worth a shot. The eggs are so tiny. I think it would be cool to see them hatch out but ALOT of work. If they hatch out, I’m going to take them to a place called Noah’s Ark here. That little bird you posted about is adorable. About Bea…..she wouldn’t do something like that…lol 😉 Ok so even though you have pictures that doesn’t prove anything. I don’t believe it, she’s innocent ;D Good luck trying to get mom to knit. Mom likes her boat and the swamp to much. Although, she has knitted before so it wouldn’t take make much for her to pick it up again. I just don’t see it happening. By the way you take great photos Ginny. Love ya’ll! Yes I said ya’ll..lol…I am pretty southern.

  14. My little girl is the same way. Always puts her whole body into everything she does. A bath every night for her is a must 😉

  15. Looks like a fun and full weekend. Love the last pic 🙂

  16. I never thought about knitting keeping me sane, but I guess it does. I was forced to have a break from it recently and did not realise how much I had missed it until starting again recently. I am in the middle of putting together a list of Christmas knits I am so inspired!

  17. I love to listen to podcasts while I knit. It seems to make me knit faster. My favorite one is The Knitmore Girls-a mother daughter knitting production. I recommend it highly.

    The bird photos are incredible-I love the bald teenage gawky look they have when they leave the nest. I think you might have a future artist in your family with all of the “art” she produces !!

  18. Oh I know just what you mean about knitting keeping you somewhat sane:)
    Your weekend looks like it was full and wonderful.

  19. I have a success story that you could emulate with inspiring your mum to knit! My MIL retired around the time I had my first daughter, and in hindsight she has been getting a bit bored (which can result in …ahem… interfering!) as various hobbies fell by the wayside. She used to knit for her children, but hasn’t for about 30 years. I made her a beautiful Veera Valimaki Different Lines shawl for Christmas last year, lovely merino in a lime green called ‘radioactive’, and charcoal grey and a fuchsia highlight. She receives SO MANY compliments on it that she decided to try and make something similar for a difficult-to-buy-for family member this Christmas! Hurrah! Now, I’m off to look up that podcast 🙂

  20. What wonderful friends! Good luck with selling your mom on knitting 🙂 And is Larkspur really sleeping under there? I don’t think my boys would ever just fall asleep like that!!

  21. My kids, remarkably, just discovered the joy of self-decoration this past week. They’re 5 and 3. I’ve heard that people with lots of tattoos are addicted to the chemicals in the ink (which is probably not true, but…); I’m hoping this won’t become habit forming. But judging by your pictures, it might. 🙂 All non-washable markers have been removed from reach.

  22. Visitors are such a welcome treat. So glad they were able to help. I find Stephanie’s work so engaging. I often recount her stories to my husband. For some reason he doesn’t find them as hilarious. Do you read her blog? I am so impressed with the money she raised for her bike rally.

  23. What a fun day with friends (and some accomplishment to boot!) The little cardinal, with his fabulous mohawk, is adorable! Good luck with the decorated appliances. 😉

  24. That bird is hilariously unattractive yet adorable! The girls’ braids really are lovely. Glad you had time with friends.

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