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Yarn Along

I’m knitting a sock.  A sock!  Assuming I follow through with these, this will be my first pair.  Seth requested socks nearly a year ago.  I found yarn in the perfect color (he doesn’t branch far from dark green) and bought it within days of the request.  I wound it months ago, but couldn’t get excited about socks for some reason.  This week I decided that I better start working on them.  A couple of inches in I started getting kind of excited.  The ribbing is so nice and stretchy and the color is so pretty.  I think I like knitting socks (well, a sock.)  I just hope that I can persevere through sock number two without becoming too bored.  The pattern is a free one, and I am using Muscadine sock yarn.

I picked up Sarah’s Key at the library today and I am already about halfway through. The story is a fictionalized account of events surrounding the great Velodrome d’Hiver roundup which took place in France in 1942. It’s a very sad book so far.


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  1. Sarah’s Key is a sad book, but an important story in history ( though I admit I got a bit tired with the modern woman’s drama). I found the film to be better than the book in an unusual flip (usually the film ruins the story). You can find it on netflix.

  2. That is a beautiful green, but the practical side of me asks – so what colour will the pants be, and the shoes? Maybe the result will push me over the edge and have me knitting socks too 🙂

  3. A day late but I thought i’d post anyway!

    That green yarn looks wonderful btw.

  4. Gorgeous yarn! Thanks for your party, I love to participate:)

  5. That color green is so pretty!! I wasn’t able to link up this week, because I didn’t get a chance to take a picture in time.

  6. Kaylana says:

    Did you know that there’s a movie about Sarah’s Key? (Sorry if someone already mentioned it.) It’s in French and English – really good!

  7. I love socks. I’ve knit 5 pair this year, with a goal of knitting a pair every month. Here’s hoping!

  8. Socks are interesting, but I have to learn the two at a time trick. I accidently pressed enter and gave the wrong like on #112. My second link is the correct. Woops

  9. I am working on a pair of socks in a very similar colorway…well they have been on the back burner for a while….that second sock is so darn hard to finish…why is that?hmm.

  10. I love the color of your sock! Great green color! I have heard good things about the book Sarah’s Key, sad though it may be. I will put it on my “to read” list. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  11. Lovely yarn you are using for the socks, such a deep green!!

  12. I read Sarah’s Key a few months ago, and yes, it’s such a sad story. I made the mistake of reading it while pregnant with my third child and had terrifying nightmares involving my own children after reading some of the more horrifying parts. It’s a beautifully written book, but wow, I should not have read it with all those pregnancy hormones running through me!

  13. I LOVE socks! They are a blast to make. That green you are using is beautiful! I cannot wait to see what they look like finished.

  14. I love that shade of green!

  15. I love the colour of your “sock”! I haven’t read, but have seen Sarah’s Key – it was a fabulous movie. I think I cried…

  16. I’ve made several pairs of ribbed socks for my guys. I always start the second sock at the same time as the first, that way when I finish the first one, I have no excuses;)

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