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Gabe's quilt for Silas
Soon after Silas was born, Gabe mentioned that he would like to make a quilt for his first birthday.  Keats and I had sewn one for Beatrix’s first, and Gabe wanted to do the same for his new baby brother.  Even with an entire year to prepare for it, I did not manage to pull it together in time for Silas’ birthday.  I finally applied myself and found fabric that I knew Gabe would like (and on sale too) a few weeks ago and ordered it.  Every day he would ask when we would make the quilt.  Finally this past weekend I made a list of things that I wanted to accomplish and the quilt was one of them.

Gabe's quilt for Silas

Gabe's quilt for Silas

Gabe's quilt for Silas
We began with six fat quarters.  Rather than doing any cutting, I just helped Gabe sew them together, two at a time.  I know next to nothing about quilting and between that and the fact that Gabe has very little machine sewing experience, I kept things simple.

Gabe's quilt for Silas

Gabe's quilt for Silas
Then I cut each of the three pieces in half, making them different lengths.  We laid them out on the table, and then Gabe sewed them all together.

Gabe's quilt for Silas
I put the quilt together and sewed it up late that night (I opted not to bind this one-just sewed all three layers together and then turned it.)  Gabe and I worked together to hand tie the quilt the next day.

Gabe's quilt for Silas
The story behind this photo and Gabe’s smile:  Jonny popped inside for a minute and started teasing Gabe about making a quilt.  He was only joking, and confessed that he thinks quilting is awesome.  Back when we were in college, I remember Jonny spending a birthday check one year on a bunch of fat quarters and quilting tools.  He carefully cut a huge pile of 4 x 4 inch squares, but then got distracted and never made his quilt.

Gabe's quilt for Silas

Gabe's quilt for Silas

Gabe's quilt for Silas

Gabe's quilt for Silas
(quilt backing fabric HERE.)

Gabe's quilt for Silas

Gabe's quilt for Silas

Gabe's quilt for Silas

Gabe's quilt for Silas

Gabe's quilt for Silas

Gabe's quilt for Silas

Gabe's quilt for Silas

Gabe's quilt for Silas
I think Gabe is proud of his quilt.  I am always proud of him.

LOVE.  That pretty much sums it up.


  1. So wonderful, and just what I needed to see to counterbalance the terrible news in the world these days. Thank you for sharing your children’s love with us all!

  2. THAT is awesome!!!!!

  3. Mrs. Dillier says:

    Bravo! Gabe. Bravo!

  4. Oh, this is so very sweet. What a wonderful brother Gabe is and Silas…oh my, he is getting big!! You actually make it sound like someday maybe even I could make a quilt…

  5. beautiful thing… just a beautiful thing!!

  6. so that quilt looks like something i might be able to do. how much back fabric did you get? how many yards? thanks

  7. What lucky boys these two are, to have each other and so much love in their lives. The quilt is just fantastic, and I’m sure it will be very much loved for many years to come. You must be so proud of Gabe for that beautiful job and the desire to make something from his own hands and heart for his little brother. (No surprise there — he has great role models in your family!)

  8. I love the way the quilt turned out! And I love the pictures of Gabe and Silas together, so very sweet.

  9. I am going to be smiling all day. You and Gabe made something with great love for someone special. You hve raised amazing children. Way to go Gabe! Love the last picture and the beautiful quilt! Congratulations!

  10. This is an awesome gift and I guess the experience has been also a blessing to you and Gabe, too. 🙂

  11. Melissa L says:

    Thank you for sharing the LOVE! What a great, heart-happy, post! High-five Gabe for the quilt idea; a great and practical keepsake for your little bro! Time for Jonny to finish his own quilt as penance for teasing Gabe : )

  12. gabe is beautiful. and everything about this post is too.

  13. that last picture is fantastic. what a great quilt.

  14. What a wonderful, beautiful gift and so thoughtful of Gabe. He did a great job! That blanket should be kept forever 🙂

  15. Ahhh…what amazing boys <3

  16. i love that final snapshot… seems like it needs to be blown up and framed.

  17. What love is that! They are so blessed to know it!

  18. That very last photo is so fantastic!
    Great Job Gabe! I wish I had a big brother like you!

  19. This post is wonderful, I was smiling the whole way through it and that last photo needs to be framed,,,,beautiful!! What a fantastic big brother Gabe is and Gabe….you should be so very proud of yourself, your quilt is amazing!!

  20. How wonderful, Brotherly love!! It is always so nice to hear that an older brother has taken the time to do something special for his younger sibling. What a very special young man you have raised in Gabe!

  21. LOOOOVE!! <—that's me singing it like Ethel Merman, lol. 🙂

    Love begets love, doesn't it?

    Hooray for Gabe! Fantastic job! Hooray for momma, too, to make time to do it.

  22. What a great big brother. And you have made this quilt look so easy to make.

  23. What a wonderful big brother Gabe is to make Silas a first birthday quilt. I think it turned out perfectly!

  24. That is so incredibly sweet! Gabe did a great job with the quilt; and an even more amazing job in his role as big brother.

  25. Made with LOVE!! Is there anything better then making something for someone special, especially when there is so much love put into it? The quilt is perfect, you and Gabe did a great job. I love seeing how a big brother wanted to create something so special for his little brother. Oh, it made me cry. So sweet!

  26. LOVE indeed. So much love.

  27. this made me smile like nothing else!

  28. That is super fantastic fabulous awesome! Way to go Gabe! Such a wonderful big brother! There is so much love and brother bonding in every stitch. It’s beautiful.
    (and though my two big guys have never made quilts, they do a lot of sewing. My 19yo currently has my machine captive while his is in the shop!) (and I love the fabrics you chose!)

  29. This is super cute. I love it. The quilt is adorable and the love behind it is beautiful. It is great. 🙂

  30. Jennifer says:

    That’s so sweet-good experience for Gabe, good memory for the both of you, and it’s a great looking quilt, too!

  31. This is awesome! I hope if I am blessed with boys they can want to create like yours do. I love that. And I love how much your kids love one another!

  32. Caroline says:


    Now to find the kleenex.

  33. that last pic is fab.

  34. That’s awesome! And it looks like the quilt is already getting some love.

  35. You just had to go and make me cry didn’t you 😉

  36. What a beautiful job!

    Warm greetings from Chile

  37. Beautiful story and beautiful quilt! It’s great to hear how enthusiastic Gabe was about making a quilt. Love it!

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