with family (and a game!)

with grandparents
We have company:  my dad and his wife are visiting from New Mexico.

with grandparents
It may or may not be my imagination, but it seems to me that my children become maniacs when we have company.  Although they do look rather sweet in this photo.

My dad
This is my dad wearing my bee suit.

And now, how about a rousing game of “Find the Queen?”
(Because we spotted one of our queens for the first time today.)
Find the queen

Find the queen

Find the queen

Find the queen

Find the queen

Find the queen

(Now wasn’t that fun?)
I’ll chill with the bee photos after this, I promise.  But the queen! The queen!


  1. i LOVE that picture of you dad! hee hee

  2. That was fun!

  3. That was early morning fun! I love the candid pics on the couch with the family.

  4. Thanks for sharing the bee photos- we’re about to look for our queen for the first time and the photos are really helpful!

  5. I totally get your obsession with Queen bee photo’s. I’m sure I’d be just the same…

  6. I LOVE your bee photos!!

  7. My children always seem to release all pent-up energy the monent guests walk in the door, but that never seems to chase the grandparents away 🙂 LOVE the bees. Keep those photos coming. Love the picture of your little one in grandpas lap. So sweet.

  8. I love the bee photos…don’t stop! Great pics of the Queen! We had a swarm in our apple tree the other day and my husband rescued it. We guess there are about 10,000 bees in that swarm. I took photos, and in hind sight, I wish I had videoed him dropping the swarm into one of our hive boxes. So far so good, they are building comb in the hive and bringing in pollen, I think they are home.

    • Right after I posted this, I went out to our garden to check my seedlings and lo and behold…another swarm. This time I did video my husband dropping the swarm into a hive body. I am hoping they decide to stay. They immediately began “scenting” from the ledge and now seem to be “orienting” so maybe…fingers crossed they stay. I am so excited, two hives of bees, FREE.

  9. You can never have too many bee photos 🙂
    We love following along as your learning…we hope to have bees eventually. Right now we’re just hoping to do well with our first flock of chicks 🙂
    Hope you had a nice visit…

  10. umm… I surely hope you will not “Chill” with the bee photos..
    and on that note…
    The Queen!!!! the Queen!!!! I love how I can really see the size difference…must say I will need to pin it so I don’t loose track of your great work!
    best pic I have ever seen of the queen…
    p.s…if feel the same way about the bees…. I am trying so hard to not overload the blog with bees… but aren’t they just something!?!? sheesh, who knew!

  11. My two littlest boys loved finding the Queen Ginny! Congratulations on a flourishing hive. How very exciting. We thought we would have bees by now, but I think with a new baby on the way we may have missed the window. Next year maybe!

  12. It’s actually amazing how easy she is to see! (And keep it coming with the bee photos!)

  13. Yes, it was fun.

  14. #1…that last picture of the queen is great…how there is just enough space around her to capture the eye. Wonderful! And I totally know what you are talking about! My kids go bonkers when my parents (or any company) comes over. I feel bad because a lot of times I put on a movie or add some other distraction at some point because I can’t handle it. Bonkers is putting it lightly, yet I know it’s just because they are super eager for the attention from those they love. I did notice though, that when my parents came to visit us up at our new house, where we have much more room to stretch and breathe….they weren’t so crazy. So maybe it was just so squished in our old house that adding ANY more people to the space just set them off. I dunno, but I sympathize!


  15. I’m going to open my two new hives up tomorrow to check and see how progress is going. I can’t wait! It was great to see your pictures of your queen so I know better what to look for tomorrow!

  16. I have never seen a queen anything as close as this. I think it’s exciting that the bees seem to be doing their bee stuff. Looks like you had a fun time with the family visiting.

  17. Your dad looks like a great guy (and a good sport, getting geared up to see the bees!). My kids, too, act as though we never have visitors whenever someone comes over. It could be the UPS man, and they all crowd to the door to greet him, and then shout repeated “Goodbyes” when he drives off. Really kind of geeky…

    Love your bee photos, and I spotted the wee bit of her in the first photo, before even knowing what the game was! Do I win? Keep the photos coming…they’re all I have until I hopefully get my own hives next year!

  18. HA! My kids become fairly wild as well, when company comes. Most especially one of my sons. . .

  19. wonderful pictures! never enough bee pictures!!!!

  20. You should give her a name – Queen Matilda, or something.

  21. I love the bee photos!!! Keep em coming!!!

  22. Love, love the bees pictures and bee talk. How are the chicks?

  23. Ginny, keep the bee photos coming, they are great.
    Oh the Queen, I feel so honored to have seen her and
    now I think I will put on a pot of tea and make a batch of

  24. ♥ Oh that was so much fun…what lovely bees! I have a friend who just got some bees…here’s the video of them checking it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLTPXBW_Di8&feature=share

  25. My kiddos seem to turn into energized little attention seeking creatures when around people they haven’t seen in a long time. I am always comforted that they do settle back into themselves after a bit. Very cool about the Queen.

  26. Great family pics. And now worries, I love the bee pictures 🙂

  27. I love how it seems that every visitor you have over now has to don the bee suit and go pay a visit to the hives! Such a fun thing to be able to share with people! I really hope we can get bees when we move soon! Enjoy your visit.

    And while I don’t know your kids, I do know mine… and they go totally berserk when we have company. Their already normal noisiness goes up by nearly 3 decibels, and the amount of bouncing acrobatics within the confines of our very cozy(read super small) house…wow! A family our size already overwhelms a lot of people, and add to the sheer number of kids, with extra happy activity, in a small space, Ha! It can be a lot to take in. I am sorry:-) however I am also so happy to hear that it’s not just my kiddos that get excited when company comes.

  28. I, for one, never tire of bee photos. The Queen! Beautiful.

    Lovely to see family photos—with extended family—too!

  29. That’s exciting! Both the company and the queen! Enjoy your time with them. 🙂

  30. Wonderful. I’m learning about bees. I’m making a beekeeping course and I’m loving it. Hope one day I’ll have my own. You have a wonderful family. Great kids!!

  31. How amazing!

    Lovely family pictures, too.

  32. She’s beautiful ;o) but so much smaller than I imagined!
    Beautiful photo’s as always.

  33. So you had your own Queen’s day yesterday! Like our whole country!! If you google ‘Koninginnedag’ and look at the pictures, you can see what I mean.
    The queenbee is very outstanding between her workbees. It looks wonderful.

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