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Larkspur with Kit

Larkspur with Kit
I would say that pink fingernails and a new doll are sure signs that Grandmommy has been visiting.  In honor of Larkspur’s sixth birthday (It was actually last March, but my dad and his wife live across the country) her Grandmommy took her to a store unlike one she’s ever visited before and bought her a new friend.  I don’t think Larkspur will soon forget the fun she had (nor will I.)  I’ll be honest and say that I tend to favor things crafted by hand from say, wool or wood, but Larkspur has never liked a doll so much as this one before, and I really like her too.  But more important is the special day she spent with a Grandmommy who is new to our family (after the death of my stepmom two years ago.)  There is a healing that comes as Grandmommy paints her fingernails and brushes her hair.  There is a bond that grows as they share excitement (because I think that Grandmommy was just as excited about the doll as Larkspur!) over a cute doll and her matching accessories.  So, “Welcome to the family Kit.  I hope you don’t mind that from here on out, most of your clothing will be handmade.”  (And thank you dearly Grandmommy.  Kit has yet to leave Lark’s side.)

Designer clothes
Larkspur is already raiding my scrap bag to create dazzling fashions for her little friend.

Today she created a muddy concoction in which to “dye yarn.”  She told me that she was dyeing “baby skeins” for me for Mother’s Day.   Mr. Silas evidently spent some time dipping into the dye pot as well.  Good thing Lark was using natural dyes.

(please notice the curls.  I am in love with the curls over his ears.)

And finally, I haven’t mentioned our chicks lately, but they are doing well.

They are mostly feathered out and spend their days in the run.  My favorite is one of the Rhode Island Reds.  I don’t have a picture of her because she hops up in my lap as soon as I squat down.  Of course that’s exactly why she’s my favorite.  I flatter myself and pretend that she loves me.  She does seem to like it when I pet her.  (the one in this photo is an Ameraucana)

Most of my time in the chicken run is spent staring at and obsessing over the Silver Lace Wyandotte’s though.  They all look a little different to me and I strongly suspect that this one is a rooster.  I did not intend to have a rooster as part of this flock.  No boys allowed.


  1. I was given an American Girl doll when I was growing up. For one of my birthdays, my grandma gave me a small trunk and filled it with clothes and a quilt she made for my doll. There was so much love in that little trunk it nearly burst my heart.
    She gave me patterns for American Girl doll clothes. Would you like me to copy some patterns and send them to you?

    I love Silas’ muddy face and his curls are absolutely precious.

    We had some Silver Lace Wyandottes that seemed to be good layers. They are beautiful chickens. We had roosters for awhile and decided we liked having just chickens much better. 🙂

  2. Melissa L says:

    Silas’s curls really ARE adorable! Your son has as much hair as my 18 month old daughter. I’m hoping her hair will really start coming in soon and I would simply swoon over curls like that! I also think his cheeks are spectacular and would love to give him plenty of kisses on them!

    I was given a Samantha doll as a girl (though I secretly preferred Kirsten) and I have saved her for my daughter so I’ve come to gripes with her ‘plasticity’ since she is now being reused and is ‘green’. Lark will, and it seems already does, treasure her and possibly if she has children of her own they may treasure her too.

  3. Happy Birthday to Larkspur! I’m sure Kit is happy to have found such a wonderful playmate. Josefina joined our family years ago. She lives happily among our waldorf dolls. My girls loved to dress her in the latest doll fashions made from my scrap bag.

  4. I think Kit will love handmade clothes….didn’t her mother make her feed sack dresses? She must be so glad to be in your family. Yea for Grandmommy and yead for Larkspur….and let’s be honest, yea for the curls behind Silas’s ears. My baby is rocking some as well, but not hearly as great as his.

  5. Oh, those curls and that wee muddy face! Adorable!

    I have to say that I was a bit on the fence about American Girl dolls, too but now, going on almost four years I think and at age 10 and a half, my oldest still plays with her doll almost every day. And, yes, homemade clothes (and matching fashions, no less) are indeed part of the fun 🙂

    Hooray for happy chicks! And their mama and grandmommy 🙂

  6. Suzette says:

    My daughter, Ashley, still has her American Girl Doll. Ashley is 20 Years old now. I’m sure your little girl will enjoy hers as well. You have beautiful children and a wonderful new Grandmommy!! Congrats to all!!

  7. I love that first photo. My girls love their dolls. We don’t have any of the American Girl Dolls yet, but I’m sure we will in the future. Ava will be 5 this month and she’s asked for a For a doll….so one of her aunties will deliver that for her.
    Silas is getting so big! Love those blue eyes of his, and the curls.

    Glad all is well with you and your family.

  8. Ginny, my name is Nicole and I have been reading your blog for a few months and sometimes joining for the Yarn Along – my daughter is six years old and LOVES her American Girl Doll (used from Santa this year). All of a sudden, I realized she could use a doll with hair who was not a little baby. I have sewn her one dress and am plotting to knit her a cardigan sweater 🙂

  9. Camille loves her handmade dolls, but about a week or two ago she asked (for the first time) for a dolly that she could brush her hair. I love little Larkspur and kit’s matching outfits, too cute! And Silas’ curls… that’s how my sweet Noah started with his now full head of curly locks. I remember those wisps, they are the sweetest! 🙂

  10. I’ve told Bret that I want americaunas when we next get chicks. We’ve had RI Reds, Light Brahmas, Jersey Giants, Buff Orpingtons and various mixes. I love the look of your “adolescent” chicks!

    Silas looks wonderful with his nose painted. And his curls are delectable. What a yummy little thing he is!

    Kit will look perfect in handmades. The irony is that the doll’s clothing costs WAY more than an actual depression-era family would have had to spend on a whole family’s wardrobe! It’s more than WE spend on clothing!

  11. Oh my. Larkspur is growing up!

  12. My oldest daughter has a Felicity doll and it is so treasured! She knows it is special and has treated it so. I am so happy she can enjoy and take care of her toys. And, there is something about just watching a little girl have and play with a special doll!

  13. My sisters step-daughter is American Girl obsessed. We’re in the UK so her dolls have a lot of homemade clothes as you can’t get them over here. She gets sent the AG magazine from her grandparents some of the time and they have suggestions of things to make your dolls. Funny enough she bought me one of the books when they went over to Chicago at Christmas because she has Kit and my little boy is called Kit. 🙂

  14. jacquie says:

    My mother gave Kit to my daughter for Christmas ( her only AGD). I agree, they’re not my first choice for dolls but she does love and play with her for long stretches of time AND in a way that’s no different than her style of play with her more home spun dolls. So, I guess play is play no matter what the medium is (I think I want to say that with a grain of salt because I am a big believer in simple play things). Anyway, I like what you said about the healing aspect of the whole experience. I’m curious, did Beatrix mind not getting a doll?

  15. I had two American girl dolls when I was younger and kept them. Strawberry just recieved Samantha for her birthday and Kristin is just waiting for her turn to be given away. I guess I’ll give her to Cupcake since Sunshine is begging for Josephina. I found a used Josephina so I’m just trying to decide do I give the doll to Sunshine for her 5th birthday or do I keep it for Christmas or her 6th Birthday. Sunshine loves her Pheobe Mouse (Peanut) right now. She takes it eveywhere. I’m almost afraid that giving her a big plastic (even though it is beautiful) doll will take the place of her love of the handknit mouse and her Waldorf doll.

    Anyway, Larkspur looks thrilled and the matching clothing is sweet. Love that suitcase for the clothing too. So hope to strike it lucky at a thrift store and score a suitcase too!

    Strawberry just sewed a skirt from a kids sewing book. The name escapes me but it is something like the Sewing School for kids ??? There are some great knit patterns on Rav. too.

  16. I had Kirsten as a child (I still have her and now Charlotte plays with her!). I loved all of the books- reading them sparked a love of history. When Felicity was created, there was a Tea Party in Colonial Williamsburg to celebrate her arrival and my best friend and I went. We spent the weekend in Williamsburg and to this day, that is my most fond childhood memory. I am with you on the toys made of natural materials front; but this is one doll that can ignite a love of history and appreciation of how blessed we are today! What a wonderful gift- bonding time with Grandmommy and a special new dolly!!!

  17. My daughter have three american girl dolls and loved each one. We even went to the store in NYC two years ago!!! My daughter (adult) getting just as giddy as all the little girls in that store. What was funnier was my husband and son just standing there wondering what the big deal is.

  18. Little pink girls, paperdolls, American girl dolls dressed alike and smiles. Where did the time fly in my life? It feels like just yesterday I was where you are now. But, alas, my pink girls are now 24 and 21 and the American girl dolls are lovingly packed ways waiting for the pink girls that may show up in THEIR lives! (Just like Chatty Cathy waiting patiently for me to introduce her to my pink girls!)

    Really dating myself here!

  19. Oh–I have been thinking and worrying that our only Silver Laced Wyandotte is a boy also…I am hoping they just develop faster or something. S/he is our only SLW is our only one–s/he looks like yours with just a little less of the wattles…but ours are only 8 weeks. Good luck. I would like to think I could eat him if indeed it is a him, but I ummm am not sure that I can. We only have four and they lived in our bathroom for a good long time. Good luck and here’s to hens only. My little almost six year old is like Larkspur–she loves girly things but can roll around in the mud with her painted pink nails and pretty dresses. Lots of fun!

  20. That picture of Larkspur melts my heart. She looks so happy in her matching pj’s with Kit. I’m glad you are have a wonderful family visit!

  21. Love to read you as always, thank you.

  22. It actully looks like Silas got his nose painted by someone else! He also seems to have painted whiskers, you sure Larkspur didn’t try to paint him a cat face? ha ha!

  23. Kit lives with my oldest granddaughter, too! And is very very well loved, and dons Grandma-knit clothes (there are oodles of patterns on rav that are really very cute). (They also have the same nightie set…cute! I guess it’s a grandma-thing!)
    BUT, I don’t have any mud-dyed yarn……something to think about!

  24. Kit has the most fabulous accessories…I love her apron and also the kitchen with the canned goods. She’s my fave AG doll! My daughter has loved the books so much and we have woven them into our homeschool history times so easily. For 2 years she was in an American Girl Club with about 8 girls…they would meet monthly and would highlight a Historical Doll that month and have craft and cooking activities to go along with it (each Mom took turns planning a different month). Really, really fun.

  25. The American Girl books are wonderful- I started reading them to my daughter at around Larkspur’s age. She started reading them herself soon after. Kit, who comes from the Depression Era, is no stranger to handmade clothes, so no worries there 🙂

    What a fun experience!

    • Seth and Keats have both read the book that came with the doll and are asking for the rest in the series! Jonny is reading it aloud to Larkspur.

  26. oh, my!

    My mom has a Kit in waiting for Zoe, which she bought before she was even born. What, I wondered, would happen were it come to pass that she was a tomboy?? I even vetoed a doll for her first birthday (oh, the gender bias! the assumptions!), insisting on a stuffed squirrel, instead.

    No such worries.

    Zoe has been swooning over Kit since she first met her, last summer, an introductory tea party. Someday she’ll come home with us. Zoe talks about it nearly daily.

    Have fun, Larkspur!

    From your fellow Kit fans

  27. I loved Little Man’s curls too…….luckily, it looks like Si’s are still relatively short and won’t need to be cut off for awhile. Little Man is gearing up for his second haircut tomorrow morning. His curls are coming back so I’m thinking he has some curl in his hair anyway. Oh well…he’s a boy and may or may not have long hair. We’ll see.

    And it’s really funny but I’ve noticed that little girls that have American Girl dolls would almost rather have handmade items than the items you can buy in a store. I think I’ll be sending my niece some handknit clothes for her doll pretty soon (not handknit by me, though).

  28. Cheryl says:

    Kit won’t mind homemade clothes one bit, or blankets or furniture. How many wonderful hours have been spent with her and her friends in my house! My older daughter was in the same nightgown this morning, too. We love matching PJs.

    Sweet pictures, as always. I’m hoping for chickens at my farm next year…thanks for sharing yours!

  29. We have Kit here too…and Felicity. They are definitely one of my girls’ most treasured belongings. They also LOVE girly stuff…like getting their nails painted, playing hairdo styler, and dressing up in the most god awful stuff that I don’t want them to come out of the house in. BUT, I think that is just what girls are all about…let them get it out now (and hopefully not later)! I totally noticed Silas’ curls before I read your line! They (and him) are completely adorable.

    On the chicken note, Auracaunas are so amazing with how varied their feathers and patterns can be. We have two “chipmunk” looking ones, one buff and white one, and two all buff colored one. The way I can tell them is by their feet, which appear greenish to me, where the rest of our flocks feet are yellow/orangey/normal looking.


  30. Roosters are good with dumplins!!

  31. Lori B says:

    My son had those same curls, plus one on the top of his head!. My grandma used to call them ‘angel curls’ 🙂 Son is now 14, and has a head full of thick, blonde curls- drives the girls crazy!

  32. Oh, a lovely American girl doll. Have you read the books yet?

  33. Love those curls! And what a special day for Larkspur.

  34. What a special adventure for Larkspur and her Grandmommy. I hope if anything ever happens to me there is a special someone who will treat my grand wee one just as well and loving!

  35. I too favor the cloth and handmade, but Aine does so love her AG doll as well. She and her waldorf inspired doll came with us to VA.

  36. Teresa C says:

    Is Lark wearing matching clothes with the doll? 🙂
    Silas is lovely indeed! And i’d love to know more about that muddy dye thing!

  37. Emily T. says:

    I love that Larkspur has Kit! They really are nice dolls. I look forward to seeing Lark, Bea, and now Kit in matching dresses 🙂

    Oh Silas.. you and those curls!

  38. Larkspur does look thrilled with her new friend. 🙂 There are plenty of handmades that can go along with an American Girl doll. A nice older gentleman at our farmer’s market makes unfinished wooden doll beds that I fixed up and blogged about here: And of course, the handmade clothes! Silas is as cute as they come! It’s hard to believe that Beatrix wasn’t much older than he is now when I started reading your blog!

  39. My little girl (Aged 2!) is a big fan of what I deem to be pink plastic rubbish. *Sigh*. I think the more I try to palm her off with making scarecrows and digging up worms, the more she wants to be a fairy princess. Well, I only have myself to blame, I named her after her stiletto-wearing 89 year-old great-grandmother!

    I love your chicks. I wish I had the space…

  40. oh heavens Silas is one cute little fella!!

  41. We ended up having not one but two accidental roosters in each batch of chicks we got…the first two were rooster pot pie and the second two found a lovely home and we were given two alpaca fleeces in exchange…

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