Sick Larkspur

Sick Beatrix

If either of my girls is found sleeping in the middle of the day, you can bet that they are sick.  This little illness has slowly dragged it’s way through our whole family over the past week.  Sunday morning was the first morning in five that Beatrix answered, “Much bett-uh!” when I asked her how she was feeling upon waking.  And indeed, Sunday was much better for her.  Surely we will all be well soon, and there is always plenty of Grace as we move through the hard patches.

are these called bluebells?  but not the wild bluebells.

paleo mayo fail

Saturday I gathered ingredients to make “paleo” mayonnaise.  I was really excited because I was certain that I was going to be using it to make the most amazing chicken salad.

paleo mayo fail

(photo by Jonny)

Slow as can be, I carefully poured the two cups of oil into our half broken food processor.  My right arm burned with the effort, but I told myself that it would all be worth it.  It turns out that my choice of oils yielded nasty mayo though.  So this was a total fail.  (and just click the photo if you want to join a little  “not a baby” baby bump discussion.)  (Oh, and the big silver thing, because I’ve been asked–it’s a Berkey water filtration thing.  We love it.)

Sick Silas

Saturday afternoon we were going a little crazy in the house with all the sick people, and decided that a walk would a really good thing.  Beatrix, who only wanted me most of the time she was sick, rode on my back, and Silas slept on Jonny’s.

Leroy's dog, Worm

We headed into the woods behind our neighbor’s house.  I just have to show you his dog because his name is “Worm.”  Worm.


wild turkey eggs

There were wild turkey eggs here and there on part of the trail, and then a whole nest of them.

wild turkey eggs

praying mantis egg "hatching"

Sunday morning I was summoned to see a praying mantis egg case erupting with babies.

crimson clover

our girls discovered the crimson clover this weekend

The honeybees have found the crimson clover.

Banana shrub

My banana shrubs are blooming.  They have the most amazing fragrance, and for me, it’s straight out of childhood because my grandparents had one in their yard and I loved it so.


All night coughing, vomit in the clean laundry basket,  no sleep for nearly a week:  it’ll pass. (right?)

p.s. I enjoyed this story over the weekend with Keats and Larkspur when they didn’t feel like getting off the couch, but needed something to occupy themselves.


  1. AH! we didn’t catch that image of our mantids! Someone sent me here to see it and I’m so glad they did! my kids will be thrilled to see this bit of ‘birth’ they didn’t see!

  2. Wonderful photos! Wild turkey eggs & praying matis babies – amazing!

  3. Your blog is beautiful! Love your photos. Hope you all feel better soon!

  4. About your mayo fail (sorry to hear it!), I’ve heard from Alton Brown (Food Network’s food science guy) that when you pulse olive oil too much in the food processor, it can turn bitter. So I pulse as minimally as possible when I make pesto and dressings, although I’ve never tired mayo. Hope you have sucess with it soon!

  5. I hope everyone is starting to feel better… those praying mantis babies are amazing! What a thing to see!

  6. Without fail, we always get sick in April, either right before or right after Easter. We’ll go through the winter with one or two colds, and then get knocked over with something right when the weather is getting nice. Every year.

    I took a photo of tiny praying mantis on Friday past, but not as tiny as yours!

    I am glad you are all on the mend. Your photos are lovely, as always.

  7. amazing photographs, I hope you will all be well soon

  8. My goodness you know how to wield a camera!!! Amazing photos—each telling a story … you certainly caught the “sick” but beautiful girls…..and those praying mantises (manti???) WOW.

  9. Ginny,

    Get your image of the red clover and honeybee printed for note cards. It’s so nice…

  10. Such stunning photos. The butterfly one is breathtaking. And such beautiful portraits of your girls, feeling ill as they are. Wishing them a speedy return to health…

  11. Beautiful pictures. Hope everyone is well again soon, and I do hope you are taking care of yourself mama.

  12. I have had much success with paleo mayo using avocado oil and olive oil also i always pour my oil into a squeeze type bottle and that makes the pouring so much easier.

  13. Which paleo cookbook are you working from?

  14. What beautiful pictures Ginny! I’m keeping your family in my prayers, asking for health to be restored to all of you. It seems the “yuckies” have been all over the country this spring.

    I’ve never seen wild turkey eggs and the praying mantis babies, oh my! What an incredible childhood you are giving your children. They are very, very blessed to have you for their mother.

    Have a wonderful day and hang in there.



  15. Christine says:

    I love the picture of the baby bugs. Incredible.

  16. It is so true for me as well that finding sleeping children is a sure sign that things are amiss. We too have been battling the yucks. Of course, combining it with moving across the country has put me to the test. Hoping everyone is on the mend.

  17. I’m sorry to hear of sickness and hope everyone is healthy soon.
    I am enthralled by the photo of the praying mantis nest “erupting.” I have a nest in my garden and would be overjoyed to see the wee things hatch. Thank you for sharing!

  18. Hope you all feel better soon!
    The pictures of your sleeping girls are just absolutely precious. Truly.

    I’ve had the wrong oil ruin my homemade mayo before too. Haven’t made any for awhile, you reminded me about it.

    I love the picture of Silas in the Ergo. We use the Ergo all the time. I can’t imagine life without it.

    I love those pictures of the wild turkey eggs too.

    Love to all of you and hope you get some good sleep!

  19. Seriously you have the most beautiful photos ever! When I came across the photo of Worm it took my breath away, he looks just like my now deceased Rosie. Oh how I miss her.

  20. those turkey eggs are lovely. i am not sure i would be able to handle an egg case hatching. i hope all of your littles get better quickly.

  21. You live in a beautiful place! So, I have a question. I thought turkeys laid on their eggs? They just leave them on occasion?

  22. So glad to find your blog through Taryn. I am sending healthy vibes to your home. I have yet to master homemade mayonaise myself and I am envious of that gorgeous Berkey!

  23. Incredible pictures, Ginny!

  24. Sorry you’ve been unwell 🙁
    These photos are just beautiful. I love the butterfly in flight and those baby mantis. Such a cool find!!!

  25. i hate sick days. ugh.

  26. Gorgeous, gorgeous, grace. The beauty of the Lord’s creation is everywhere, if only we open our eyes to see it. Your photos are truly lovely. That butterfly — oh my. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! ~Lisa

  27. Wonderful pictures! I hope everyone is well soon. Prayers! +JMJ+

  28. Sorry about the terrible sickness! But beautiful photos! Especially of the praying mantis and the butterfly amongst the crimson clover. Hope the girls feel even better today!

  29. So much life around you, how awesome is that! I hope everyone’s feeling much better today.

  30. Oh, I wish you all be good.

  31. Hope you all feel better soon!

  32. you poor dears 🙁 sometimes it’s those little brief steps out the door that are salvation, though, yes? the clover is beautiful, indeed. and i’m so grateful, personally, for that praying mantis shot! we had a nest last year, but it never hatched, so we’ve wondered ever since what it would have looked like. now we know!

    ajuga on it’s way, in the next few…


  33. Hi Ginny,
    So wonderful to find the beauty even when the going is rough.
    I just wrote a bit about that too.
    So neat to find Turkey eggs. Perhaps a hike would do us some good as well.

  34. Oh bless you heart. What a whirlwind of photos. Please be good to yourself and take care of you too.

  35. open those windows and get that stale air out of the house. I do so hope that when you read this your whole family is healthy. I’ve never seen turkey eggs. We do have wild turkeys walk through our back yard so maybe I’ll have to look in the woods 🙂

  36. The praying mantis picture is just too amazing. The turkey eggs are so cool. I hope you all get rid of the bug in your house. We have had it too. I never knew two kids could get so much puke everywhere. Sigh.

  37. Thank you for the praying mantis photo. I’ll be having “daymares” today. Love the turkey eggs — that’s a lot of turkeys. We have a Cardinal nest within plain site. I need to get some photos.

  38. I hope everyone is better soon. And your “bump” is merely a wrinkle in your shirt. Men will never learn. I had a man tell me (when I was pregnant with Charlotte) not to “let myself go” after having her. He went on to say that his first wife (I think he’s had 3 or 4) totally “gave up” after their son was born. Jerk.

  39. You found turkey eggs?!!! I am so envious. We finally have several turkey’s on our property and I love listening to them. I pray daily that no poacher shoots them [it’s turkey season here in SC].
    And then you had praying mantis babies too? Awesome!
    With all the good things showing up in your world that sick bug has to go soon! 🙂

  40. Emily T. says:

    Hope the fresh air has helped and everyone is feeling better this week.

    I had to call Chase over to see the pictures, especially the praying mantis shot. How amazing!

  41. Man the praying mantis’s (?) are cool! Wish I was there too!

  42. I hope you all feel better by now!
    Love the pictures, especially the picture of the turkey eggs and the praying mantis! Just beautiful!

  43. I’ve had the bug since Friday(took the day off work.) Slept all weekend. Finally could knit a little last night. Ugh…not fun stuff. Looks like you had a good weekend overall. and yes…this too shall pass & they’ll be on their way to college!

    We had a Berkley for a while, but it sprung a leak!

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