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Yarn Along

I’ve been working on my second try February Lady sweater this week.  Morale is high as I divided for the sleeves, successfully passing the spot where I had to stop last time around.  My numbers are good.  I came up with the numbers that I wanted to have when the time came to divide for the sleeves, and worked backwards to come up with my cast on number before restarting.  I want to be able to work on this even when people are talking to me (which is most of the time) so I have once again added stitch markers throughout the lace portion.  This is the first time I have ever done that while knitting a lacy pattern, and it is making this a more relaxed project, which I like.

I am reading Sue Hubbell’s A Book of Bees.  A reader recommended it as her favorite beekeeping book, and I completely understand why.  I love Sue’s style.  A Book of Bees is written like a novel; a highly informative one.  The fact that you learn about beekeeping along the way is just a happy result.  I feel like I am learning more from this book than I have from the other “how to” type beekeeping books I have been reading lately.  It is doing a great job of helping me put together all the information I’ve been reading and demonstrating how it plays out during a beekeeper’s year.  With excitement and a healthy dose of nerves (on my part,) we’re picking up our packages of bees today!


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  1. yay for stitch markers!! i love the color you’ve chosen it’s going to look stunning on you with your pretty rosy cheeks. i may just have to make a fls too.
    catching up here, i missed y.a. this week and i wish i had a garden so i could play along there too. loving all your photos, the kids are glowing.

  2. Oh I’d love to join your Yarn Along!
    I’ve been knitting like crazy since my son was born and in 2 weeks His sister is going to join us too, so this Yarn Along will give me a lot of motivation to keep up my hobby with two kiddos by my side.
    And it will keep me posting in English for sure!
    FLS is a really nice cardigan. I made it myslef and it was great fun!

    Hugs, Justyna

  3. Sue Hubbell’s books are fabulous; love them all.
    As soon as Blogger stops being naughty, I want to join Yarn Along…what a great idea! I’ve got a WIP that needs finishing…perhaps this is the year with Yarn Along encouragement. Thank you.

  4. Alas, not a whole lot of knitting happening in this warm climate – but this week, if I had a blog, I’d share that I was knitting a Benji (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/benji) and reading Half the Sky (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6260997-half-the-sky).

  5. I just started A Book of Bees too! My sister (who apparently left you a long-winded comment – I told her about your blog and she said she yammered away in the comments) it ramping up her bee operation and I want to send her this book that I’ve had laying around for years, but I thought I’d better read it first.

    I really want to make a February BABY sweater, but I am so bewildered as to how to size it up. I want to make a 12 month.

  6. I will, I WILL do the yarn along next week!- if only to be able to put your so-cute yarn along button on my blog

    I just love the green you are working with- and I LOVE the sweater in your header photo

  7. Love the green color, but….I am afraid of bees when there are many together… brrrr. But I like honey:)

  8. Ive been reading your blog for quite some time, I must say I’m smitten with it! Linking up with you for my first ever yarn along! See you again next week!

  9. Oh, we have been dreaming of bees!

  10. It’s fun watching your journey into beekeeping!

  11. Good luck with your February Lady Sweater, but from what I see you are doing a great job!

  12. Thanks!

  13. I am fascinated by beekeeping. I read some information about supporting solitary bees here in the desert. One of the comments in this post talks about bee blocks: http://www.phoenixpermaculture.org/photo/leafcutter-bee-nest

  14. I just got the okay from my grandmother to keep bees on her property. I can’t wait to check out this book, thanks for the recommendation!

  15. Hello Ginny,
    (I’m new here :)) Just wanted to tell you that yours is now my favorite blog. Sweet, honest, inspirational. Thank you and God bless you! ~ Inga

  16. Sounds like a good read for beekeeping. Good luck!

  17. that bee book sounds fascinating–thanks for sharing it!

  18. Green wool is nice! Good to come here again, thanks.

  19. that sweater looks lovely. good luck unloading the bees. hope they like their new home.

  20. I think beekeeping would make me nervous, I envy those that have the guts! Wish I had markers like yours, I only have these horribly big plastic ones. Where can I buy some?

  21. Hurray for stitch markers! They have made my knittings a lot easier too, in the long run.
    Acctually I was going to recommend too wonderful children books about bees for you, just to find out they have not been translated to English 🙁 They are really beautiful, one is a fairy tale and the other teaches kids about bees by letting a grandfather tell his grandson about bees. So for any of you who are German or able to speak German, these books are great and called “Kleine Biene Sonnenstrahl” and “Das Bienenbuch” both by Jakob Streit.

  22. Love the colour of your sweater Ginny! Congrats on keeping those numbers in line – it always feels so much better when that happens.

    I wish you so much goodness with the bees. We won’t ever be beekeepers although there was a time when we yearned to create honey. This will be such an exciting endeavour!

  23. The first thing I noticed in the picture was the stitch markers. I was thinking just how delicate and nice they look. All your pictures look delicate and nice. Markers for lace are smart. My poor husband is sick of me saying “Just wait! I’m counting!”

  24. Oh, I absolutely adore that green! Best wishes on your bee adventures. I’m excited for you 🙂

  25. Isn’t it great when a non-fiction book reads like a novel – so smooth and pleasant!

  26. Way to go for getting right back into the saddle!

  27. I’m so excited to hear more about the bees!

  28. do you have your suit on already!?!

  29. I am what is known as a “bee screamer”! I have this automatic response to scream at bees…no matter how foolish this makes me look. And I am well aware that this is the exact opposite reaction that is called for if you wish to walk away un stung. Good luck.

  30. Ginny,
    Thanks for mentioning that bee book! I’m going to write that one on my list. I love stories that are informative at the same time .
    Glad your sweater is going along better this time.

    Have fun picking up your bees!

    Love, Taryn

  31. How exciting! I am getting this book, I read a bit of the first pages and am enthralled already! thank you for the inspiration. Nice color choice on the sweater, by the way.

  32. Linking up once again. Thank you for this

  33. I have got to try doing lace this way. I think it will make my life much easier… especially if the repeats are even. I love your sweater Ginny!

  34. I would love to keep bees!

  35. Thanks Ginny :0)

  36. Amanda at Soulemama also loves her beekeeping adventures. This week has been one of casting-on. A good stress reliever for me.

  37. Have you read “The Honey Trail” by Grace Pundyk? Not a beekeeping book, per se, but talks about honey all over the world in ways that will make you hungry!

  38. Love the colour of your yarn. And good luck with the bees, I look forward to following your journey with them, we too are planning on gettng some bees, hopefully next year. You will be an expert by then 🙂

  39. Bees, huh? I’m sure this will provide lots of interesting blog fodder.

  40. Wishing you lots of sweetness with your bees!

  41. I’m so glad your sweater is progressing nicely now…and that it’s more relaxing! We are on vacation right now and I had high hopes of both progress and relaxing! You’ll see by my picture, though, that the progress part is lacking. My linen scarf is 550 stitches long so doesn’t show much change very quickly. Oh well.

  42. Thanks for the read idea Ginny…. We have been up to our eyes in bee reads all fall and winter…we have our hives…just waiting on our bees. I read yours will be here next week…can’t wait to watch you settle them in…ours come in April.
    Of the giant stack of bee reads…the one i can recommend is Fruitless Fall…. It is the one i learned the most from so far, and we have a lot! Have you read that one…what did you think?
    What type of bees are you getting?

  43. Happy Thursday! I sure love the yarn you are using for your sweater.

  44. Yipe! Something went funky went I hit publish this morning. So I checked and my yarn along post is up now. Sheesh, I apologize for the delay.

  45. Such a pretty color green! Good luck with the bees 🙂

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