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February 1 Yarn Along

It’s February 1 and Valentine’s Day will be here shortly.  I do believe that true love is knitting 30 cm of ribbing, so that’s what I am doing this week because Jonny needs a new hat.   He isn’t picky at all, so he didn’t get involved in choosing the pattern (well he claims he isn’t picky–but I doubt he would wear a super dorky hat.)  I am following the Yarn Harlot’s Lorne’s Hat pattern because I really wanted to make sure that the hat would be snug, and all that ribbing ensures that it will be.  I meant to have it finished by now, but goodness, all that ribbing.  Valentine’s Day at the latest….

I am reading These Happy Golden Years this week, and right now I feel like it is my favorite of all the Little House books.  I love reading about Almanzo’s courtship of Laura; the sweetness and the innocence of it all.  Which Little House book is your favorite?



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  1. It’s been so long since I read the series, but the first one is probably my favorite as it got me hooked.

  2. My favorite Little House book would have to be The Long Winter. The teamwork of the family is what it took to survive that awful winter…sometimes I really wonder if many families these days could survive that situation! Even in those days I think it was pretty miraculous…The descriptions of the blizzards and the lack of food and warmth make me feel like I am there with them. And we get to know Almanzo Wilder, his courage and his determination, amazing in a young man of his age. I do like ALL of the books, though. And These Happy Golden Years is wonderful, too!

  3. Oh that would be a perfect hat for my Hubby. Thank you for the link!
    Here is our contribution for Yarn Along, a family celebration included in this one.


  4. ooh, that madelinetosh vintage looks simply lovely.

  5. Love the color of the hat. I have knit a few but my partner has a smaller head than most patterns so sometimes they turn out a bit big. I havent read those books but I will have to see if my library has them.

  6. I definitely need to try a hat soon, but I am starting to get the spring/summer urge and am wanting to knit lightweight items. The very mild winter in these blue ridge mountains aren’t helping any. Good luck with the hat.

  7. That is so crazy you are reading These Happy Golden Years, because I am reading the series right now! I jst finished reading The Little House in the Big Woods and am reading Little House on the Prairie right now. Love the simpleness of it all.

  8. Keep ribbing, the hat must be tight, especially because (my ) men roll the brim and everything and the shape of their hats is always a problem…. My favourite Wilder book was by far Farmer Boy. A real treasure. But we haven’t read the last two, although I flipped through These Happy Golden Years, but not finished it with James. As for my knitting, another Milo this week and a cowl for me on the needles right now, hurrah!

  9. I love The Long Winter. The way they all work together. I know it wasn’t fun going through it but it seems dreamy and romantic the way they all helped each other and were stuck together in such dire circumstances. Then again they did all get along very well. I was on the edge of my seat when they got down the last little roll of straw!

  10. Happy Yarn Along Day!

  11. I introduced our boys to the Little House series by first reading them Farmer Boy. I read them the entire series (they were about 8 and 5) but only after promising to skip all the detailed descriptions of ribbons and dresses and fabric. I complied!

  12. I love the Little House series (Big Woods was the first book I asked to buy when I got my first allowance at age 6), and These Happy Golden Years is truly beautiful. I would almost recommend not reading The First Four Years, though, unless you really want to get a picture of the hardships of their lives. The book was never completed, so the writing is a rough, rough draft. Laura also wrote it after Almanzo’s death, which may have added to its downer outlook (not that their first 4 years of marriage needed help in being a downer).

    Has anyone read The Wilder Life by Wendy McClure? (non-fiction) I’ve got that on my Wish List!

    • I did read The Wilder Life, it was interesting, but in a way I almost wish I hadn’t read it, because it sort of took away a little of the romance of the Little House series for me.

  13. I am so glad to be back sharing a Yarn Along with everyone.

    The Little Houses books are like old friends here. I read them aloud, in my poor English, to Sara our oldest, almost thirty years ago. Sara reread them more than a dozen times (no exaggeration here), and all her siblings have enjoyed them too.

    I understand your feelings about ribbing, I knitted a scarf for Felix for his birthday last Fall. It was all ribbing, endless ribbing, so it seemed. So when Matthias asked for one for his birthday in November, I decided to knit it in gather stitch, maybe not as pretty, but definitely quicker.

  14. On the Banks of Plum Creek for sure! Even though I’m sure it was poverty to live in a dugout, I can’t help thinking that it would be so cozy and fun! Laura and Mary splashing in the creek, the enchanting Christmas tree, the freedom of running in fields, etc! I love it all.

    I also love Farmer Boy if only for all the great food that Almanzo gets to eat. Apple pie for breakfast??? yes, please.

  15. I loved all the Little House books for different reasons. The Big Woods and Farmer Boy were most idyllic to me. I think Laura summed up later by saying they were pioneers vs settlers. I always thought I was destined to be a settler. But I was wrong about that one.

    I loved These Happy Golden Years so very much. And then spent weeks mulling over The First Four Years. It left so many questions for me. It made me look back at the earlier stories through that lens and read between the lines more.

  16. I have yet to read a little house book. I am in the UK and didn’t grow up with them. I am so looking forward to sharing them with my children. I feel like I’ve missed out! 🙂

  17. aaah, sorry, i copied my link again, I am half asleep already!

  18. The hat pattern sounds great and I also like that dark grey yarn. I am sure Jonny will be very pleased with his hat!
    Today I am proudly presenting my very first go at socks, since being traumatised with them at my Waldorf School knitting lessons 20 years back 🙂

  19. PS I still have my very own copy of Little House in the Big Woods that I read as a child (which is saying something since I am a gray-haired woman now!) so that would be my favorite. I think it’s a first edition, complete with my own handwriting and doodles!

  20. Great hat, Ginny. I actually love knitting ribbing so I think I’ll add it to my list of projects!

  21. My very first link!!! Bout time I stopped lurking n cruising 🙂
    I love ALL the Little House books – long time since I read them though

  22. I agree, anything with a lot of rib is a labor of love.

  23. These are my two knitted dolls for kids in my Waldorf kindergarten. I hope you like it…

  24. asking me which Little House book I like best would be like asking which child I like best! 😉

    your little one’s red sweater in the masthead photo is AMAZING!

  25. I think I like “The Long Winter” the best, because it makes me toughen up about my own winter weather and reminds me to be grateful for the little luxuries we have. Big luxuries, really. I just started reading it last night with my two sons. Although, “Farmer Boy” is also a fave, mostly because of the food descriptions and how easy it is to relate to my sons’ interests. Someday I want to serve apple pie for breakfast and justify that Almanzo’s mom used to serve it! The girly books are lost on my household. Though I do enjoy reading them on my own.

    I chuckled at your comment about true love; I entertained the idea of knitting that hat once but balked at the ribbing. Maybe my current funk about my husband would improve if I made him the hat. Hmm.

  26. That is indeed love! Great color!

  27. I love the Little House Books. I read them as a child and have recently just re-read them all again. An ageless collection. Currently just started reading The Group by Mary McCarthy, so far so good

  28. My four year old son and I just finished “Little House in the Big Woods” and he cried when he heard that they moved. He just loved their cozy house in the woods! I have to agree that that book is one of my favorites.

  29. I never heard about the books, but watched the story of Laura Ingalls and her family at TV. In German it is called “Unsere kleine Farm”.

    The yarn for the hat again is beautiful. I´m still occupied with the loop of my daughter.
    Sorry for the broken link (33), I linked it up again (124). Mr.Linky sometimes is to quick for me.

    enim sou

  30. Love the color! I have never knitted a hat but I want to try! I’m working on an ear warmer for myself and I’m loving it. I still have a lot to learn about knitting though! Crocheting with always be my first love 🙂

  31. I’ve a classic navy wool watchcap going for my husband too, gotta get it done by Friday – birthday deadline!

  32. I don’t remember the Little House Books. I’d have to reread. But I loved The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, and Anne of the Island (the one with Davy and Dora). And I love the yarn in the hat.

  33. Oooh, I’ve been looking for a hat pattern for something I think my hubby would actually wear, and I think this may be it! Thanks!!

  34. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never read a Laura Ingalls book… but I own a boxed set of Little House books. One of the reasons I look forward to homeschooling… I can catch up on the reading I missed out on as a child!

    Cute hat!

  35. A Valentine’s hat! That’s a great idea for a husband gift. My daughter is also reading that same book now! She just finished Little Town on the Prairie and says that is her favorite. She had me read the part where Pa gets his haircut by the mouse and we all laughed out loud. Good times!

  36. I think that I just might try that pattern for a hat… I need to make one for myself.

  37. i tried to link up but it didnt work, hopefully i can link up next week

  38. i love Little House in the Big Woods. i have never read These Happy Golden Years! i actually don’t think i’ve read past the first few books. i should read the rest!

  39. Love the MT yarn you’re using for the hat — her yarns are just always gorgeous, aren’t they?
    Hard to choose a favorite Little House book, but I do love “Farmer Boy”. This was also a favorite book of my son’s when he was young — fascinating glance into the lives of a hard working farm family living in New York state back in the day.

  40. Hi! I’m joining in the linkup for the first time, today! My daughter & I have been learning to crochet together, and are excited to join in the fun. The Little House Books are well-loved in our home, too….THGY is my favorite for the same reasons 🙂 Thanks for hosting this linkup! Blessings, Collette

  41. I love These Happy Golden Years! 🙂 Laura Ingalls was definitely one of the reasons I’m now studying history! 🙂

  42. Thank you for your help with the sleeves!!! I’m almost finished and can’t wait to see it on her!

  43. I like that simple hat pattern. It’s so handy if you want to make sure it covers the ears. Plus double warmth.

  44. I LOVED that book too…when Almonzo would come and pick up Laura and take her for sleigh rides. And when she was a teacher at what? 14? 15? It definitely puts in perspective how different our generation is.


  45. Oh that ribbing drives me crazy too and a favorite little house book – don’t think I can pick one – we love them all.

  46. February already and always kniting a good way to start off a new month.

  47. love the m.t. wool, that is the best non dorky mans pattern. and i’ve still only ever read the first two. 🙁
    (i own the set, must recitify that this year).

  48. I know this may seem like an odd question, but how do I use the yarn along button? Just copy and paste it right into my blog post?

  49. I think “Little Town on the Prairie” is my favorite, because it’s so interesting to watch how people built a community out in the wilderness.

  50. If you have not read The First Four Years don’t expect it to be in the same style as the earlier books.
    I was dismayed at the publisher’s notes in the copy I read from the library – not sure which edition – His view point and mine were very different. I could relate to Laura in the loss of a child and can see from my own life how that same experience has changed so much for me, and can feel so much empathy for Laura. He never mentions it or gives a thought to her maternal suffering.
    Although it is a “downer” as some have said, there are some wonderful parts, and some surprising parts that make worth reading. It really is a triumph in a way that she and Almanzo faced all those setbacks and still continued on to create a wonderful life together.
    It is definately a book to read yourself before you read it to your children.

    Those who like Farmer Boy should also try a book/series Ginny has mentioned before – Little Britches by Ralph Moody, I have read the first 3 in the series and they are great

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