Hey Girl.

Hey girl

(I’ve removed links to the “hey girl” sites that were here because the craft one took a turn that I don’t care to link to!  My apologies to anyone who was offended!  If you called me a prude you’d be absolutely correct.)

p.s.  Want to play along?  Why not post a “Hey girl” of your own and link up here.  It doesn’t have to be craft related. The only rule–you have to use a photo of your significant other (not a movie star!)
p.p.s. Ravelry notes on the hat HERE.


  1. I admire a babywearing Papa!

  2. this is too funny! i hadn’t heard of that handmade ryan gosling site, so now i’m reading it and getting a great laugh.

  3. I love this photo and caption!! Very cute!

  4. hysterical! love it 🙂

  5. these made my day – thanks for sharing!

  6. Okay, so I decided the rules don’t apply to me because I don’t have a significant other. So I took this opportunity to live out my wildest fantasy with John Krasinski (aka Jim from the The Office). And believe me, it is wild.

  7. I thought you said no celebrity photos?


  8. I really needed a laugh, and these were just the thing!

  9. Check these out for some homeschool funnies: http://homeschoolingryangosling.tumblr.com/

    • Dawn–that is so awesome–I had to go back and add the link to the post! The homebirth ones are funny too–but I love the homeschooling ones!

  10. Love this!! So funny 🙂

  11. Ha ha. I get it!

  12. It is a gorgeous photo and very creative.

  13. this is so funny! her site is tops. 🙂

  14. SUCH a cute idea! Can’t wait to see everyone’s guys!

  15. Thank you for supplying me with a new obsession!

  16. Oh that is so freakin awesome! Have you seen the homebirth gosling (its my fave) – http://homebirthgosling.tumblr.com/

  17. That’s awesome! I wonder what Silas would say 😉

  18. Blahhhhh! hahahaha! Your pic is too funny and that site is hilarious!!! I never saw it before! Hope you and your thrifted wool blanket covered men are having a wonderful weekend!!!


  19. aren’t they hilarious?!!!!!!!!

  20. hahaha….I love it! Great pic!

  21. Very nice, Ginny! Looks like you have your very own Ryan G.

  22. I love this. Smiling really big…

  23. made my DAY.

    oh, wow.

  24. Too funny. =] Have you seen these ones? http://homebirthgosling.tumblr.com/

  25. LOL! I love Knitting Ryan Gossling. I heard there’s a crafting one, too, but I haven’t found him yet.

  26. Oh seriously Ginny that is awesome!

  27. Very cute!!

  28. It’s very funny, but it’s also a priceless photograph. Terrific! How is the child held up inside the blanket?

  29. Love this!

  30. Too funny! Love it!

  31. This is hilarious! thank you for introducing me to “hey girl”. So funny. I had a good laugh!

  32. Oh, my sides are hurting. SO delightfully funny!

  33. Love it!!!!!

  34. Bwahahaha!

  35. Oh my gosh- freaking HILARIOUS. This is awesome. 🙂

  36. LOVE!

  37. pmsl! excellent!

  38. THAT is so funny and I applaud your take on “hey girl”.

  39. LOVE it! 😀

    I think this one might be my most favorite of all the “Hey, Girl” sayings.

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Best wishes,

  40. Awe.some.

  41. I like yours best!

  42. Love it!

  43. Yes!!

  44. He he he he he.

  45. Debi Miller says:

    I laughed out loud for 5 minutes and I am still giggling! I sooooo love it!

  46. Haha! That’s great! I love it. 😉

  47. That is hilarious! Love it. 🙂

  48. The expression (on both of them in fact) is just perfect 🙂

  49. So, so great. : )

  50. Ha!

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